The Other Woman

By Cocoa Lush

It’s Friday night and I see his call. I already know what day it is. Heck, I got that Brazilian done after work and I was sure it wouldn’t be in vain. It’s been a whole week waiting for that wandering tongue to match his wandering eye. It’s his usual day to unwind and release all his week’s stresses on my body. A day for him to suck my tits to get rid of the bitter taste of all that he couldn’t stand. Last week it was the unrealistic goals he had to achieve at work. The boss breathing down his neck to get those KPIs turned in by close of business after a rough day was all the foreplay I needed him to get before coming home to me.

Sometimes it would be the girlfriend driving a stick up his ass about one issue or the other. It was always something with her. I could tell these days by the tenacity of his grip around my neck. The bleeding kisses and his bleeding heart for a vengeful fuck so passionate I wonder if I am the actual girlfriend at times. I like it though. Tonight, as usual, I’d need him to fuck my brains out like I am his little, nasty harlot. It’s always a good day to get what his girlfriend never gives him, a hell of a wild sex ride and a peace of mind. It always feels good to negate her negative energy. Knowing at the back of my mind that I can easily wipe the slate clean and send him back to her on his default settings.

He was early today. Two rings and I knew it was his touch. He is impatient even with the doorbell. He walks right in and finds me in my velvet hot pants and one of those Safaricom promo t-shirts. I was still getting ready. I didn’t even have my face on. At the very least some mascara and gloss for my lips. He had a knack for ruining my makeup. Seeing me gag on him so hard an involuntary tear ran down with my mascara or a smudge of my lipstick on his face or shirt.

He has to take what he gets today. He walks in and gives me one tight embrace and in no time, his fingers run up from under the t-shirt to reveal my supple breasts. I lift my hands in cooperation and he gladly helps when the collar is stuck around the hair. Ever so slowly and gently for him to cherish what he doesn’t get from Monday to Friday. It was always the calm before the storm. In my house, we don’t utter ‘her’ name lest there will be a penance to be served.

That is when it all leaves him and I pass on to him my energy. I am like his sin eater. I help him offload and feel better than when he came every time.

The door locks behind me and he takes my lips in one deep breath as he undoes his belt. I help him walk out of his pants faster because we both know what we are here for. The urgency has me pining for his kisses. I am not about that delayed gratification business. Yes, I can hear myself just fine. I waited for a whole week anyway and that was too much to ask of my patience. He tries to reach for me and give me a gentle kiss but then I slap that weak taste out of his mouth. I do this just to remind him that my house has no time for gentle foreplay or sex. With me is where he becomes the animal his main woman never lets him unleash.

With this reminder, he puts the weight of his hand on my shoulder with a commanding gaze and I take my cue. I love how all it takes to dissociate his Hyde from meek Jekyll is one bitch slap across his face. With a gleeful smile, I get on my knees and relish how hard his big black cock is for me. With his drawers down, I put all of him in my mouth after worshipping it and reveling in its glory for a quick minute. I have never gotten used to how big his member is. I love it when he grabs my head and makes me deep throat all of him.

I choke on him. I’m about to gag because his cock is all the way widening the back of my throat. I roll my tongue and play with my lips around his glans sucking the soul out of him like his weekly dementor. In a quick spasm and clench of his butt cheeks, he cums in my mouth and I look up to him so he can watch me swallow. I part his cheeks and relax him before taking a mouthful of him as he squirts the last few drops in deep groans and curled toes.

We lie on the bed for him to relax as I bite into his neck to mark my territory. He hates the pain but takes it like a man anyway. I go for his nipple with my tongue and play with his balls. I can feel his dick grow hard in my palm as I stroke it. This black tigress is hungry and has no time for rest. I get on top of him kissing his neck and grinding on his ever-growing hardness. Splitting my clam with every inch of his girth. He can’t take the teasing any longer. He turns my body around and pulls my ass back to himself. He marvels in the perfect roundness and gets harder imagining how they twins will be bouncing on his laps.

He rubs on them gently and in full control now, he spanks my ass so hard I can feel a hand print. He gets even harder from seeing how wet my lady parts are for him when he parts my apple bottom. I gasp as I feel his hard, black cock enter deep inside me. Moan on top of moan, my body’s rhythms keep aching for him to fuck me harder.


