Lock & Roll

By Tracy Morgan

‘Someone got cold feet.’

‘Who, me?’

‘Yes you, Gathoni.’

‘Cold feet are not a bad thing.’

‘I thought you are the bold type, not the scared type.’

‘Maybe I’m not bold.’

‘So it’s true, it’s just a superhero costume you wear; keyboard confidence so to speak.’

‘Why am I feeling defensive right now?’

‘Because it’s true, but you should know that I’m ready to accept you for who you are, Gathoni.’

‘Oh, how sweet.’

‘With that assurance, would you be willing to fuck now?’

Gathoni did not reply to Ochanda’s last text. Each time she opened their chat, she did not know what to say; she didn’t know what she wanted. She has always been a flirt, leading men to her pussy only to hide when they come to fetch. Writing cheques her ass couldn’t cash. This time though, she did not want to hide. It had been seven days ever since he last texted and each day all she did was overthink and play different case scenarios in her head. It wasn’t a big deal right? It was just sex. Then why was she scared, and what was she scared of? Wasn’t she always the one who went on and on about how sexually liberated she was? Then why not scratch this itch?

She wanted him to prod her some more, but it was seven days of her seeing him online and wishing he’d be ‘typing’. With every passing day, this mole she let grow on her grew itchier. She could not count the number of times she typed in a reply only to press delete; she was losing her mind. Caught between, ‘you can’t say yes, it’s a bad idea’ and ‘fuck it, it’s just sex’. Maybe her dilemma was rooted from the fact that she’d never really had sex with a guy without ending up attached to him.

For her, it has never really been just sex. If she let him inside her, her vagina will not be the only thing she’d be letting him access. Then what? How was she supposed to factory set herself after that? What would she do when showering with hot water was not enough to rub off his touch off her breasts? What would she do with herself when she needed more of him? Then we cross the bridge when we get there Gathoni, for now though, you’ve got an itch that needs scratching.



‘I’m coming over; to fuck.’

‘Right now?’

‘Right now.’

‘Get here before you change your mind.’

‘Laugh emoji.’

She wore a black satin bra with matching thong. Her dreadlocks were tied up in a bun, with a few shorter ones draping on the sides on her head. Her beige nylon dress was not too loose or too tight, just enough to caress her skin as she walked. On her feet were Maasai sandals with colour patterns that match the nail polish on her toenails. Her earphones were plugged in and on the playlist was Jhene’s ‘Living Room Flow’ on repeat to calm her nerves. She was in a jav, looking out of the window and watching as trees and other cars drifted by.

‘…I’m so glad you called right on time, you must have just read my mind. If we skipped the small talk, I want you now. But I don’t have to stay til mornin’; I don’t have to pack no clothes. I am really not that lonely, once we are finished, I will go…’

As she walked over to the gate, she could feel her thong rub against her butt crack and perineum; spreading her wetness between her cheeks. Her dress was caressing her butt, or was it her butt caressing her dress; she was feeling sexy.

‘Come down and open the gate.’

‘Will be down in a minute.’

Ochanda flew down the feet of stairs and then he half ran and half walked to the gate. When he opened the gate, he opened his arms and Gathoni leaned in for a hug. He pulled her in so that her breasts were pressed up against his chest and then he reached down to grab her ass with both hands. Her fleshy pair looked for an escape through her low-cut V neck almost as if they wanted to be greeted too. He could feel her skin over her dress; contouring all of her thickness.

He squeezed long and hard before letting her go. All the while Gathoni was pushing herself against him and sighing; drawing in gulps of air and exhaling hard. He stepped aside to let her walk in and followed her after closing the gate. He couldn’t keep her eyes off her well-rounded ass with the fleshy cheeks jiggling as she walked. He paced after her and spanked her; she muffled a scream. They walked side by side with his hand on her ass; grabbing and caressing not caring if they were not in the privacy of the house yet.

When they got to his place, Ochanda pushed the door open and let Gathoni in. she walked in and he stayed behind to lock the door. He followed her and stood by the living room door; watching as she made herself comfortable on the couch. She folds her feet and adjusted herself so that her hips spread on the seat to reveal her endowment. Her slit took to some gravity and a lot of her thigh was left out to breathe.

‘What can I get you?’ He asked after staring lustfully for a while.

‘What do you have?’

‘There is whiskey and wine.’

‘I’ll have the wine.’

‘Coming right up.’

An episode from Zane Sex Chronicles was playing on the TV. Gathoni smiles sheepishly, she wondered if this was Ochanda trying to get her hot and bothered before she had marinated herself well in the wine. Ochanda came back from the kitchen holding two glass wines by their stem on one hand and the bottle of wine on another.

