Grab My Coat

He met her at the door. Twenty minutes, just as she’d promised. He liked a woman who meant what she said. There he stood, staring at her, fishnets peeking out between the thigh high boots and the trench coat she wore. He drank her in, vision that she was.

“Well,” she crooned, “are you just going to stand there staring at me, or will you invite me in?”

Took him a while to snap back to reality. It was unbelievable that she showed up at all because it all appeared to be just banter and casual teasing. Whole time he was wondering whether he should let her keep the fishnets on or tear them off her flesh… was she even wearing anything else?

Sauntering past him, while letting her scent linger on his nostrils as she ever so slightly grazed her elbow on his arm, she teased him.

“Would you like to take my coat?”

He was still standing by the door, and, closing it firmly, he turned to her and said nothing. There was a devilish glint in his eyes. She knew what that meant…

He walked quietly with a grin and stood behind her to take her coat. He came too close she almost thought he’d bend her over right there and then. She could feel the heat he was packing in his pants already on her bum. She arched forward and pressed herself onto it as he took her coat off her shoulders ever so slowly, kissing her clavicles working his way backwards and up the nape to her ear.

She turned her face towards his and giggled, while his hands ran down her arms. Mustering all her strength, she pulled away from him and walked towards his dining set. Running her finger along the hard wood, she turned and asked him,

“Where would you like me, Sir?”

She had the devil in her eyes, and was ready to play. Oh, he had no idea how much…

She reeked of cocoa butter and she had an exotic scent about her that he’d probably ask over pillow talk so that he’d remember. At this point in time it was less talk and more lip service and if possible a lot of tongue lashing in ways that only begot pleasure. Sweet unencumbered pleasure. “I want you anywhere I can bend you over and tear your shit up” At least that is what it sounded in his head.

He signaled to the couch with a tilt of his head still too overwhelmed to speak. She did that thing girls do when they want to sit and look sexy while at it. Slowly to her side with her arch visible to him all this while. She kicked off her heels and got comfortable and then beckoned him to join her. He unfroze himself and complied.

Standing over her, she looked up at him. His crotch was already fighting to be freed. Her red lips parted, ever so slightly, as she pulled his polyester shorts off over his hips, her gaze never leaving his eyes. Once freed, she gazed at his beauty, and let out a tiny gasp.

“Wow,” she said, looking back up at him.

Gripping him at the base, she inhaled his musky scent deeply, parted her lips, flicked her pink tongue over his glans and then wrapped her lips over just his glans, while still watching him. Watching his face for a reaction, watching his body for any messages it might send her.

Just a flick and the look on his face was like he had seen a ghost. He let a groan out as he threw his head back as he felt his glans perfectly wrapped around her lips. Her tongue doing the rounds while inside and damn he had missed that feeling. His hands were getting too familiar and he thought a little help wouldn’t hurt.

He made to hold her head in place, but she put her hands on his wrists and placed them on his hips. She wanted to savor him, and savor him she would, hands free, she went to work on him, giving him that gwak 3000 while pushing him further down her throat. She wanted all of him in her throat. Eyes watering, still, she went on, looking up at him, sucking him, flicking her tongue over and under him, round and round, hungrily…

She reached for his butt cheeks, parted them and pulled him further inside to make him her baddest bitch. His balls were dripping and his thighs were moist from all the hot mess she was making.

Gently, she let her middle finger slightly graze his perineum and heard him groan harshly. Whatever restraint he had been holding on to, he quickly forgot and held the sides of her face. He earnestly fucked her throat, and she greedily welcomed it. Opening him up while opening up for him, she sucked and stroked, made an even bigger mess, and when he groaned he was about to cum she worked even harder. He exploded in her throat and she watched him, feeling his balls empty inside her throat while his body tensed and his head hung back. As soon as the spasms subsided, she pulled away, still looking into his face, swallowed, licked and smacked her lips with the wickedest grin he’d ever seen on a woman.

