Oral Sex

On this podcast, we will talk about what that mouff can do! Let’s talk oral sex. This is when you use your mouth to please your partner. Most of the times it is tongue and lips on the nethers or all over the body doing their thing. It is pretty much an all you can eat kinda buffet. I welcome all of you cunning linguists to tell me how you do it differently! Continue reading “Oral Sex”

Randy with Joanne: Marriage, Motherhood and Sex

A lot of stereotypes surrounding marriage, sex and motherhood have been peddled for the longest time. On this episode, I am hosting Joanne who will shed a light on these matters even including dance as her forte and how they all correlate.
Disclaimer: It was recorded on site so the surrounding noise may be a bit distracting but you will love it nonetheless.
Enjoy! Continue reading “Randy with Joanne: Marriage, Motherhood and Sex”