‘Whose pussy is this baby?’

‘It’s yours big daddy. Yours big daddy!’

He brings his hands around my neck. Chokes me as he enters deeper into me. It’s his turn to snatch my soul. He reaches deeper into my black horny pussy that throbs for him.

‘Yes, daddy. Yes, daddy!’

In this enthralling moment, I feel his pace hasten and his warm cum enters me. It fills me with glee to feel his cum as he tightens his grip on my neck. That is the point of transference. That is when it all leaves him and I pass on to him my energy. I am like his sin eater. I help him offload and feel better than when he came every time.

Exhausted, he falls to the side of the bed with his dick still convulsing from the action on his tummy. I watch him smile at the marks he has left on my body and I too lie right beside him to rest because this, is an exhausting job. The job of being the other woman.

I Miss Fucking You

By Mishy

I miss seeing you naked, the feel of your skin. The way it responds to my touch. How you get jumpy when I go for your lower abdomen with my tongue. How you smell when you are turned on. How your meat leaps in joy at me every time I show up at its neck of the wood. The salty taste of your neck when you are on top of me. My tongue around your ear lobe as I whisper incoherent words into your ear. My graceful trip down south and how you draw my hair back as you watch me take you in whole.

I miss fucking you…

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By Jacqueline Sonnie

I hated him but I loved his cock…

I threw the next vase straight at his face hoping it would find a really good spot. I wanted to kill him. I wanted to hurt him. How dare he flirt with that woman?! Was he sleeping with her?! I did not understand how one could love and hate a person with the same intensity. See, love can drive you crazy…

“You’re crazy! Put the fucking bat down!” He yelled as I went for yet another one of his antiques.

“Hell, I’m crazy! You slept with her, didn’t you?! Talking about working late! Is she your new project?! I will kill that bitch and get high on her ashes!”

“What are you talking about? I am not cheating on you!” He yelled back shielding his face from the fragments of glass that flew his way.

“I hate you!”

I did not. I loved him with every bit of my being. But the demons in me were clearly stronger than that. This was something I could not control and if I couldn’t have him, no other woman would. Hell, I was even jealous of his mom. Sounds pathetic I know but love has its way.

“Not my Morrocan…” I didn’t let him finish. The antique glass vase lay at his feet…That ought to have acted as some trigger

“You’ve done it this time!” He said walking up to me.

I wanted to break his neck. The thought of making his skull my baseball was overwhelming. He grabbed me by my wrists and squeezed and I had no option but to let go of the bat. Anger seethed through my veins. I could feel his rage as he breathed onto my face.

“Let go of me!” I yelled trying to fight him off.

“This is what you want right?” I could feel my body responding to the heat emanating from his. I was calming down and I hated it but he had a way of knowing and giving me exactly what I wanted. Without knowing it I had given him power over me…over my whole being.

“I’m going to make you pay for every Goddamn cent you just wasted.”

I knew I would. He wasn’t playing. I had done it this time. Usually, I’d break a few plates and glasses. Nothing as important as the collectables he had from all his world tours. I was still mad at him though.

I am not paying for anything! Let me go!” I yelled but he was too strong for me. Before I knew it, his lips were on mine. I should have expected it. The sex was always amazing after the fights.

“Who is she?” I whispered breathlessly after the kiss.

He lowered his head to kiss my neck at the same time pushing me towards the wall never letting go of my wrists. With my back to the wall, he pinned my hands above my head with one of his. His right hand went to my chin and made me face him.

“How many times do I have to tell you that I got eyes for you only. You all the crazy I want”

“Show me,” I breathed with my voice now seductively soft.

I could feel his traitorous body jerk into action unable to control himself. Next thing I knew he was kissing me hard with the prior firmness turning to bruising. He kissed me with a lack of thought for everything else in the world other than that one moment we were in. He let go of my hands and without shame, my hands reached out to his shirt unbuttoning every button like my life depended on the very same action. I pulled roughly on the buttons sliding my hands inside.

His nipples hardened under my touch. The desire overtook us taking with it all rational thought. I was no longer mad at him. I didn’t care if he was seeing another woman. I would have cared less if he would have driven a blade through my chest. All I wanted was him making love to me until my feet shook with desire. I was physically trembling from just the thought of it. The fact that my body could still writhe and twitch for him in my current emotional state made it even worse.

