By Asali

There comes a time in a woman’s life that sometimes, making love just won’t cut it. Sometimes, women just want to fuck. And yes there is a difference. What’s the difference you ask? Take a seat.

Making love, oh yes, the slow kind. Not necessarily. But almost always the slow kind. The one that starts with the foreplay. When he strokes your hair and skin. When he kisses you gently…everywhere. When he touches you carefully but precisely. When he takes his time to arouse your senses high enough to let you glide in his glory making sure that he has you on the palm of his hand and all you have to do is let go.

Making love is almost always too emotional to enjoy the full animalistic potential that fucking yields. Because he has you wondering where the fuck he has been all your life and why didn’t he find you sooner. You get a little mad and want him to low key apologise for taking too long to find you. Making love can have you want to give him everything he desires.

Now fucking is the opposite. Fucking is the kind of sex that’s rough, long, hard, and sexy as hell. This is the place where all your fantasy dreams come true. This is why sometimes, there comes a time in a woman’s life that she just wants to fuck.

Which is what I was feeling that day. You know that day you just feel sexy and all you want is a dick up in your guts?  I had one of those days on this day.


His favourite shirt was clean. I put it on. Nothing else.

‘Where are you?’ I texted.

On my way. Maybe 10 min…’ came the reply.

The house had a little hallway at the entrance. He always sat on the bench to take off his shoes. I waited at the end of that hallway. He was home in 6 minutes.

‘Babe, I’m ho…’



The look on his face was priceless. I don’t know what aroused him more. The fact that I greeted him at the door totally naked with just his favourite shirt on or the fact that my breasts, now sensitive and nipples hard, were peeking through the shirt or that it was obvious that I was horny as fuck. I was serving a lot of side boob as I walked over to him seductively swinging my hips and pinned him to the door and asked him how his day was. He tried to respond with a lot of difficulty as I undressed him. I sat him on the bench and there he was. In all his majesty. Raphael, yes I named his dick. Raphael was still trying to keep up with the world moving too fast around him as he lay on his laps in a semi-engorged pile. I was about to correct that.


‘Did anything happen at work today?’

Don’t even ask me where that question came from. My mind wanted to say I want you inside me and that is the jibberish that came out.

‘Huh? Um…yeah. I- I- I mean….damn’

Raphael had occupied the space in my mouth. I could feel him wake up and stretch himself to fill me up. I looked up at him and his head was tilted back eyes closed, enjoying himself in a low pitch guttural noise like an animal in pain. At this point, his shirt and jacket were stuck at his wrists and he was clinging onto the bench.

He was having a silent conversation with my lips and I was not privy to it but hell, I liked where this small talk was going.

‘Look at me!’

He obeyed like a little boy in the face of his mistress. I stood up and sat astride him. He was ready and throbbing in my palm and I slid Raphael into my vagina as I went down slowly and steadily as I wet him up before going full throttle. Oh, how I loved how he tried grabbing my waist but couldn’t because his shirt and jacket were in the way. It turned me on more to see him helpless although I wanted him to part my cheeks so bad and let himself in. I grabbed his baby dreads and titled his head back. I kissed and breathed down his neck as Raphael was doing a jig inside me. Throbbing in tune with our heartbeats.

‘What did you say happened at work today?’

‘I can’t think. I just want you. I just really want you. Please let me have you…please…please…’

I stood up.

‘Noooooo….’ He protested.

I loved how begged. There’s something about how he begged that made me wet for him. And wet I was. The aftermath of Raphael in my pussy was still felt. I wanted him inside me again. Stripping myself of his shirt, I walked to the end of the hallway and leaned myself against the wall.

Take me from behind babe’

He half ran, half stumbled to where I was, freeing himself from everything he had on like he was about to skinny dip into a river. He was on his knees by the time he got to me. With one swoop spread open my legs and had my pussy all in his mouth. I was not ready. Now my man is built. So it was easy for him to lift me off the floor. My body was struggling to maintain composure and I didn’t want to cum just yet. But his tongue…oooh his tongue was dancing around my vagina. He sucked on the lips like you would a mango to strip the juicy bits from the skin but gentler with more suction. He was having a silent conversation with my lips and I was not privy to it but hell, I liked where this small talk was going.

All I could do was grab his dreads from behind me and push him further in until I felt his nose on my perineum at just the right pressure. I don’t know if he read my mind, because I thought of how he’d put me down already so that he can devour this pussy without me crumbling mid-air like confetti. He turned me around, grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up pinning me against the wall. Before I could breathe Raphael was already inside me. My body trembled. Both his hands grabbed my ass with each hand cupping a cheek in a tenacious grab that I felt tear away at my sphincter.

‘This what you wanted?’ he asked.

I could not respond. He thrust once. and Raphael went deeper than he was before. I almost screamed. One of those silent screams where nothing comes out but a heave. He repeated his question. Before I could do or say anything he kissed me. Long, hard, and deep. Like he knows I like. He thrust again. I grabbed and held onto his neck for dear life.

‘I asked,’ he said. ‘Is. This. What. You. Wanted?’

Raphael pulled out and back in with every word he uttered. I groaned louder with every thrust he made hitting a spot or two as I unravelled and became heavier in his arms.

‘Shut up and fuck me’ 

It was almost a whisper in his ear with my lips wet and heavy from all the kissing. He stepped back from the wall, Raphael still inside me, as I watched a grin slide across his face. This is what I wanted. He let me have it. Thrusting continuously and rhythmically, increasing his pace ever so slightly as he went. My legs were spread-eagled and all I could hold on to was his neck. I could feel Raphael, rock hard, wet, and throbbing inside me. You ever had a dick so good you start to rethink your life?

He pinned me back against the wall, using it as support. I didn’t realize how loud I was until he kissed me to shut me up. Like milk that’s about to boil over, I could feel the pleasure coming. It engulfed my body hard and I let out a long moan. My mouth formed a perfect O, my eyes rolled back and I let the wave take me. My body shivered and he had to grab me so that I wouldn’t fall. It was like a beautiful warmness that engulfs you. A sort of happy place. I grabbed his face and kissed him as the wave slowly died down. Pulling my face away from his, I saw him smile at me.

‘Hi, tihihi’ I giggled coyly as he stared into my lazy eyes.


‘How was your day?’ There went the jibberish again…

He just looked at me and smiled.

Like I said, there comes a time in a woman’s life that she just wants to fuck. A good hedonistic fuck that leaves you feeling like you were ran over by a train.


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