Ride or Die

By Mish_BossLady

The car lock clicked and she jumped right in. He had seen her walk towards the car all self-conscious and silently hoping there were no cameras at basement 2 of her work building. She looked at her ass, round to her hips and then at her titties. She adjusted the girls and bounced them around and let them rest easy. The lace on her bra showed a bit and she smiled to herself and lifted her chin and walked nose up and hips swaying. She was going in for a kill.

They hadn’t seen each other in a while. He had missed her. She could tell by the way he kept rubbing her right thigh every chance he got and his intense stares with his piercing dark set eyes. He reversed into her parking and they stayed seated in his car in silence listening to the car purr before he turned the key and let it cool down. He had just dropped her home after a relaxed dinner between two friends who had so much chemistry and history but could never do anything about it other than remain friends. That kind of friendship you would not want to lose over one clumsy shot.

She was in town for a few days and he was the first person she had called, the only person she wanted to see. “I’ve missed you baby,” she cooed under her breath. Her voice had gone all soft and his dick all hard as a consequence. “I have missed you too mami,” he whispered squeezing her hand. She imagined that tenacious grip on her throat and gulped. She looked around and thought the only thing that would stop her is him.

Do you mind if I light up in your car? She asked reaching for a blunt and her lighter. She knew he was a pedant about people smoking in his car because of the ash and he always made it clear his vinyl seat covers were not to be trifled with. She knew as far as he was concerned, she could get away with anything. He agreed almost begrudgingly as he put on some old school music he knew she liked. She bobbed her head as she lit it up and took one long lungful.

And so they sat, bumping their heads to the music. Her smoking her weed, him looking straight ahead. That second-hand smoke had him getting fidgety with his hands and reddened his eyes. Quiet, broody, intense. ‘I missed you,’ he asserted once more. This time sounding deathly serious. He wasn’t looking at her but she could feel everything in that car change. Something got caught in her throat and she was sure it was not the bomb ass weed she was smoking. She felt lightheaded, high, and dangerous. A femme fatale on the prowl.

“Yeah?”  she taunted. Bringing her face as close to his as she could. She looked at him straight in the eyes, daring him to kiss her… to touch her… anything. “Don’t do this…” he whispered weakly as he looked away folding his fist in a rant. Her panties were soaked, yet he hadn’t as much as touched her. She was so turned on she could explode. And judging by the bulge on his pants, so was he. He licked his lips and considered risking it all for a quick second.

“Touch me…” she commanded with her eyes straight on his as she bit her lower lip. She parted her thighs and let her skirt ride up to expose her brown thighs. Her skin was as clear as a baby’s. He particularly got drawn to the freckles just above her knees. Her neatly manicured nails stopped her dress from running down her knees again. He reached slowly and moved his right hand to her thighs.

“Higher”, she whispered as she drew her head to her cleavage and licked his earlobe.

“Fuck!” He groaned as he felt how moist she was with his middle finger.

“What the actual fuck?” He cursed out loud as he proceeded to get past the sodden patch on her panty.

“That’s what you do to me baby,” she whispered.

She was now on level scandalous. She didn’t give a fuck. All she wanted was to feel him inside her, deep, hard, pulsating and throbbing on his way in and out.

“Fuck me” she begged under her laborious breath, her hand fighting with his zipper as she desperately reached for his lips eyes half closed. Her begging was more like “you are about to fuck me back to lucidity or else…” She was halfway off her seat already trying to straddle him on the driver’s seat. Her ass was half out and he could feel it. He ran his hands against her hem and exposed her cheeks and a little green string parting them. He grabbed at it like a ripcord and pulled it aside to expose her mound. His dick was not even out yet but she had started grinding on him slow and steady against his bump over the zipper.

The kisses intensified and he abandoned her ass for her tits. She presented them to his face and he dove in nose first while playing with her nipples. They both poured out of her bra and he licked both nipples at intervals as she worked the zipper and belt. His crotch space was growing smaller as she kept rubbing and groping in his pants until she found his meat under her weight. She switched between rubbing on herself and stroking him to get him ready for the big dip. Her moist fingers brushed on his skin ever so softly and it was a slippery slope from this point. It was a small leap away from shoving himself in and letting her feel his manhood. The whole seven inches of it.

He moved his seat back with the swiftness of a man ready to bury himself in some good pussy. There was no time to take off her panties so with his thumb and index finger he pushed them to the side. The front side was not completely uncovered despite his previous attempt to get her completely naked. “Fuck!” He groaned again as he plunged his fingers into her moist heat.

“Fuck me now!” She almost barked in exasperation. She was a hot mess at this point and he was about to get her to make some more mess.

“Please… baby make me yours. Take me!” she added with a whimper as he teased the head of his dick against her clit.

“Please fuck me bae…” Her begging gave him an illusion that he had control over this situation. The decision had been made for him way before she got into the front seat. He may have been the one behind the wheel but she was the one driving him crazy. She was ready to give it all to him without a second thought. The playlist was too far gone and there was more pop music on it but what got to her was that he was somebody who never asked for love but knew how to take it. Naked by Ella Mai was totally getting her in the mood. It couldn’t have been perfect than this.

And so he did. He grabbed her by the ass and jackhammered the life out of her pussy. His mouth sought hers and proceeded to kiss her deep and dirty as the pumping slowed down to a speed not faster than their beating hearts. A pulse between when he completely pulled out and when he thrust it right back in almost crushing her cervix. The kiss was so filthy he was practically fucking her mouth. A kiss so hedonistic she felt her head spin in acute vertigo. She somehow managed to hold on to dear life between the gasps. It got too good she sunk her head into his shoulder and held onto his left collarbone between her teeth.

“Is this what you wanted?” He asked her and made her face him eye to eye. Hand round her throat looking at her intensely with her lower jaw a bit askew his upper one. “Yes, baby…” She tried to talk back with his hand still around her throat just enough to block her blood flow upwards and not to crush her windpipe.

“This is exactly what I wanted. I had missed you so much I just had no idea how bad…”

She came down under her weight as her knees gave out and felt him warm up her insides in thick, viscous spurts. She wound her hips around until she was sure he had no more to give. She did minor lifts to let her thighs ride out the spasms and collapsed her dead weight on him.

It didn’t take long before she got off, still reeling from that dick up. Her ass pressed on the horn so hard they laughed at it as they both got decent. They had silently decided this was not just it. No way it was ending like this. He started the engine and reminded himself to buy an SUV. They were finishing this at his place.

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