Tie and Dye

by Lil Dee

The crowd was worked into a frenzied chaos. Alcohol, bad decisions and a promise of future regret were pretty much-foregone conclusions.

It was just what I needed to forget my ex and a painful break-up. Among other things. I wasn’t supposed to be taking liquor, but tonight I didn’t give an actual fuck. Reaching the bar, I ordered a drink. Long Island Iced tea. Just as I brought my drink to my lips, I caught him staring!

I drank in his features. He was shockingly attractive. He was leaning casually by the bar, talking to who seemed to be his associates. I inhaled sharply, shocked by my own reaction. He had definitely caught my attention! No one ever easily catches my attention. My pulse had started its own little sprint through my veins, as I tried to figure out what made him different.

Standing almost a head above most of the men around him, his broad shoulders and thick arms screamed strength and power. By all appearances he had looked relaxed, a drink held calmly in one hand that he moved lithely to his lips and back to the bar again. But there was something about his stance and his eyes that had me a little breathless. Or maybe I was just horny. His gaze was focused and calculating.

Almost as if I called his name, his head had slowly turned towards me and his eyes locked with mine. I think I stopped breathing for a minute as he stared at me. There is no way I can describe his stare.

I cautiously went back to my drink. I was lost in my thoughts because I chocked on my drink when I heard him,

“Do you like to watch?” he asked

“What?” I stammered.

“Watch…do you get off on watching? You seemed to enjoy it earlier?” He asked.

Of all the arrogant, I was mentally cursing in my head as I took in his features. He had balls, I’d give him that.

He then asked if I wanted another drink.

“Do I look thirsty?” I asked him.

He couldn’t help the wide grin that suddenly covered his face. It was an intentional pun, which found us both laughing.

I’m Wendy, and you are?” I inquired.

Before he could answer, the bartender had already replaced my now empty glass and winked as he left to serve a calling customer.

I felt him take my hand and drag me to dance. He spun me in his arms, so that I could face away from him and pulled me tightly against his chest. He was an amazing dancer. His hands slid down my sides, grazing my breasts to firmly grasp my full hips. We moved perfectly in sync to the pulsating erotic rhythm. My body was seduction in motion. I had a myriad of questions he needed to answer but right now. This moment was perfect as is.

“Do you want to get out of here?” He suddenly growled in my ear.

I quickly dragged him back to the bar, drank my now cooing liquor, grabbed my handbag and met him outside. I didn’t expect him to drive, so I immediately assumed he would call a cab, instead, a sleek black Mercedes rolled in a few minutes.

He opened the door for me, and I got in. He told who I presume was his driver to take us home.

Home? I didn’t even know his name?! What was I doing?

He seemed to have caught on to my distress before he whispered, “George. Just George, for now”

We got to his place in a few minutes, Nyali wasn’t far from where we met. I was nervous, hell I needed to use the bathroom. That was the first thing I did when we got indoors.

I found him seated, in his boxers only. He did not give me time to appreciate his manly features before he spoke, “if we do this, we do it my way”

It was clear he wanted absolute and unconditional control. I already knew I was going to give it to him.

He waited for my answer.

I breathed quickly, “yes”

He stood to his feet, towering over me, and said roughly, “wait here”

My heartbeat accelerated in anticipation. He returned in a short minute later and I felt him place a silk scarf over my eyes. Adrenaline crashed hard through my system. I wasn’t sure what I had expected, but it definitely wasn’t that.

He tied the knot skillfully behind my head, effectively eliminating my vision. The loss of one of my senses seemed to heighten the remaining four, the most prevalent being my sense of touch.

I felt him move to stand in front of me and instructed, “give me your wrists”

I didn’t hesitate. I had done this before. So I already knew what he was going to do.

He wrapped the soft fabric of another scarf and bound my wrists together.

My body jerked and I hissed under my breath, “fuck me”

And then without warning, his large hands clasped my hips tightly from behind, causing me to startle. A fresh wave of adrenaline shot through my veins, as I felt his suddenly naked front press tightly against my back. His head came down to my ear; his warm breath causing goose-bumps to erupt on my neck. His voice floated seductively in the air. “Will you give me anything I want?”

