Peggy lay there on her back with one of her legs folded up swinging from side to side as if to let her lady parts breath. Danson rolled out of the bed and she made a lazy effort to reach out to him but he was already gone. The light through the door revealed his little man bum with the dimples on the sides of both cheeks. He walked like he had something up his ass and she almost wished she had carried her plug and made him try to walk in it. He didn’t work out much but his body was well toned from carrying his own weight. She wasn’t complaining. She was glad he was serving some fire dick.

The shower heater turned on and it took all she had to get off the bed and walk to the bathroom. She slid the door to the side and first beheld the sight. Her tall cup of dark chocolate. He had soaped his hair and she bit her lower lip almost instinctively as he turned to show his semi boner from the last round. She couldn’t tell if she had creamed on him or it was just the lather trickling from his head. “Are you going to get in, or what?”, he asked wiping his face to have a look at her nubile body as he took her into his arms.

She ran her index down his chest and went in for a wet embrace. She looked up and found the strength to lift her self on her toes to reach for his moist pinkish lips. A hot shower always made them look puffier and fuller. It’s like a breath of life straight to her soul every time he gasped on the first kiss. Partly because she is a biter. She goes feral when turned on and the lips always get a light bite; enough to remind him to quench the fires he always kindles. He bites back just a bit harder to assert himself. She fondled his balls to clean him up and reached up for another kiss. Her clean-up was brief. She did a quick rinse around her labial lips and along her thighs; where some of him had dried up. He took his time in the shower with no hurry to get back because today, she was all hers.

She woke up to the smell of hot black coffee on the nightstand and did a weak groan as she stretched before she reached to feel the warmth of the mug. He was seated on the side if the bed with a smug grin wider than a gecko’s. “ How was your nap?” he asks with a half chuckle. She didn’t answer. She just smiled and turned away to hide her blush and got a better position to sleep in. He sat there and relished her body and her light breathing in her graceful mansuetude.

His beard tickled the moist trace his tongue left but his kisses made the act tough to follow.

She was still butt naked with half her body under the duvet. One leg was out all the way up to her bum. That trick always somehow works when you just need the right amount of heat as you sleep. She had those dimples at the back of her legs behind her knees and they drew him in to kiss them. His lips were still warm from the coffee he just had so she didn’t feel it right away until he ventured further into her thighs.

She did not budge for a while there. If only he knew how much effort she was putting into hiding her twitching, he’d have gone in for the kill right away without finding her finicky. Her grip on the pillow tightened and she acquiesced by lifting her bum a bit higher leaving her still damp and well-manicured lady garden in his full view. Her body had betrayed her; a betrayal most foul but what was there to lose but sleep? He kept on kissing her thighs as if the coaxing did not work. He even went further down to her calves and gave her cold feet a mild rub.

He was daring her to come unhinged and turn around but she did not bite on this bait. All the biting she was doing at this point was her tongue not to moan while she was not biting her lower lip when he hit a spot. She parted her legs to get comfortable and this was all the goading he needed to get into it. He spread the cheeks apart and took the scenic route to her moist mound kissing the back of her thighs and watching her squirm as he made his way up. He enjoyed it, even more, when she was all hot, restless and bothered but did not want to admit how badly she wanted him inside her already. She had been trying to shake off the ghost dick by sleeping it off and now he was not doing much to help.

She felt his dick pulsate on her left calf and she knew she was about to get served. His lips made their way up through her crack and up her tailbone following the spine ever so slowly. The teasing was too much. She threw her ass back every now and again in the hope of catching some dick to get her off the madness and to calm the storm he was brewing. She knew all it would do was stir her up even more but he had him all to herself for the weekend so there was a silver lining after all. His beard tickled the moist trace his tongue left behind but his kisses made the act tough to follow. He got to her nape and she felt the weight of his arm pinning her head down. He licked around the earlobe and dove right in and she came undone like a two-month-old braid.

He picked this moment to perfectly mount her and he slipped all of him in and listened to her gasp in a bid to regain her breath and sanity. She held him in with her right hand and wanted him to stay in there and marinate in her juices before he started pounding. His right hand dawdled on her soft skin under her right rib and firmly around her hips just in time for the second slow but deep thrust. He was taking his time. He wanted to break her. He wanted her to tell him how deep she wanted him. How much she wanted him and how fast. He went on and on without respite, every stroke deeper than the last threatening to destroy her cervix with every hammering. She felt him lose his footing and break his rhythm and she knew she’d win the battle of wits with subtle gyrations and he would never know what hit him.

He lost all power in this play and she was taking it all back in her little unnoticeable rounded motions of her waist and she was out to milk him dry. His supporting arm got tired and she flipped him on his back and kept riding without losing the momentum. She looked back at him enjoying the view of her ass and flipped her hair as she went lower so that he’d enjoy seeing her take all of him in. She grabbed the outer parts of his feet and played with his toes letting her nipples feel his shin hair. He lay there awed by how beautiful her arch was and how her callipygous butt clenched with every lift. She took his big toe on her tongue and that was it for him. She was on her mettle. She turned around and held his hands beside his head so that she could see him lose all the control he thought he had.

She felt his warmth fill her up and rode even faster to take it all in as he fought to get her off him when all his nerves came alive. She gave him a long kiss and let him catch his breath while still inside her. He closed his eyes for too long she thought him dead. She lay on him playing with his hair and made little circles around his nipples as he convalesced. He doubted if he’d ever want to play with fire like that ever again but he had the resilience of a moth around a light. She rolled over to his left side in a cuddle as he feebly pulled the duvet off the floor. They stayed in silence for about an hour; hardly getting past the grins that burst into a giggle every time she looked at with her eyes almost doing a victory dance over his disquietude. He, however, knew that somehow, the next round would always be better.