Were it not for her support, he’d have fallen to his knees and passed out for 2 minutes right where he stood. She let him relax and cozied up next to him. She ran a finger up her crack and her lips were sealed up in their own juices and he could hear her part them with her middle finger. He took the finger from her and once he had a taste of the good stuff. He spun her right around her ass almost got burnt by the couch from the swift motion. He dove right in and started by kissing the labia and then gently licked the hood off the clit.

Gasping and moaning, she arched her back and let him feed off of her to his delight and her satisfaction. She wrapped her thighs around his face and braced herself, and without warning flipped him over and they both fell on the carpet. He on his back, her, sitting on his face, she poised herself to ride his face like a Ducati. He wrapped his hands and arms around her thighs and held her in place, while his tongue went to work on her…

She looked down and saw him close his eyes and she knew the ride was about to get rough. He kept rubbing her butt and pulled her in rhythmically to let her ride her tongue. He sucked, flicked and felt her try to lift off from the pleasure and he pulled her back in but slowed the tempo so that she could enjoy the ride.

She worked her waist in rhythm with his tempo, riding his face while tweaking her own nipples. She felt his tongue dart inside her, and parted her thighs further to let him tongue fuck her as deep as he could. She leaned back to give him a better angle. She could feel the sides of her thighs get wet and only imagined how much his face was juiced up. While back there she thought she’d jumpstart his dick. He was already semi hard…

Her fingers wrapped around his girth and started rubbing him gently, while increasing the pressure and casually twirling her thumb over his glans. She heard him groan and thought it’d be a devilish idea to take him in her mouth once again, and feel him grow even taller inside her. Once again, she flipped, this time over his face. She put him in her mouth just as she felt his tongue slide inside her as powerfully as it could, while his index finger found her clitoris.

She sucked him while riding his face, feeling him grow inside her while she danced dangerously close to orgasm. She knew he felt her, because his tempo increased and his finger started writing Chinese symbols on her clit. She sat up, her breathing labored, crushing his face, but he didn’t stop. He went on until she very nearly caved…

She was ready and so was he. She gathered whatever little strength she had and turned around to sit on his dick. She rubbed it all over her mound and made him equally wet before teasing herself with the tip a few times. She slid him in an inch at a time and eventually sat on it and let it soak. Her butt fit just right into his big palms and after kneading her ass for a while she lifted off and bounced on it as she gyrated her waist and he could feel himself even get harder.

He wanted to pound her, so he held her by the waist and went to town on her. The squishy sounds of him going in and out of her, her face contorted, her screams, her breasts jumping up and down on her chest all made his primal and basest desires take over all his sensibilities. He hoisted her off him, bent her over the sofa and hit it from the back, gripping her waist and her neck while he relentlessly hit her cervix like a battering ram.

He had one leg up and her cheeks so far apart she thought he’d tear her apart. He stuck to a rhythm and pinned her down until only the sofa was supporting her. Her legs gave out and her face was against the sofa sideways begging for more.

Like a tsunami, she came all over him. Gushing, spasming, screaming into the sofa, holding on to anything she could find, not to lose herself. He still wouldn’t let up, tearing her shit up while she lost and found and lost herself repeatedly in a frenzy that had been stirred by lingering flirtation.

He had not cum yet. The smirk on his face was clear enough that the splashy intermission just allowed him to run wild with it. He got her into missionary and slapped the clit with his dick. Got all her juices on his meat and slid it back in nice and slow. This time kissing everything he could reach and finished in her ear. Bit her ear lobe and told her he was about to go so deep inside her and feel every bit of her inside.

It was too much, but she wasn’t a quitter. She folded her knees and tiptoed, elevating her lower torso and ass up so she could meet him thrust for thrust. They were going over that cliff together.

She reached for his ear lobe too. It was only fair. She knew she was building hers up so might as well prep him for the contractions and suck everything out of him. She rubbed his nipples and his breathing got heavy almost instantly. Her legs wrapped around him and it was their cue to ride the wave together. Their sweaty selves could not move for a minute and they just started laughing everyone wondering who would move first.

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