I gasped, “yes”

“Good girl” he whispered and then commanded me, “bend over”

I don’t even remember when he took my dress off. I stretched my arms and leaned forward. The bed was higher than most, reaching just below, my waist, so the position wasn’t uncomfortable but it certainly added to my already submissive state.

He stood behind me and trailed his fingertips down my spine. His touch was forceful and demanding. He smacked me right across one butt cheek and it reverberated in the whole room as I gasped in a forward leap from the momentum. I could feel the waves of his black and blue spanking ebbing into my body.

I shivered in anticipation.

“You are so fucking sexy like this” His voice was deep and gravely as he stroked my exposed ass. “Are you wet for me?”

I inhaled sharply and panted. “You know that I am”

I felt him kneel behind me. He spread my legs apart and trailed my pussy slowly, teasing me. I squirmed. And then I felt his tongue run along the tiny fabric of my thong, from my clit to my ass.

I fisted the bed-sheet tightly, my brain not quite understanding the pleasure coursing through my body.

It was embarrassing how I was so wet for him. He tucked a finger through the fabric, pulling it away from my centre and repeated the process harder this time. My body jerked and I hissed under my breath, “fuck me”

“Oh, I intend to give you a thorough fucking. Deep and hard, one you will feel long after we are done”, He said.

“Do not come until I tell you to”

I was shook. LOL.

His big hands wrapped around my thighs, and he brought my pussy to his mouth. He sucked on my clit through my panties, the thin lace adding a rough sensation against my bundle of nerves. His fingers momentarily left my thighs and tore my panties right off of me!

Those were expensive!!

His tongue ran along my folds and clit, teasing and tasting me. He moved slowly, purposefully working my body into blinding haze of frenzied desire. I kept feeling my insides tighten and repeatedly pushed back my climax. But it was getting harder to contain it.

A stream of obscenities released from my lips as I fucked his mouth. Wildly. Violently.

“George, please…I need to….”

I came undone as he commanded me to, “cum for me”

I shattered. I screamed his name, my pussy clamping down repeatedly. The residual shocks causing me to spasm in pleasure each time.

He slid out from between my legs and stood behind me. He forced me to bend over. One of my favourite positions. He dipped his finger inside of me, coating it completely in my juices and then moved it to my ass. He applied gentle pressure.

I stiffened.

“Easy…just relax onto me,” he said

He then thrust two fingers into my pussy while he continued working my ass. The sensation overtook me. I found myself eagerly pushing back onto him for more.

I heard him suck his breather before he said, “I wish you would see what I see. Watching my fingers filling your holes.”

Before I could fathom what he was doing, he took me quickly, thrusting into me. Hard.

I screamed and writhed against him as he gripped my hips and plunged into me again and again. He was hitting that particular spot.

Abruptly he pulled out.

“No!” I wailed.

He repositioned my body so that I was laying on my back on the bed. He spread my legs and sat between them on his knees. I put my hands over my head.

I had even forgotten my wrists were still bound. I knew he liked what he saw because he trailed his fingers along my breasts. He asked me to be still before plunging into me again.

It was intense. I hissed. My back arched automatically.

He rocked his hips against mine over and over again.

I was beyond my ability to think.

I could only feel.

His mouth came down hard and frantic, his tongue through my lips, tasting me. His thumb came down on my clit.

I could feel it, and so could he.

And then I was cumming harder than I had ever thought I could, my walls locking down tight around him, screaming his name.

He lost himself in his own climax. When it was over that was when I realized. The bed was wet. He undid the knots to my eyes and wrists, before asking me if I was okay.

“yes” I whispered, still a bit overwhelmed.

He took my hand and led me to his shower like a sheep to a second slaughter.

8 thoughts on “Tie and Dye

  1. oh my god! enthralled from the start…. i have to say, your writing seduces, arouses, caresses then grabs and refuses to let go until you sink into bliss…i would love to read more of lil Dee….if she got others..
    Do you like to watch?” he asked…….the build up to this part is my favourite cos in my mind, i can envision how he said it.

    Liked by 1 person

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