Hot Spaz – Part 2

By Slyrie

“My turn…” I said

I took his hand and led him to an armless chair at the corner of the living room and asked him to sit down. He smiled. So seductively he took his time to take me in as I led him to his pleasure. I was still naked, but he had his sweats on with a semi-boner ripping the seams off. That is a kind of problem everyone would like to have at this point. I took my phone and plugged into his sound system and put on my bedroom playlist.

I mean, we all have that on our phones for an emergency, right? This was an emergency. My body was on fire that only him could extinguish. Him groaning on that seat would turn me on even more just by knowing he liked how the back of my throat felt like. How my tongue felt on his glans and how my small hands made his dick look like an arm.

His tongue swirled to the gyration of my waist as his dick part my labial lips and my clit touched his dickhead then the whole shaft ran under it.

My favourite song, Ciara’s Body Party played, and I got on my knees and slowly made my way to where he was seated. He spread his legs as if to welcome me in excitement. If he had a tail, he’d have wagged.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Baby, I have always been ready…”

I got to where he was, majestically stood up and sat on his lap. Our genitals touched through the fabric. I felt his bulge grow. My pussy throbbed and I could tell he felt the heat I was packing in my box. But it wasn’t time yet. I started to slowly grind on his laps and leaned in for a kiss. It is the one time he looked up to me like his life was in my hands. He put his hands on my waist. I slowly removed them making sure he felt every inch of skin on my before he started missing the chance to.

“Not yet…”

I got up, went to his bedroom and I could feel him watching me as he rubbed on his manhood gently inside his pants, found a tie and tied his hands behind the chair. He licked his lips. Patiently waiting.

“No touching…” I whispered in his ears. I could feel a menacing smile come on his face and he sure was born ready from the look of things below his waist.

“Get up. Let me take off your pants…”

He lifted his ass off the seat cooperatively like a good boy listening to his mistress. Struggled a little because his hands were tied. I gave him a kiss as I moved my fingers around his waist. I took off his pants and steadily knelt down. Then I saw it. It was right there. In my face. I gasped. I had seen beautiful penises before, but this, this was a magic stick. I took it to the side of my face for good measure so I’d know if this was how I was to go. I could already feel him inside me. That tingle again.

“Now let me show you something. Sit down..” I commanded.

I could feel juices dripping down my pussy and I knew I was ready. I sat astride on his lap again and ground to the music playing in the background. His penis now became rock hard.
“You are so wet,” he whispered. I placed my titty on his lips and let him put it in his mouth. He lusciously sucked my nipple as I humped on his dick, going steady with the rhythm of the music. His tongue swirled to the gyration of my waist as his dick part my labial lips and my clit touched his dickhead then the whole shaft ran under it. I could feel another swift wave coming while he intensified on the nipples. Giving every nipple a chance in his mouth. I did not want to get caught up in the moment. So I stood up and went on my knees again. His dick was already rock hard.

“Mmmhhh. Interesting…” I said as I grabbed it.

“Suck it already!” he almost shouted.

“No, Ben. I am in control now.”

I stood up, got another tie and blindfolded him. Then I went back on my knees, held his huge manhood and started licking down the shaft. My mouth was starting to fill with saliva as I gagged. I stroked his penis gently as I licked it. I moved my tongue from his balls, round his cock then up to the tip. Finally, I took it. He twitched. Deeper into my throat. How far could I go? My eyes got teary and I knew what the epitaph would read. She died doing the rod’s work.

“Oooohhhh Sylvia…” he whispered.

I took all of it, gagged and spat because mama raised no quitter. My swollen, wet lips went back and forth, and he slowly began to thrust to match my rhythm. He tasted really good. I pulled back and continued to stroke him. I looked at him. He cursed in a really low tone. I put the dick back in my mouth and sucked him off as I stroked. I increased my pace. He moaned.

“Sylvia, faster…” he said. I jerked him off and licked the base of his head and

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh fuck!!!”

I felt his whole body tremble in and his toes curl on his Persian rug, then he filled my mouth in a warm squirt. It was his cum. I am not much of a swallower, but this tasted good. I let it go down my throat and savoured it.

“I am ready for you now…” I said. I got up and took off the blindfold. His eyes were bloodshot and dilated. They looked smaller as he reopened to adjust to the light, but he was still sexy.

“Untie me, Sylvia…I want to be inside you so bad…” he said. I sat on his laps again and untied him from the front. Bruh. He did not give me time to compose myself. He quickly carried me to the sofa and asked me to kneel, my face facing the wall. His commanding voice was such a turn on. Again, I obliged. He leaned over. Breathed in my ears then whispered, “Remember when I said I was going to make you mine?”

I had little chance to answer before he slid his fingers inside my vagina and began to thrust. Fast. I was so wet. My juices flowed down his fingers and he knew just what to touch and in good pressure.

He bent me over on the couch. He took his cock and eased the tip up against the lips of my pussy. Then he penetrated me… I could feel him ripping my walls apart as he grew back harder…and bigger? I screamed. My body was weak. I wanted to cry. Why? I wasn’t sure. He thrust slowly. My body desired him even more. He put his hands on my waist and increased his thrusts. I moved my hips to the rhythm. I moaned.

“How do you like it?”

“Please. Don’t. Stop…” I pleaded in an incoherent staccato.

He drew his penis out of my pussy, then slid it back in, quite methodically. He did this in a constant rhythm that sent shivers down my spine. He fondled my titties and pinched my nipples lightly. He increased the thrusts. He went faster and deeper.

“Oooooh fuck! Your pussy feels so damn good!” he groaned.

Then he rammed into my pussy. So deep, I almost felt his balls inside me. I screamed. My whole body shook.

I tried to speak, but all I said was, “Wow…”

“I want you to cum for me babe…” he said, as he slowly drew his penis out. But he did not go all the way out. He rammed into my pussy. AGAIN. But this time, he did not pause. He grabbed my hips and thrust so fast. He did not care that I was barely breathing. Well, neither did I. This felt so good. I shuddered. I closed my eyes and let my whole body feel his pounding.

I felt the shivers, again. My head spun. I was barely seeing, again. I came, again! I screamed. He pounded harder and faster. Then I felt his body trembling. His load filled inside me. I could feel the warmth. He let out a loud groan. He came too.

We stayed in the same position for a second, to catch our breaths, then lay down on the couch. He helped me off my jelly knees and spooned me.

“That was fun…” he said.

Yes. Yes, it was,” I replied. “So what was it you wanted to show me?”

He laughed and kissed my cheek.

“You showed me more with my eyes closed,” he said, wrapping his hand around me.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep. It was not a night I was going to forget any day soon. I am now old enough and ready to write about a night I won’t forget for my composition. Take me back.



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