Without notice, he let go of me and pointed towards the stairs barely looking at me. I stood there looking all confused. Then I got it. There’s no way we would have done anything in that room without shredding our feet from all the glass and porcelain I had broken. I started up the stairs with him at my heels. I was barely halfway there when he caught up with me and flung me over his shoulder. I knew not to say anything. He kicked open the door to his bedroom and slammed it shut with his other hand.

“I am going to beat the hell out of you!” He said in a low but firm voice tossing me on the bed.

I watched him as he pulled off his shirt never breaking his gaze from mine. He reached out to me and grabbed me around my waist and pulled me over his lap. My ass was barely covered by the short dress I had on. His hand came down hard on my ass. I gasped.

“What was that?” He asked as he smacked me a few more times with every spank a little more painful than the last. To be honest, the pain turned me on so bad. I cursed as he brought his hand down again.

“Does that hurt? Can’t be as painful as the 20,000 dollar vase now can it?”

“I’m sorry!” I screamed in pleasure. It felt so good. Maybe just as good as it felt to break his valuables to smithereens as he had done with my heart. At least that is how it felt. I gasped as his hand found yet another spot on my already sore bottom.

“That doesn’t bring back my antiques, lady! What do you have to say for yourself?”

After a few more spanks he flung me off him onto my back on the bed. He stood up and quickly pulled off his clothes as I lay there watching him. His cock looked gloriously angry against the sunset rays that made their way through his window. Maybe just as angry as he was horny. I would have had to wait for the pounding to tell for sure. He came up to me and went wild at my dress as I lay there passively letting him do unto me whatever he so wished. He chastised and immediately chided as if to apologise for his feral behaviour. What kind of punitive pleasure was this? His fiery breath had me melting in his presence. I know, hard to believe that a bat crazy antique breaking woman would go all soft in a matter of minutes. He had that effect on me.

What happened next was violent, fast and brief. I positioned myself for him ready to be taken. His cockhead gleamed with the leaking precum as he came down on top of me.  I reached out and spread the glistening trickle down his extremely stiff shaft with my thumb. He let out a moan as I started pumping it in my cupped hand. I teased him for a few more seconds then licked it off my hands playfully. I relished the taste. Leaning forward, he kissed me with a refined barbarity that took my breath away. He was my dementor. Sucking away at my soul in every of his deep breaths.

His mouth came down on mine with his tongue diving into its depths. Then he slowly kissed his way down my neck to my breasts which shrivelled even before his lips got to them. Taking each one into his mouth at a time. sucking each harder as I squirmed erotically beneath him. I could feel his hand stroking my body as his tongue trail-blazed over my stomach and lower to where it ached the most, but he didn’t go there making me want him more than I ever had.

His other hand had found my lady bud running his fingers along the already moist territory. He parted the folds as he slid a finger inside me. I felt my muscles clench around it. With soft but assured pressure he rubbed my clitoris leading me to moan out loud. Not wanting any of the energy lost he absorbed it with a kiss. I arched my body against his finger as he increased his tempo. I wanted his rock hard length inside me so bad. I dug my nails into his shoulder blades. Clutching him to me like I never wanted to let go. He stopped when he felt the first shudders of an impending orgasm course through my body.

“Not yet love,” he breathed.

“Now. Please” I begged.

He brought his finger to my mouth and I savoured it. I loved how I tasted on him. He shifted his hips and with a gasp of pleasure, gently sunk his length into me. Halfway at first then gradually until his entire cock was deep inside me. He pulled away his hand and slipped them beneath my hips lifting them towards him. My muscles gripped his manhood and I could feel every inch of him inside me. He started moving faster and increasing the rhythm. My pussy muscles urged him on as they clenched and held him in place tightly. His jaw tightened with every thrust. I matched his bucking thrusts as he increased the pace. I was lost in the ecstasy and I could barely hear his hoarsely whispered words.

As my body shuddered, I felt him explode inside me and our moans mingled making it even more pleasurable. The climax that surged through our bodies was so strong that the world could have ended at that very moment and none of us would have noticed. He silenced his low visceral growls by kissing me hard as our bodies convulsed against each other.

