Saved By The Bell

By Muthoni Carol

It was a lazy work afternoon and she sat in her office scrolling through her Instagram. She caught a video of this hottie skipping rope at the gym and lustful thoughts crossed her mind. She sent a flirty comment and because they’d known each other for a while, he bit. They agreed to meet later that evening after work. A couple of hours later he called and said he was ‘around the corner’ and he could pick her up if she was done with work. That would have been nice, but she was barely done with work. So they agreed on where to meet, they ordered take out and drove to his house.

He had a nice little place. He put on some ancient documentary, filled up pipe and proceeded to talk endlessly about said documentary. The plan was to link up and fuck so she didn’t get why there was an endlessly ongoing one-sided conversation while her clitoris wouldn’t stop throbbing in her pants. She was slightly stoned and had been watching this man for a minute. He realized she’d been zoned out for a bit and he laughed. She then pulled him in and kissed his face wildly. With an I-want-to-fuck intent…tongue sucking, lip biting and all.

The phone rung and her mind came back to the present, she had no idea how she got pinned to the wall and how this man is shirtless. Skin like dark chocolate, pecks popping, abs showing and arms all out. ‘‘I’m going to sin so bad, it’ll be so good“, she menacingly thought to herself. He picked it up. It was around 9 pm and his director (for a show they were filming) needs him on set within the hour. Saved by the bell. He had to leave, she was so high and so ready, but he had to leave. He hated it too but he had to go. He offered to drop her home and asked whether he can pop by when he was done.

They made a deal and he bounced. She took a shower, heated up a plate of the food and went to bed after she was done eating. She was startled awake by a knock at her door in the middle of the night, she caught her phone ringing and it was him at the door. She let him in and he asked for a second to take a quick shower and she waited up eagerly. It was around midnight at this point.

His towel hung around his waist loosely as if he was daring her to come fetch. She had that lustful look on her face when she opened her eyes. Her lips were wet and eyes half closed but she could still see that he was looking even finer now. His muscles on his back flexed as he tried to dry his hair. There he stood, ass taut and firm you could bounce a coin off it. “What is it about men and having clenched cheeks all the time?” She wondered.

He threw the towel on the laundry basket and walked to bed, head still steaming, to find her touching herself. She reached out with her other hand and ran her hand in his inner thigh as he stood right next to her. He was a tower of flesh and muscle and his dick was calling out her name. She pulled him in by the ass and kissed his dick head. Lips so soft he could feel him tense up. She blew some hot air on it and took him in and felt him grow in her mouth with every suction. His dick was hard, he put a condom on and slid on top of her.

He kissed her and allowed his fingers to find their way into her pussy. He smiled at how wet she was when he first touched her before he pushed a finger into her. Then there as two with the thumb gently rubbing her clit. She moaned lightly and wiggled her body. She held his hand back and fixed it just where she wanted it and let him make small circles inside her. The pleasure was intense and she’d been waiting to cum for hours. He fingered her for a while and felt her moisten up even more.

She flooded around his fingers and when her breath ran short, he put some pressure on the roof of her vagina and flicked her bean to climax. It was a soundless moan almost as if she was choking in pleasure. He moved up and kissed some life into her and just then, he pulled the covers off her to slide into her. He pulled her down a bit to get her from the headboard and smiled wryly from the side of his mouth just thinking of the shit he was about to do to her. He held her hands above her head and slid into her. The pleasure was blinding and he keeps going.

He was so hot on top of her, she found him absolutely sexy while giving that much of himself to her. She could tell he was present in this moment too, that he brought game and intent. They fucked slow, then fast, then slow again. He rolled off to her side and she lifted her cheek to let him in. His palm covered her throat and he put some light pressure on it as he drew her nape to his lips and got that arch from her by default. The strokes were slow but firm and deep.

He was about to cum so hard and she was not about to miss the moment. She rubbed on herself and every now and then felt his full length ram right into her. He whispered in her ear of his impending nut, “Baby, I am… I am about to nut” as his strokes got consistent and far reaching. She turned to reach for his lips/ She kissed him and said “I am right behind you“. By the time he blew up and came for his first time, they were both sweaty and panting like rabbits. Him groaning through what sounded like gritted teeth and her laying there immobile. He gets off to take off the rubber and she rolls a bit to look at the time. It’s 3:37 am and she needed to be up at 7.


I had better wake up to you sliding into me” was the last thing she said to him before she rolled over to catch a nap. She was just beginning to drift into sleep when she felt his weight shift the mattress behind her. He wrapped his arm around her and took a deep breath. She drifted into a long slumber and couldn’t tell when he had a semi boner perched right between her ass cheeks.

His hand wandered and touched her nipple. He kissed every part of her he could access with his limited motion and kept pulling her to himself to feel her skin on his. She could sleep through anything except neck kisses. They start off as ticklish and she starts feeling them in two places. As above, so below. She turned and lay flat on her stomach, completely naked. He got on top of her, kissed the side of her face to wake her up as he slid into her.

