Masturbation: How Deep Is Your Self-love?

Masturbation is surrounded by a lot of speculation and doubt that either vilify it, underrate it or plainly call it a sin. I am here to tell you what it means to me and if you agree, pass it to a friend who needs to understand it better. If not, I am willing to have a healthy conversation about it! Let’s go! My comment section is open! Continue reading “Masturbation: How Deep Is Your Self-love?”

Randy with Joanne: Marriage, Motherhood and Sex

A lot of stereotypes surrounding marriage, sex and motherhood have been peddled for the longest time. On this episode, I am hosting Joanne who will shed a light on these matters even including dance as her forte and how they all correlate.
Disclaimer: It was recorded on site so the surrounding noise may be a bit distracting but you will love it nonetheless.
Enjoy! Continue reading “Randy with Joanne: Marriage, Motherhood and Sex”