“Dammit,” he cussed breathlessly. “You can’t keep…you can’t keep breaking everything in this house! Maybe if you owned it all you’d be more careful and less crazy.”

“Get off me before I break your neck,” I said giggling pushing him off me.

“Marry me!” He whispered lowering his head for yet another kiss… I had to rethink my first thought. Maybe I love the man and his magic wand alike. Maybe his kisses even the more.









By Jackline Muthoni

I was in one of those small café bars. You know those with a touch of elegance but at the same time act as a harbour for broken hearts. The elegant sound of Mozart’s moonlight Sonata beautifully playing in the background gave the room a nostalgic feel as it wafted over the hushed voices in the cafe. I would know. I was a Music major in college. I sat at the bar sipping on my margarita. This had become my Friday night routine. I would go there after work, order a margarita, Appletini or a Bloody Mary and laze the night away. The music was what drew me there at first but over time I grew fond of the pianist.  I loved how he worked those keys especially when it came to pieces by Bach or Beethoven. The ease with which he played these composers’ complex pieces amused me. He was the very reason I kept coming back.  

There was no denying it, I wanted this guy. I had wanted him since the first day I stumbled upon this place. I wanted him to play me all night long. I wanted those hands all over me. Problem was, I did not think he liked me the same way. Well, not until the bartender pushed me that napkin with an address on it and a martini served straight up on the house.

Ford Estate

Apartment No 2408





Apartment No. 2408. 7:48 pm.

I was late and judging from the Complex’s elegance, he wasn’t the type to condone lateness or so I thought. I rang the doorbell and waited patiently taking the time to admire the colourful Christmas wreath that hung on his door. I was still trying to figure out the floral combination used for the decoration at an embarrassing close angle when the door swung open.

You like it?” He asked smiling mischievously as I blushed the universe away.

“Yes. I do. I mean… I love the wreath. It looks amazing. I am so sorry I am late. I would totally understand if…”

“If I asked you to come on in and join me for a hot cup of coffee or whatever tickles your insides,” He said cutting me short. I would definitely have done with a hot cup of him right there right then alright. He looked even more handsome in his sweats pants and shirt. From the look of things, if all the shaving and waxing paid off, I would be in for a big ‘surprise’. Yes, my eyes wandered off to the ‘Thor’ area the few seconds I stood there smiling sheepishly at the thought of getting pounded by his hammer.

His was a bachelor’s pad. An economical but tasteful 3 bedroomed apartment with the living area deliciously furnished. There was a black living room grand piano to the left explaining the tattered manuscripts on the table. The room was dimly lit with a fire slowly burning in the hearth which was centrally located within the wall. A round mirror surmounted the handsome marble mantelpiece acting as the room’s focal point. Two inviting armchairs flanked each at either side of the fireplace with a thick fur area rug laid in between and two cushions set by the hearth. The conversation area had a sofa directly facing the fireplace with an upholstered ottoman in front of it and a chaise longue to one side.  To the right side of the room was a French door leading to the balcony, overlooking the city skyline with bookcases covered in books and records on either side.

He helped me out of my coat and led me to the fireplace where we sat on the fur carpet and talked over a few glasses of wine and a bowl of grapes. Getting to know each other in little bits and laughing the night away. I had just drowned my third glass of wine when he helped me up and led me to the piano.

“What will it be? Beethoven, Mozart or Chopin?” He asked pulling out the piano bench.

I wanted him to work some music magic but not on the piano. Our eyes met and we both knew right then that the music would have to wait.

“How about you practice on me instead,” I said leaning against the instrument.

As if that statement acted as an epiphany, he stood up and pulled me close to him wrapping his arms around me possessively. Never breaking eye contact, his hands wandered over my body gently kneading my ass cheeks and running them down the small of my back in electrifying circles. The sensation of his hands on my body was exquisite. I felt helpless under his skilled touch which must have been as a result of playing the piano every other day. 

