Mirror Me

By K.B 

We’ve heard tales of the horrors of the front camera. Most of us have experienced it and the burden it can bestow upon a person; ripping you of every shred of self-confidence. “What is this creature in my…oh, it’s me.” Buuut, have you ever accidentally seen yourself in the mirror while having sex. Oh,’…the humanity!

A few months ago, I met this chic off Instagram and she was fine hellfire. Curves and what not. Luscious lips and what not. Aaassss….what not…what not. Obsessed over her for weeks. Then I DM’d her just for the sake of it. I forgot about it. She wasn’t even going to reply anyway. She would see my thirsty ass from a mile off. She replied. A ‘Hey’ with five ‘e’s. Thus, the journey toward Smashville commenced.

But we started with simple chats. Not good to come off as thirsty from the onset. Where do you stay? Where do you work? Are you single or nah? Blah blah. Then we gradually graduated to steamy flirts that would go on for hours. She was good at it. Very good. Shamelessly good…never holding anything back. “Si we just smash already?” I asked. “Not yet,” she replied, “we should at least meet and get to know each other.” ‘Get to know each other,’ huh? Not good to come off as thirsty from the get-go.

We set up a meeting one Saturday evening around 8p.m. She lived past Westlands. People who live in Kinoo say they live ‘past Westlands’ so yeah…she lived ‘past Westlands’. We hooked up in some restaurant in Westlands (don’t ask which one, it’s for the rich). We tried getting to know each other, but the conversation kept going back to the dirty. She was in a rich ruby dress. A short one. Those thighs man. At some point, she leaned forward and whispered,

“I regret wearing this blue thong, you know?” she giggled, “I feel constrained.”

“Then let me unburden thee, fair lady.”

Okay, there was no ‘knowing each other’ here. 9:40 p.m. We left for her place. In the back of the Uber, things got…extra. It was a bit civil at first then it got animalistic, somewhat. She started wiggling and I couldn’t figure out what she was doing then bam… she squeezed her blue thong in my hand. Then she grabbed my dick. Her scent was all over me. I was suffocating. I was going to die. You can’t die in the back of an Uber with a hard dick. Too many questions and you can’t defend yourself. “You know there’s probably a camera in here,” I whispered. Then we behaved, went back to just simple talk.

10:20 p.m. As we were approaching Kinoo (duuh)…she took the thong from my hand. I thought she was putting it back on but she dropped it under the driver’s seat. LOL…What fuckery? Anyway. We alighted. The flats were in a secluded area. Weird. She unlocked the gate as I spanked her ass…she didn’t even flinch. “You don’t have a watchie here?” I realized my voice was shaky. The whole plot looked deserted. Then there was this fluorescent tube security light on the first floor that kept on flickering. Looked like a horror movie setting. She didn’t reply to my question. Watched that ass move. Spanked it again. “Which floor we going to?” she remained silent. Her flat was on the second floor. Why isn’t she talking though? Or is she about to use me for money rituals? But mans is horny….no turning back. If I die, I die.

We got to her flat and as she was unlocking it, I spanked that ass again…lulz. Before opening the door, she turned to me and asked, “You’ve got rubber?” I replied in the affirmative. “Good,” she looked me dead in the eye, “You talk a lot. When we step into this room no talking, just fuck me crazy, okay?” Okay, madam…enough with the doorway meeting already. My dick is tearing up my clothes. Let’s get to it.

We walked in. It was pitch dark. My eyes were trying to adjust as I was taking off my shoes when she grabbed me by the collar. To be honest I was a little scared. Why are we not switching on the lights? Have I walked into a money ritual ceremony? I felt my instincts roll their eyes. But she came at me wild and hard. Grabbing and grinding against me. I got comfortable again and reciprocated the vibe. Lifted her dress up and…you guessed it…spanked that ass again. I remembered the thong she left in the Uber. Nasty thing this one. She helped me out of my clothes after I had fished out my wallet from my back pocket to get the rubber.

“Can we switch on the lights so I can put on the rubber at least?”

She was quiet…kissing my neck then went down my chest and started sucking my dick. Every wet gag at the back of her throat was followed by a slow clean-up with her tongue and she went on paying no mind at my wincing. I was getting tired of standing now but her head game was quite something. She took the rubber from my hand and managed to slip it on. ‘Why the fuck are we not switching on the lights?’ I yelled internally. I felt the need to see the environment I was in. What is it with her braille fingers doing everything in the dark and leaving me blind? She stood up and was on my face again. She somehow got rid of her dress. I felt her warm breath against my face,

Fuck me,” she whispered.

Okay, fuck the lights. Let’s get these cheeks clapping. I wanted to bend her over but she lay me down on the floor. One of my legs was on the cold area not covered by the carpet. I don’t know how hungry this chic was but can’t we get to the bed? Or the sofa? Or at least turn on the lights so I can find the bed or the sofa myself. I concluded she probably didn’t have units…probably no bed or sofa either. She mounted. I felt her my dick slide in and she started riding. Soft honey-laced moans. It felt heavenly. Okay, fuck the lights.

