Date Night

By Wanji

I’d been dodging this meeting with him for a couple months. Not that I didn’t like him, I just wasn’t sure I wanted him. Not like that and definitely not yet. I was younger. Legal, but younger. I could tell that I was frustrating him and felt a little guilty. He’d been really nice so far. He was handsome. Very handsome. Witty and he made me laugh. By now you know we met on the internet. He knew I was 10 years younger than him but it didn’t bother him. Constantly told me how beautiful I was and how much he enjoyed our conversations. I was into him… kinda.

I had spent the night at my brother’s house babysitting. Had a change of underwear but not clothes. Thank the gods for letting me wear that black body con dress the previous day. I decided to go over to his place. I started giggling when I saw him. So real and incredibly handsome. I knew I’d at least kiss him today. “Are you sure you’re not married?” was the first thing I asked when I entered his house. So tidy and organized.

He laughed and said, “You can check anywhere you like.” That was definitely a tingle. We got inside and I hugged him again just so I could smell him. I took one whif in and subconciously tightened the embrace and took a deep breath. I could feel myself lose control. I could tell that I couldn’t trust myself. I sat on the couch. Trying so hard to pull myself together. We talked as he heated the pizza. He’d stare every so often to see if we were thinking of the same thing. Yes, we were. I think for a bit I was in denial. Until he sat next to me and took a bite of the pizza. I know it’s cheesy but I have never wanted to be a slice of pizza between his lips that bad.

Watching him lick the grease from his lips…okay. He reached out and wiped some from the side of my mouth too because I had missed my mouth while staring. He rubbed it off and put it in my mouth and I sucked it off so slow I almost sucked the skin off his finger. He wiped again and took the same finger to his mouth and I think that is the point I damn near lost it.

I could have drowned someone if I had taken my panties off at that point. He could tell and his smirk only excited me more. He was in jeans so I couldn’t really tell what was happening to his body. Just kept wondering if that bulge was there the whole time. He put on a movie and I stared at the screen with no understanding of what was happening. In my head, he was balls deep in me. I felt the stare and looked at him.

Stared me dead in the eye and leaned in. Not all the way, just enough so I could “Come and get what I know you’re thinking about…“ and I did. I kissed him. Fuck. How the hell did I lose my dress? I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I straddled him as I fumbled with the buttons of his jeans and he helped me with it. I got on my knees and pulled them off after I unzipped them. What was that monster doing in his pants!? Did I bite more than I could chew? This size I’ve only seen on porn. Oh my god, I’m about to get hooked. I panicked and asked if I could take a shower.

He looked at me confused. I was going to take a shower. To clear my thoughts or to get my game face on. He handed me a towel and got out of the bedroom so I could get naked comfortably. I thought that was really nice of him. In the shower, I decided that I was going to be a naughty little girl today. I was going to make the most of that massive thing. Basically just drooling. I left the shower expecting to find him in the bedroom. But he was in the kitchen. What was that feeling in my chest? Do I like him now… Idk we’ll unpack that later. Right now I have a hill to sit on.

So in the towel, I walked into the kitchen to find him fully dressed. He was a little shorter than me. From the back, I hugged him and felt on his chest from under his arms and whispered “heeey”. He turned around. Hungry. His eyes told me everything I needed to know. I kissed him. Maybe a little more hungry than him. He touched all over me and pulled off the towel. The look on his face…. “fuuuuuuck

I cried as I felt myself switch to full beast mode. I didn’t want him to touch me or kiss me anymore. I wanted him to ram into me. Smack my ass, choke me and pull my hair all at the same time. “Fuck me!” I remember composing that statement while staring in his eyes. I’m not sure I was breathing okay but I do remember him picking me up and taking me to the bedroom. He lay me on the bed and kept kissing me.

I didn’t like the feeling of fabric on his skin so I peeled off his tee. Red tee, I remember. As he undid his pants. Dropped them and I couldn’t think at all at this point. I spread my thighs, looked at it and then at him and braced myself for impact. He put a finger in me instead and I gasped. “Fuuuuck you’re so wet”. He said as he put in another finger with a smirk on his face. “Shit that’s so tight “ this he said looking more out of composure. He thrust his fingers and rubbed on my clit with his thumb and kissed my lips, neck and ears. I was spinning. “Fuck me!” I barked.

I felt the head touch on my cooch. Lightly rubbing on my clit. And he slid in. An inch at a time. I gripped the sheets and screamed. I say screamed coz a loud moan is an understatement. He pulled out and flipped me over. Just how I like it. He got back inside me and I could feel every inch and every throb and my walls around him must have felt good judging from the little groans he let out.

He took me by my waist and I could tell I was in trouble. He pounded my guts. Definitely rearranged them. I looked back and his head was tilted back with his eyes shut. I loved how much he loved this. I was inching closer to the edge one stroke at a time. He ran his hand down my back, all over my ass and down to the tits and I could feel he was getting closer too. He bent over onto me and I lay on my stomach. And he kept pounding. I arched my back so hard I could feel the small of my back pop.

I received him whole and never wasted an inch of him. He at one point groaned so hard I thought he had cum only for him to intensify his This time with his hand wrapped around my throat. I gushed. I came and squirted at the same time. I didn’t even know I could squirt. Wtf just happened. I don’t know but I loved it. My vagina was pulsing around his meat and he said “Fuck! I’m gonna cum

He collapsed on top of me and I’m pretty sure we took a nap. Like 2 or 3 minutes. Woke up in a pool. I was so embarrassed and he told me it was perfectly okay. His ego was stroked and so was I. We changed the sheets and went again.

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