He lowered his head and kissed his way down my neck gently nibbling and biting at my earlobes before grabbing my hair and pulling my head back. He trailed his tongue down the side of my neck to my collarbone granting an involuntary moan escape. Working his way up the nape of my neck, he sought after my mouth. His lips against mine were enough to send pleasurable chills down my body immediately setting fire on my now moist ‘headquarters’. His mouth fastened around mine with a primal greed sucking on my lower lip as I kissed him back with a hunger unknown.

“I have wanted to do that since the first time you walked into that café.” He breathed into my ear.

Without warning, he unwrapped his hand from around me and went over to let the piano’s lid down. Propping it open gave a more resonant sound but at the moment we needed the space. He gently turned my back to him, came up behind me and placed his hands on my breasts. The chiffon material did little to cover them up as he found my nipples with ease and tweaked them to hardness. He kneaded them slowly all this time breathing into my neck while planting those neck bites at intervals as if marking me as his own.  

I could feel his length growing against the fiery, barely covered skin of my thighs.  Slowly, he unzipped my dress, kissing his way down my back, and pulled it to my feet. I had nothing on inside side from a thong that barely covered anything. Still squatting, he turned me to face him and propped my leg to a comfortable angle over his shoulder. He slowly kissed his way up my left foot paying more attention to my inner thigh and stopping at my already wet nub. He teased me a little using his nose as he sniffed me out and gently run the tip of his nose up and down my slit. I stood still and took in all these new sensations eyes closed…biting my lower lip in pleasure.

I was about to complain when he suddenly stopped and helped me out of my thong but I decided against it when he lifted me gently and sat me atop of the piano. He took off his shirt and to be frank I barely had a look at his torso at the time. He gently parted my legs, spreading them as I slid my butt to the front allowing him more access to my excessively moist bud. My clit was ready for his forthcoming ministrations. He leaned forward and lowered his head slowly and started licking my pussy electrifying my whole body.

My hands involuntarily sought his head and pushed him deeper as my body squirmed with delight. He licked my nub stopping to tease my pussy lips as his hands went to work kneading my butt. I just lay there and melted as he stroked me inside out. His tongue ran down the lips exploring my pussy and stopping to suck at my clit which he focused on for a while. As if the licking wasn’t enough, he grabbed my clit with his teeth gently pulling at it. I loved how his mouth went down on me as he ate me out alternating licks along each side of my mons. He must have been at it for a few seconds before he gave my butt a slight lift and suddenly I felt the tip of his tongue parting my lips. I swear I was going insane with desire with shudders radiating through my body every other minute.

Without warning, strong hands grabbed my legs and pushed them back to my chest comfortably allowing him more access. His tongue was made for this kind of thing. He drove his tongue deep inside me causing me to gasp for air loudly. His tongue was working furiously inside me as a thumb found my clitoris. Never before had I been that stimulated. My breath was laboured and I knew that I was almost there and as much I did not want it to end, he was driving me over the edge. 

Then it happened. That sensation that feels like a thousand fireworks going off at every nerve ending. I could feel an impending orgasm. My body tensed.  I slowly lowered my legs to either side of his shoulders as I exploded into an orgasm bucking so hard and arching my back to meet his tongue thrusts with his face still buried in between my legs. His hands went around my thighs and held me in place till I settled down. He was firmly in control. I was unable to control myself from calling out his name and moaning out loudly. I was completely at his will at that moment in time.

“Damn,” He said standing up and wiping some of my juices off his nose, “I could eat that pussy up every day of my life”

“Subscribe to a lifetime buffet,” I said playfully realising after a second that I might have rushed a little with the future talk.

“Don’t move!” He commanded as I propped myself up by my arms.

He pulled over the piano bench and settled it in front of me then slowly got out of his sweats springing free a hard glorious penis. That itself was enough to get my pussy rallying up again. There was a wild satisfying pleasure in knowing that I was arousing him just as much as he was arousing me.

“Like what you see?” He asked jokingly

“Come get the answer out of me,” I replied playfully.

Using the piano stool for height, he pulled me to the edge of the piano. I subconsciously wrapped my legs around his waist. He did not need help finding his way as he thrust into my pussy, which was still overly wet, in a mere fraction of a second.

“As easy as finding that middle C on the keyboard.” I thought to myself.

