Tie and Dye

by Lil Dee

The crowd was worked into a frenzied chaos. Alcohol, bad decisions and a promise of future regret were pretty much-foregone conclusions.

It was just what I needed to forget my ex and a painful break-up. Among other things.

I wasn’t supposed to be taking liquor, but tonight I didn’t give an actual fuck. Reaching the bar, I ordered a drink. Long Island Iced tea. Just as I brought my drink to my lips, I caught him staring! Continue reading “Tie and Dye”

One Man Colony

By MarieNate

He had her naked and tied up, hands above her head, completely at his mercy. She watched him with bated breath, wondering what he would do next. She was forbidden from speaking and she obeyed. He knelt between her legs and bending over her, traced a finger on her face, ever so gently, outlining her features. Once he got to her succulent lips, he dipped his thumb into her warm mouth. She closed her lips around him and sucked, watching him watch her, as he moved his thumb in and out of her mouth. Continue reading “One Man Colony”


By MarieNate

He flung a white tuxedo jacket over his crisp white shirt, straightening the cuffs as his gold and turquoise elephant cufflinks twinkled whenever they caught the light. She watched him from the mirror on her vanity table, smiling inwardly, as she touched her lips up. She caught his eye; he was watching her too. Her luscious lips broke into a wide grin, as she put her lipstick in her gold clutch purse and got up to finish getting dressed. Continue reading “Dracarys”

Ride or Die

By Mish_BossLady

The car lock clicked and she jumped right in. He had seen her walk towards the car all self-conscious and silently hoping there were no cameras at basement 2 of her work building. She looked at her ass, round to her hips and then at her titties. She adjusted the girls and bounced them around and let them rest easy. The lace on her bra showed a bit and she smiled to herself and lifted her chin and walked nose up and hips swaying. She was going in for a kill. Continue reading “Ride or Die”

Wrecking Ball

By Power Bottom

I have always had a thing for grey sweatpants, and I have a rather loud opinion on who should wear them.

‘If IT can’t show, don’t fucking wear them!’

Of course, the concept of showers and growers is not lost on me – but that did not stop me from telling him at the party – after like my 10th double. I fumbled through the crowd and made my way to him after shoulder-checking about three guys on the way. I may have interrupted something he was saying in a drunken stutter with a poke on his chest almost squarely on his nipple. Continue reading “Wrecking Ball”

Devil Dick

I want to remember what it feels like to have you inside me, how you gave me all of you till my body couldn’t take it. I want to remember how our bodies were glistening with sweat with every stroke you took and laughing about it because you couldn’t grip me well.

I want to remember how it felt being on top of you and squeezing your cock while you were inside me and the soft groans you made. I want to remember how empowering that felt, even though I didn’t feel confident in myself as a lover, you gave me that power that I could make you lose yourself in me as much as I lost myself in you. Continue reading “Devil Dick”

The Other Woman

By Cocoa Lush

It’s Friday night and I see his call. I already know what day it is. Heck, I got that Brazilian done after work and I was sure it wouldn’t be in vain. It’s been a whole week waiting for that wandering tongue to match his wandering eye. It’s his usual day to unwind and release all his week’s stresses on my body. A day for him to suck my tits to get rid of the bitter taste of all that he couldn’t stand. Last week it was the unrealistic goals he had to achieve at work. The boss breathing down his neck to get those KPIs turned in by close of business after a rough day was all the foreplay I needed him to get before coming home to me. Continue reading “The Other Woman”

I Miss Fucking You

By Mishy

I miss seeing you naked, the feel of your skin. The way it responds to my touch. How you get jumpy when I go for your lower abdomen with my tongue. How you smell when you are turned on. How your meat leaps in joy at me every time I show up at its neck of the wood. The salty taste of your neck when you are on top of me. My tongue around your ear lobe as I whisper incoherent words into your ear. My graceful trip down south and how you draw my hair back as you watch me take you in whole.

I miss fucking you…

Continue reading “I Miss Fucking You”


By Jacqueline Sonnie

I hated him but I loved his cock…

I threw the next vase straight at his face hoping it would find a really good spot. I wanted to kill him. I wanted to hurt him. How dare he flirt with that woman?! Was he sleeping with her?! I did not understand how one could love and hate a person with the same intensity. See, love can drive you crazy…

“You’re crazy! Put the fucking bat down!” He yelled as I went for yet another one of his antiques.

“Hell, I’m crazy! You slept with her, didn’t you?! Talking about working late! Is she your new project?! I will kill that bitch and get high on her ashes!”

“What are you talking about? I am not cheating on you!” He yelled back shielding his face from the fragments of glass that flew his way.

“I hate you!” Continue reading “Loco”


By Jackline Muthoni

I was in one of those small café bars. You know those with a touch of elegance but at the same time act as a harbour for broken hearts. The elegant sound of Mozart’s moonlight Sonata beautifully playing in the background gave the room a nostalgic feel as it wafted over the hushed voices in the cafe. I would know. I was a Music major in college. I sat at the bar sipping on my margarita. This had become my Friday night routine. I would go there after work, order a margarita, Appletini or a Bloody Mary and laze the night away. The music was what drew me there at first but over time I grew fond of the pianist.  I loved how he worked those keys especially when it came to pieces by Bach or Beethoven. The ease with which he played these composers’ complex pieces amused me. He was the very reason I kept coming back.   Continue reading “Maestro”

Over Time

By Jacqueline Muthoni

Working a few extra hours means more money and less free time for most people and I love working overtime but not for the money. Of course, I wouldn’t say no to the few extra bucks but over time for me means playtime. I have a little secret. A secret that has me working odd hours all week. In a different scenario, this is enough to make me lose my job but I don’t have to worry about that considering the boss is in on it. Continue reading “Over Time”

Breakfast For Champions

By Dean Frost

The sheets on the bed hang loosely over her well-rounded bum. Her back barely covered looking almost white from the reflection on the fluorescent on the roof. He gazed at her with desire and a deep longing to have her there and then without warm to fill her up with some overly hard and soft skilled meat and watch her wake with a sweet groan like she was in some pornographic dream.  Continue reading “Breakfast For Champions”