By MarieNate

He flung a white tuxedo jacket over his crisp white shirt, straightening the cuffs as his gold and turquoise elephant cufflinks twinkled whenever they caught the light. She watched him from the mirror on her vanity table, smiling inwardly, as she touched her lips up. She caught his eye; he was watching her too. Her luscious lips broke into a wide grin, as she put her lipstick in her gold clutch purse and got up to finish getting dressed.

She had nothing underneath her dressing robe, he knew, just the gold strappy heels he so loved adorning her dainty feet. He watched her sashay towards the bathroom and thought of his mouth on her areola, his tongue flicking over her nipple as he sucked her breast and she moaned. He could almost taste the warmth of her breast. She wouldn’t let him see what she planned to wear to the charity gala but he knew it would be breathtaking at the very least.

She was exquisite, a breathtaking woman; stunning and sexy without much effort. She kept her hair short and neat, her nails perfectly manicured, her make up minimal and natural. Only tonight, she wore a bold colored lipstick that made him want to cuff her to the bed and bite those lips while impaling her into the next realm of existence.

The sound of her heels on the marble floor drew him out of his reverie and she appeared from the bathroom… what a vision to behold. She wore a red lace dress that hugged her every curve and flared gently from above her knees, her entire back exposed for all to see. The lace was littered with exquisite red floral embroidery, enough to cover her yet baring enough skin just to tease the imagination. He wondered if she wore any underwear, at all. The sleeves hugged her arms from shoulder to wrist, and he could already see himself peeling that dress off her. She bent over her bureau and picked a bottle of perfume, spritzed it on her neck and wrists, set it down as she picked her purse, then turned to face him.

“Are we going or are you going to stare at me like that all night?”, she cooed and watched his manhood start to bulge underneath his jet-black tuxedo pants.

“I’d like to stay, peel that dress off of you and fuck you into the ground,” he said, breathlessly, watching her glide across the room towards him.

Standing in front of him, she brushed her hand ever so slightly over his growing manhood, stood on tiptoe and whispered into his ear, “Maybe you will if you behave yourself tonight.” And with that, she left their room, leaving him to follow her fragrance.

The ride to the gala was tense and electric; he uncomfortable in his clothes and staring heatedly at her, mentally undressing and fucking her, while she, sitting calmly, tempting quietly, smiling seductively and basking in the heat of his stare. He had no idea she had inserted kegel balls in her vagina before getting dressed, and watching him, knowing the plans she had for him, was making her deliciously wet as she clenched and unclenched around her balls. The car came to a halt and all too soon, valets appeared on both sides of the black SUV and held their doors open for them to exit. He hopped out and went to her side of the car, held his hand out for her and flashed a brilliant smile at her. It was time to face the paparazzi.

Finally, he stood in front of her, her face upturned to his, and with his right hand on her cheek and his left on her back, he pulled her in and kissed her.

With his large hand on the bare small of her back, they made their entrance on the red carpet, cameras flashing on either side of the walkway. He slid his hand just a little lower and with his pinky, searched for a possible trace of lingerie; there was none. She smiled as they turned to face the paparazzi and whispered under her breath, just loud enough for him to hear,

“I’m wearing your favorite toy, Papi.”

“Oh fuck, woman!” He exclaimed, yet they still managed to smile and act composed enough for the cameras. They were then ushered into the great gilded hotel ballroom and showed to their table, where they mixed and mingled with the wealthy and opulent who came out, every once in a while, to donate to the less fortunate and at the same time hold a dick measuring contest. He didn’t give a shit about that though, he was focused on keeping his dick leashed and patiently waiting for the moment he would sink all ten inches into her always willing, always warm flesh.

Speeches and auctions were taking too long, she thought, and they were four courses into the carefully planned dinner already. They had already made their pledges and done whatever was needed to be noticed, so she figured if they disappeared for a while they wouldn’t be missed. She reached out and ran her palm over his sinewy left thigh, resting it just on his penis and she felt him throb.

“I’ll be right back,” she whispered, kissed him on the cheek and excused herself from the table. Making her way quickly to the elevator bank, she signaled at a waiter and gave him a pre-written note to deliver. The elevator door chimed open and she got in, watching the waiter go straight to her intended and deliver her note.

Suite 693. Dracarys.

That was all the note said, and he needed no further prompt. He slid it into his jacket pocket, waited five minutes and went up to meet her. His blood raced downward as he got closer to the suite, thinking of her in that red dress, and what he was burning to do to her. The door was slightly open, he let himself in and saw her on the balcony, wine glass in hand. The door clicked shut behind him and she turned at that precise moment, smiling, and walked into the suite towards him.

“I’d like you to take my dress off now,” said she, setting her almost empty red wine glass on the table and looking straight at him. His gait was slow, deliberate as if making the moment before he took her last a little longer. Finally, he stood in front of her, her face upturned to his, and with his right hand on her cheek and his left on her back, he pulled her in and kissed her. She let herself be kissed by this giant man, 6’2, 180 pounds of dark chocolate, against her 5’5, 124 pounds of caramel. Her mouth yielded to his, parting for his tongue; for him to taste, tease and tantalize her. She loved it when he kissed her, he was always full of surprises. She had never before imagined that kissing the same man over and over would be as exciting as the first time.

He drew her closer, grinding his now erect and pulsating penis on her belly while deepening their kiss, darting his tongue deep into her mouth and touching its tip to her upper palate while his hands grabbed and molded her soft derrière, drinking her moans, as she slid his jacket off his shoulders to get it off his powerful arms. He let go, reluctantly, and let it slide to his feet.

He took the opportunity to take his cufflinks off and shove them into his pocket, while she loosened his bow tie. Next to come off was his cummerbund, and all this time, his lips never left hers, tongues dancing the tango, breaths meshed together. He reached his left hand between her thighs and through the fabric of her dress, he felt the kegel balls cord. She wore them, damn her! He got even harder, thinking of what he was about to do to her.

With his hand on her chin, he broke the kiss and looked right into her eyes. She knew that look; she was about to be punished for being naughty. She half smiled, her mouth slightly agape and bruised from his lips, watching him.

“You’ve been naughty,” he whispered, sliding her dress off her shoulders.

“Yes. What will you do?”

“What do you want me to do?” he asked his hands at her hips now, half crouching, taking that lovely dress off her with his hands and eyes.

“Punish me,” she said, looking at the top of his head as she watched the dress pool at her feet and him helping her out of it. He stayed kneeling before her, ran his fingers along the smooth skin of her inner thighs and coaxed them open. She parted for him, anticipating her punishment, and felt him slide his middle finger into her dripping wetness. She immediately clenched around him and swayed towards him, inhaling sharply at this sweet invasion.

He watched her respond to him, respond to his finger touching her g-spot and rubbing herself on his hand. He looked at her clean mound, buried his face in it and drank her natural scent in, then launched his attack on her clitoris with his lips and tongue. With one hand inside her, he finger fucked her, and his tongue slow danced with her clitoris, his lips sucking, feeling her knees start to weaken.

He then inserted two fingers into her and fucked harder, while he flicked and sucked on her clitoris harder. With his free hand he squeezed her butt cheeks, so she could acutely feel him finger fucking and turning her kegel balls inside her while making her dance dangerously close to orgasm with his tongue.

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