“Want me?” He commanded

“Goddammit Yes!” I breathed in a frantic show of urgency

Left breathless, I let out a moan on the first thrust and he slowly picked up a rhythm. The hard shaft drove me to a depth of feeling that totally rendered me senseless and powerless. I felt the size of his arousal grow even larger inside me. Our bodies moved in synch gradually increasing the pace to a steady rhythm….driving his penis deeper each time. He leant over me and his hand found my neck and gently squeezed it. He could have been telepathic for all I knew considering mild suffocation always ‘tickled my pickle’. 

At this point, he was in control of my every nerve including the air that I breathed. Every inch of my body ached to have more of him inside me. I bucked my hips slightly jutting my ass against him to meet his thrusts…driving myself even deeper onto his manhood. I threw my head back and moaned loudly as he once again found my G-spot. I could hardly believe the incoherent moans that were escaping my own throat. 

Arching my back as far as I could, I gulped for more air, remembering the exquisite sensation of his tongue from a few minutes ago. I could hear him groan with excitement. Our bodies were in rhythm and he had increased his tempo fusing our pulsing bodies together. I felt the pressure building inside me with each pump as he got a little rough. I wanted to look at him, see his face but as I tried to brace myself on my elbows he pushed me back by my neck imprisoning me beneath him.

“Stay!” He commanded breathlessly

I loved how he took charge of things. How he dominated me. My pussy was clearly happy with action as she was applauding him with intensifying throbs. It was too much to handle as I felt the built to the crescendo about to engulf me. Whimpering, every part of my body tensed and my nub started spasming around his erection. This time I came harder than the first time my pussy throbbing in a series of rhythmic spasms. This only riled him up as he continued fucking me senseless with the hand on my neck tightening even more. My moans became louder but I could hear his pleasurable groans over them. I clutched the edge of the piano and closed my eyes bracing myself for yet another orgasm. My pussy clenched around his cock sending him into an erotic frenzy

Feeling every inch of him inside me, he furiously drove himself in and out of me. I felt his body tense up and his hand left my neck and sought support.  With one last thrust, he exploded immediately flooding me with the warmth of his release at the same time igniting a throb inside me. His face contorted with pleasure as his sweat-streaked body slumped on me with his shaft jerking violently inside me. I slowly ran my legs down his body to hold him in place as he buried his head in my shoulder wasted.

Having defiled a piano for the past hour or so, I lay there spent, drained of all energy but that emotion of post-orgasmic bliss washing over me. He shifted his weight and pulled out. With a mischievous smile on his face as he slowly helped me to my feet and held me against him.

“Not the best way to meet MJ,” he said signalling the piano “But he can’t complain now can he? I think I just found myself a new grand piano” He said slightly squeezing my butt cheek.

“And I think I just found myself a new maestro,” I said pulling him in for a kiss


Buru Buru Scrum Down

By Leila Wild

Aki Felo mi sijifeel kukam,” I texted back after a lengthy phone call with him.

We come tu… ukajua vile nimemiss kukuona. Do ivi, ukifika tao unishow. Niko gym napiga tizi, acha nikusort fare, “ he knew how to coax me into going over to his place.

It was a Friday evening, each of my roommates had a plan. I was all alone. Jemo my movie boyfriend had gone home, Mike had stopped taking me out for late night dates because I refused to let him see beneath my beautiful, Pato my good neighbour next door, informed me in advance that his girlfriend will be spending a couple of nights there. I was only left with Felo’s, option.I wasn’t going to brush it aside, was I?  Continue reading “Buru Buru Scrum Down”

Over Time

By Jacqueline Muthoni

Working a few extra hours means more money and less free time for most people and I love working overtime but not for the money. Of course, I wouldn’t say no to the few extra bucks but over time for me means playtime. I have a little secret. A secret that has me working odd hours all week. In a different scenario, this is enough to make me lose my job but I don’t have to worry about that considering the boss is in on it. Continue reading “Over Time”

Breakfast For Champions

By Dean Frost

The sheets on the bed hang loosely over her well-rounded bum. Her back barely covered looking almost white from the reflection on the fluorescent on the roof. He gazed at her with desire and a deep longing to have her there and then without warm to fill her up with some overly hard and soft skilled meat and watch her wake with a sweet groan like she was in some pornographic dream.  Continue reading “Breakfast For Champions”