Rush Hour

Her yellow thighs glistened in the Nairobi afternoon sun. The traffic moved slowly as she nodded to Chris Brown’s album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon. Pills & Automobiles came on and her eyes lit up. She turned the volume up looked back out to take in the lull street scenery. I could tell her mind was too far when she didn’t complain about my driving. It was just after Kempinski and the traffic towards town had come to a standstill along Waiyaki way and into Uhuru highway. It was no good opening the windows for some cool air so the air conditioner did just fine. Continue reading “Rush Hour”

Kissed by a Rose

I think it was the way she bites the side of her lips every time she looks at me that has me tripping. For good reason, I just couldn’t stop kissing her every chance I got. Lips always glossy, soft and very inviting. I’d kiss her for days and be content with just that. Her eyes had a way to flatter the heart and prompt you into bad decisions. I can honestly hope that no one ever ends up with someone who they can’t kiss randomly for no apparent reason. There is something it does to your soul especially if done between slow strokes as she rides you or when her lips turn all pink under the hot shower. Continue reading “Kissed by a Rose”

Mea Culpa

This did not feel right. He could feel it in his bones and even in the limp boner he got to serve her every once in a while when she got the chance to get on top. He was busy on his laptop and could tell it was her on the stairwell through her nonchalant steps and a pause after every landing. He got up to greet her at the door. There was a long pause and right before she could catch her breath from the climb, his tongue was too far down her throat and his palm was hi-fiving her butt cheek into a slow grab. More like low-fiving but that is besides the point. Continue reading “Mea Culpa”

Broken Promises

As she walked on the narrow flyover staircase, I imagined everyone thought about how she parts her long, beautiful legs for the man she trusts not to fuck her over. At most literally in this case. How her hips swayed and the gyration after every step might have had most guys blinded to her deepest insecurities and heartache. Her swaying hips and her aura of confidence as she was on the steps were always a constant reminder of what she needed to get ahead in life. There was something about her legs that most guys couldn’t just yet wrap around their heads, pun intended. This is simply because of how she carried herself. She was comfortable in her skin and it’s for sure that nothing is as easy as loving someone who already loves themselves. Continue reading “Broken Promises”

Birthday Gift

It was one of those slow weekends through which he hangs around in his pyjamas all day with half a wood in his pants for most of it. This was no worry anyway since he lived alone and hadn’t seen himself living with someone for the next year or two to come. He had dozed on the couch again. He opened his eyes just enough to see that she had been trying to reach him on the phone for the last hour with no success. It just hit him that it was her birthday and they were supposed to meet later on in the day. His phone was at an arm’s length so he just stretched in a long yawn and picked in the groggiest voice. Apparently, she had been at the gate all along and the watchman was nowhere to be seen to open for her. Continue reading “Birthday Gift”

Cold Feet

Her pillow had soaked up most of her tears, and she sat up and hugged the other pillow and hoped the pain would flow down and out of her through the tears but no. Every time she pictured what she has been through for him just to up and leave the chest pains came calling. A sharp pain on the left side of her chest that made her feel like her heart stopped beating for a second. Her pain led her to call him subconsciously and for a moment there he had to listen to her sob bitterly on the other side. Leaving him speechless and surprised at these turn of events. Continue reading “Cold Feet”

Perfect Imperfection

The day was generally dark even with the curtains on. The bracket lights on the wall didn’t do much to improve the situation anyway. His glass of whisky rested on the armchair from which he wrote all his work. From that vantage point, he could not only easily see the comings and goings in the house but also a clear portal through the window that ran all the way down from the ceiling. A clear view of the neighbouring houses and their dirty linen on the hanging lines you’d see every night when they argued, made up or passed out. Continue reading “Perfect Imperfection”

Royal Rub

He blankly stared at his computer after a whole hour of looking for a proper massage cream or oil. It was their third anniversary and he wanted it to be more than just that routine they did every year. Ibiza was always full around that time of the year and since they were tight on finances, the cost of travel would have been very high also considering there was a baby on the way, Ellen would not be in her best shape to travel. The current market bear run was just but second on the list of the excuses. Continue reading “Royal Rub”


Mornings were never easy for her. Waking up every morning was a chore by itself. She was a sworn night owl and she actually thought of taking nights but the boyfriend would have never agreed. Working nights can nip a young relationship in the bud before it even tastes the sunshine. She somehow had to wake up because well, the only people that earn their bread in bed stayed in brothels. Continue reading “Seasoning”

Pillow Talk

The phone call came in a bit too late into the night. Or should I say in the wee hours of the morning. She needed to sleep after a long night with a soaked pillow and she could use a listening ear. Jacob never missed a call. The many times she called he was always there to answer. Always there to talk her through it all whenever it got tough. The pain today however, was more than she could handle. The house had become too small and cold for her and it did nothing but make the pain worse. Continue reading “Pillow Talk”


The attraction, the pull is so strong

Why did I have to be in the wrong?

It’s like she had her own gravitational pull

And I, just but her blinded, stupefied fool.

The sex was good. Nothing short of the same old humping and nutting. He however felt like with every spurt, he emptied himself even more. For most guys sex is just sex but there was something about this one. He felt something was lacking from deep within him although he couldn’t place a finger on it.

Continue reading “Fool”

The War Room (Part 1)

The oven timer’s ring startled her. She had already shampooed her head and it was all coursing down her face and through her body. She half-rinsed her head and draped a towel around it as she left in a rush to check on the eye of the round roast in the oven. There was this new recipe a friend gave her and she could not wait for the New Year to try it. It sounded like a tasty way to send the year off. She didn’t plan to spend it alone but things being as they were, she had no choice but to contend with watching the fireworks from her porch that overlooked the city square.

Continue reading “The War Room (Part 1)”