She rode me so hard I thought she was going crazy. First on her knees then on her tippy toes as if she was twerking on it. She was playing with the head only and I could feel her labia take in the dick head in her quick twerks. I supported her thighs because at one point she almost got overwhelmed and collapsed back to her knees to ride slower. I wanted more of that head-spinning glans tease. I was about to launch the jack-hammer then she suddenly got off my dick and disappeared into the darkness.

“Come fuck me?”

Her voice came from somewhere in front of me in a sexy allure that made the aura get filled up with a clash of pheromones. I was a bit confused but as I stood up, my hand rubbed against her leg. I rose up from the floor tracing my fingers up her thick thighs and in between them seeking her mound. There you are you thicc goddess of darkness. Fingers met labia and boy wasn’t she wet. I played around the entry like I saw she liked and dove in without a warning.  She was bent over holding onto something. Kept the party going. It got intense. We were sweating. In the process of finding balance, my hand stumbled upon the switch on the wall. I switched it on. She wasn’t bothered.

It took a few minutes before my eyes adjusted to the light. I looked at that fat light-skinned ass being thrown back at me. Then I figured I should get acquainted with my environment. Nice place…so there’s a bed…and a sofa. That’s good. Then my eyes locked with an image across the room. I almost passed out. “Who is…oh, it’s me.” I thought someone else was in the room. But damn…we looked like sijui what. Like two animals mating in the Amazon jungle. We looked disgustingly ugly. Honestly, I don’t know why we looked like that. My eyes were bloodshot red. My being surprised made the image even worse. I stopped fucking. My dick just went limp.

“Don’t stop, keep going I’m almost there,” she moaned. I pulled out and slumped myself on the bed. “What’s wrong,” she asked. “Give me a minute,” I replied subtly. “Si you tell me what’s wrong?” She stood there naked, puzzled. I didn’t reply but in my head I was like ‘I am going through a lot right now, miss. My self-esteem is injured. Give me a damn minute!’

I lay there with my eyes closed and that image kept flashing in my mind. I couldn’t unsee it. I could totally understand how disgusted Jesus could’ve been with this kind of sinning. “You want to know why you’ll burn? There…just look at you two. That’s why.” Maybe I should have just left the lights off. Maybe she knew that the mirror will yell honesty from the other side of the room. Anyway, I can switch the lights off and still get this nut. Too late though. She had picked her dress and was walking toward the shower. “We can…” I started. “I’m not in the mood anymore,” she muttered, “I’m done with this.” She banged the door to the shower. I saw myself in the mirror again. Do I really look like this? Wotahell? I don’t look like this in my mirror now, do I? Is it the lighting in here? Ama this mirror is made of front-camera material? I looked closely. Well, I guess I’m not in the mood anymore too.

11:15 p.m. She came out of the shower as I was dressing up. “You can sleep on the couch…or leave if you want,” she hissed. Leaving it is. What if there was a crystal ball under that couch? If she wasn’t going to use me for money rituals initially I had now given her ten reasons to do it. I requested for an Uber. Silence. Couldn’t she at least say something? Or play some music? Something?! She sat there in a blue robe, her phone in hand, and just stared at me. “What is it?” I asked. She didn’t reply. She just stared. She had these tiny black Japanese-looking eyes that seem to ask my soul questions. If that Uber doesn’t get here within a minute…but then it did. The door was unlocked. I opened it and looked back at her, “I’ll call you when I get home,” I wasn’t going to call her when I got home, to be honest. She just nodded.

It was eerily silent. That fluorescent tube on the first floor flickered violently like it was laughing at me, “You can’t even stand your own reflection, you promiscuous creature. kekekeke.” I got to the gate but it was locked. Then I remembered. I walked my dumb ass back up the stairs and knocked on her door. She opened. “Key ya gate,” I blurted out. “What about it,” her voice was cold. I rearranged my approach. “The gate is locked, can you please come to open it for me?” I had to be humble around here. She looked around then turned and bent over to grab the keys from the floor where we were lusting over each other a few minutes ago.

That ass was still calling for me, but a man should know when to leave. On the stairs, while we were making our way down she asked me if I was okay without a shower. I answered with a simple yes. I just wanted to leave this haunted-looking place. She opened the gate and my Uber was waiting. As I was getting in I glanced at her and she was just staring at me. I shuddered. The Uber driver was like, “This place is hidden, eh?” Just drive nigger. We can’t afford to have small talk in this area unless there is a crucifix in that glove compartment. We drove off.

It’s been like four months since we talked. A few weeks ago she posted; “Your MCM can’t keep it up for two minutes, LOL.” It was the mirror, Susan. If you are reading this…it was that fuckin’ Snow White scary mirror on your wall!! It ruined our night. It ruined our nut. It might have even ruined our future together. I shouldn’t have switched on those lights….Sob! I still wanna smash. I miss your ka creepy place. I still want those Dracula eyes of yours to fetch my dick in the dark…Sob! Sob!

But seriously though, fuck this casual sex business. I no longer have the heart for such Scooby-Doo adventures.


*Photo by 2020 Photography

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