The Epistle


I watch you sitting at the other end of the room having drained down your glass of gin neat. Sensually ripping off the flesh from the orange slice letting it tone down the sours of the liquor hanging onto the tip of your tongue. I never wanted to be an orange so bad. The last orange in the house, I needed the orange! If you know, you know… Might as well savour it on you before you dilute it with your saliva. I approach very demure but raging with dirty intentions and you could see it hiding behind my temporary facade.

Your deep-cut stare slices through my mask and it melts away, revealing the slutty devil that was hiding there all along. Touch is needed and touch is given by the tip of my thumb on your lower lip. Collecting a bit of saliva from you that I lick off clean quenching the thirst I’ve had for you for the longest. I begin planting kisses all over your face, a slow prequel to the intense movie that’s about to come as we do too.

Your lips so soft and tender, I reach to suck on your lower one and the entirety of my body fully pressed on yours to a sweaty fusion. Then I slowly descend down to your neck with slow soft bites, as I feel you gulping and bidding back your manly groans down your throat. A futile attempt cause then they claw back and escape out of your mouth in a series of sexy tuned grunts. Any closer to you and I would inhale you. Any sweeter and I would wear the skin off your dick.

Then onto the canvas that is your chest. I could tell what you use is oil based. I could catch wafts of your manly musk oozing from the tiny pheromone wells tucked away under your pits. Called the tiny collection of my Eau de parfums stupid and I wasn’t mad at that. On the contrary, I snorted silently on your musk like some form of priceless rare white lines. I was ready to taste and tingle your nipple with the tip of my warm tongue as my soft hand rubbed on your already hard bulge tucked away in the tiny shorts that curved out your gorgeous set of powerful thighs. I could feel its glorious girth igniting the very passion I was trying to indulge.

Your nipple was eager to meet my tongue and as if by reflex, you grab me by the chin and slowly lead my head down over the abs and further south as I savour your bodily scent and pheromones filling up the air with lustful desires. I pull your shorts down to the aroma of your hard dick that bobs out fast slapping up on your belly with the tip resting right above the navel.

I look up to your face, hunger and urgency written all over it. Usher it into my warm mouth from the side and the instant touch of my tongue makes your toes curl hard

I make it wet, and sloppy as I softly cup and rub on your full balls. Your moans get me to work and urge me to suck on it harder and with more urgency that you crush against the wall by the effect of my well-trained throat. I roll my tongue and slurp on the head every time just to watch you throw your head back.

The pace switches up and you face fuck me so hard. On occasion, choke and spit runs down my cheeks onto your thighs that I lick all up obediently and sensually while looking up to your face. You place one leg on a higher surface, hold the back of my neck and fuck the absolute shit out of my mouth. My throat and uvula rub on your sensitive tip and shaft on the inside, as my hands stay caressing under your thighs.

There and then, you sit down on a chair and ask me to hop on top and I oblige

Then I pull out and face up to you while stroking your already wet dick asking you to lie down so I can savour your hole. You lay down as you part your legs and I bury my face so deep in your ass, tickling your hole with my tongue, as I stay stroking your hard cock that’s now full-on leaking precum. I tongued it so well that the next time someone will try to kiss your ass you will politely decline and come straight to me. Pun not intended.

I wiggle my tongue inside of you and eat you out so good, you thrust your hips and moan so hard for me. I turn you around and eat you from the back as I stroke your dick some more before getting back on to suck you up some more to what’s to come next. I slip a finger in and suck on the balls as I stroke lightly on the sloppy glans. Your tip glistens under the spit and precum and it begs to be inside me.

I beg you to stick your dick inside of me, hoping for an incomparable adventure involving the massaging of my prostate. You knew exactly how that was going to work, how you would deliver that unforgettable sexual high that would stay imprinted in my brain.

There and then, you sit down on a chair and ask me to hop on top and I oblige. I then stick my fingers in your mouth to wet them sufficiently and lube up my tight hole that was already pulsating and winking to be filled. I throw the ass back a little and hold onto your throbbing shaft and slowly let your dick inside of my tight, warm hole. It goes all in and we both groan out when you fill me up fully, your huge hands resting on my bubbly cheeks as I slowly ride your lap.

The first slip-in makes you grunt and I let a soft moan out. I start slowly bouncing on you as I adjust to your size as you fill me up. I kiss you amidst our synchronized groans and breathing on each other’s lips.  Inhaling your exhale and smelling the taste of you on the stache grown on my upper lip. It turns to raging lust, a hungry one as I’m going hard on your lips and tonguing you while whining so hard on your dick.

Peak Pleasure Unravelled: Title of our sex tape.

Then you turn me around and I’m facing forward away from you, still on top and whining slowly forward. My feet wrapped back around your sturdy legs. Your hand stroking my dick as you kiss my neck from the back and talk all dirty in my ear. I can feel the whole of you every time I clench as you go in and out and it is tempting to stroke mine too. It leaps with every stroke. Your pleasure is mine. Inside and out.

Behold a huge mirror lies in front of us so you can watch every tweak of pleasure writing itself all over my face. My shaft gets dry and I slowly let out a clear spit that falls on your fingers and you rub it once again on my dick stroking it hard as it throbs which incentivises me to squeeze hard on yours as my waist moves in timed pleasurable circles. In a split second, you lick on my earlobe and bite softly with heavy breathing and you whisper in defeat that you can’t hold it anymore and that you want to bust your load inside of me.

That becomes the cue to my build up and I reply that I’m close to mine too. I moan out loud, which turns into a slow carnal cry that drives you crazy. Slowly you descend down to the back of my neck and tongue kiss it so hard as my hole tightly hugs your throbbing dick, and your release arrives just at that time and you cum so hard with me, my load jumping all the way to the mirror. Yours all the way up in my hole while our breathing heightens and slowly descends to the ticking of the clock hanging on the wall.

You slowly lift me off you because my feet gave out from all the riding and walk me to the bedroom. The mess is tomorrow’s problem. I am writing this to you so that your dick can leap in your pants as you read it. I would have loved to stay for that skin-to-skin and probably one more round but your sleep was too peaceful for someone who just started a fire within me and also I have to be at work. Rent is due you know. Enjoy the breakfast in the microwave!

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