Is this what you had pictured?” he asked as he pushed fully into her.  She moaned a little and tried to lift up her ass to allow all of him in. She moved her hands to part her cheeks for him. He started her off with slow sensual strokes but she craved more, she wanted more. She loved her sex wrapped up in roughness and a little pain, so when he felt her push him back, he knew exactly what she was going for.

He pulled her to her knees, ass up, back nicely arched. This was their favorite doggy position.”Shoulders down!” he barked. “Yes sir” she cooed. In no time, she got carried away and he slapped her ass and in a stern deep voice he groaned “I said shoulders down” she liked playing this game! As she positioned herself exactly how he liked her, he pounded wildly into her. He pushed her head down into the mattress and fucked her so hard she lost all control.

There was a fire inside her that he always managed to ignite fully. She loved it when he fucked her with sweet violence. There was a buildup in her, and her whole body went almost numb. She started shaking and it felt like he was just starting to fuck her. That’s what she liked the most about him, he was active at sex, he showed up to show off and leave her completely lifeless. “I’m gonna cum” she had to always let him know. “Not until I ask you to“. For a short second she thought, I could just let go and get away with it. That was her plan. It worked most of the time and he was none the wiser. Then he pulled out of her, just when she was about to cum. This level of frustration was his thing. She saw her coming and that’s the price he always made her pay.

She was not about to let him get away with it. She had to cum. She had to feel herself juice up around his dick and feel his pulsating dick against her walls. She flipped him and got on top and rode slow as if she was being careful not to miss any of her spots. She closed her eyes, leaned forward, gasped and threw her head back in an arch. All this while contracting her walls willfully. She was weak. She could feel it take over her body in electrifying bliss.


She’d been seeing this guy on and off for a while now. They both knew about each other’s sexual experience and who else they were both seeing. They used to have these conversations on random drives after work. This one time he offered to link her up with a yogi he’d been fucking for a while. They texted for most of the morning on the day they were meant to link up.  There was a live performance that evening and that’s what they were meant to do together.

They were to link up at around 7:30 and hang out till the end of the event. She showed up early for a good first impression but 2 hrs into the event, the yogi hadn’t shown up. She got stood up and was sure to let the guy that had hooked them up know. He offered to pick her up and buy her a drink for being stood up and she said yes. They went out for reggae with 3 of his other friends and one drink became shots and blunts.

It was a good night and the plan was to end it at 2 am. So, at 1:30 the three of them decided to leave. They’d been flirting all night, making out and shit so when this guy asked that they dash to one of his friends for a quickie before they both go home, she was down. On the way, the 3 of them joked about a three-way so they stopped at a Gas Station for condoms but she ordered a tube of lube too.

They stood there in awe and almost in sync, they pulled her into an embrace and she kissed the both of them in turns. Slow and sensual with their palms lifting her by her butt cheeks. She broke it off, looked at both of them and pushed them into a kiss and she felt herself wet from the thought of how hard she was about to get fucked tonight. Heck if she got lucky, she would see some ass get pounded.

They got to said friend’s house and he told her that how he was going to fuck her brains out but he needed to take a quick shower to try and sober up a little. When he was done, he found her riding the other guys dick. He held her arm and pulled her away, winked at the other guy and said sorry. Without talking he bent her over, put a condom on, grabbed the lube and squeezed a generous amount of it on her ass and his dick. He wasn’t brutal and neither was he gentle but he went straight for her ass, no questions nothing.

In a second there was shock, surprise and a surge of intense pleasure on her face. He stretched her out good and she smiled at the guy she’d been riding as she arched her back to take him all in. He fucked her as she sucked the other guys dick. Then he decided it was time to switch up, he pulled her to the couch so he was sitting/half lying on his back and he was on top of her facing the other guy. With his dick back into her ass, he held her feet up and asked the other guy to slide in. She’d never done this before but she didn’t, even for a second, try to stop them. She was at the mercy of their raging sexual needs and she loved it!

When he slid into her and they were both penetrating her, she lost all control of her feelings and thoughts. The intensity of the pleasure and being between two men really turned her on. One bit an ear and the other one went for the other from behind. They took turns on her neck and it came full circle when their lips met at her ear lobe. The one in the pussy drew the other in and she could hear their lips smacking in her ear over the sound of getting pounded.

This turned her on even more. She held their heads in place as they kissed and thrusted away. Turned around for a kiss and tasted every one of their lips in turn. They fucked her and when one of them put a hand around her neck, she came so hard, she feared she might have passed out. She only needed that one push over the edge after all that raw passion.

They got her to cum a couple of times before the guy in the ass asked to have some pussy too. She loved his dominance! He turned her over, switched condoms and slid his dick into her. He wanted to consume both of them. By drawing the other guy in by the ass, she got to feel all of him. The thrusts got deeper and sweeter. The more they fucked the wilder he got, he fucked her so hard she squirted from dick for the first time. And he kept going until she caved then an alarm went off. Saved by the bell again. It was 5 am on a Friday and they all had work to get to at 8 am.

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