‘Are you just watching Zane Sex Chronicles?’

‘Yeah.’ Grinning

‘Which hole do you live in Mister?’

He bent over to pour wine into each glass, smiling at Gathoni’s last question. He hands her one glass and sits by her with his own in hand.

‘Well, what matters is that I have finally got around to seeing it.’

‘Are you sure this is not some corky strategy.’ Swirling her glass close to her nose; hiding her mischievous smile.

‘I had it on even before you texted.’ Looking her way to see her reaction.

‘Okay, I choose to believe you.’ She scoffed and sipped knowing very well it was a lie.

‘How do you find the wine, it’s a gift from a friend, I never got around to drinking it.’

‘I’m not really a wine taster, but it’s alright as long as it gets the job done.’

Ochanda was seated across from Gathoni with one foot on the couch and another on the floor, one of his hands rested on the back cushion and the other is holding his glass. His eyes were piercing, Gathoni kept looking away but her gaze was never settled because between him and the TV, there was always something to blush about. He loved her smile, it touched her eyes; and her dimples, they dug deep. She kept licking her lips and it drove him crazy. There was a comforting bulge between his legs. He kept shifting to adjust his pants but all it did was get harder. It was not so big that he was uncomfortable, just enough to put her in a good mood.

She swallowed hard, melting under his heat. Her head was thrown so far back she was losing her seat.

Gathoni felt light headed. She might have gone hard on the wine and now she was all giddy and tipsy. She was taking it in gulps every time it got awkward and that was too many times. Her thong has latched itself between her folds of skin and it was making her uncomfortable.

‘Ochanda, my thongies are making me uncomfortable.’ She said with a sheepish smile, hiding behind her wine glass.

Ochanda placed his glass on the table, and reached in for Gathoni’s lips. She placed her glass on the table as well and slightly parts her lips. He kissed her gently, like touching the petals of a rose. She adjusted herself so that her head was rested on the arm of the chair. It felt like the world was going around too fast, the wine really got her where she needed to be.

‘The thong, Ochanda.’

‘Easy bae, easy.’

He lifted one of her legs off the couch and bent it at the knee, she bent her other knee and pushes her legs apart. She lifted herself off the couch to get to his groin, but she didn’t make it. She brought her ass back down, letting out an almost inaudible moan. He ran his fingers on the insides of her thighs, giving her a shiver. He advanced to her already wet lips and pulled her thong to the side to reveal her eager womanhood.

‘Is that better?’ He whispered in her ear.

‘Ahuh…’ Gathoni replies, breathless.

Ochanda dragged his fingernails over her mound, careful not to touch her insides. Gathoni moved her waist in a circular motion, tugging at his lips with her teeth; biting.

‘Get them off Ochanda, get them off.’

He reached behind her and unclasped her bra, he slipped it out without undressing her. Her breasts fell free with her nipples hard and erect. He kissed them over her dress, the wetness of his tongue seeping through. She cried out and curled her toes and ended up pushing her butt off the seat. She still couldn’t reach his groin. His teeth were grazing over her areola as his other hand kneaded her whole breast so tenderly taking her nipple between his fingers with every squeeze. She swallowed hard, melting under his heat. Her head was thrown so far back she was losing her seat. He gave her breasts a break and planted a wet kiss on her neck. She pushed her whole body up with each kiss and brought herself back down.

He gathered her dress in his hands and pulled it out over her head. She pushed her chest forward and begged him to touch and lick her breasts. He trailed kisses between them and down to her navel. He then trailed kisses across her bikini line, her belly rose and fell in waves as a consequence. Ochanda moved back up, licking his way to her breasts. She arched her chest up and maintained her position; anticipating. He brought his mouth down on one breast and gently sucked, and did the same on the other. He circled her areolas with his tongue and activated her vibrations. She got restless and so hot under the collar.

Gathoni tagged on Ochanda’s T-shirt and pulled him down so that his groin rested on hers. She then wrapped her legs around his waist and began to grind her groin against his. Thirsty and wanting. Gathoni reached down and felt Ochanda’s dick print over his sweatpants. He had no briefs on, his member was free and peeping from the waistline by now. It was curved upwards and hard as a rock she could have sworn his shaft had an elbow. She wanted this rock to enter her; here and now.

‘Take me Ochanda, take me.’

Ochanda was too engrossed in licking every inch of her skin to respond. He moved down south, leaving a trail of wet patches in his wake.  Gathoni felt restricted, she could not spread her legs as far apart as she wanted. With each kiss, he approached her lips below and induced tantric chants from her. She tasted like cocoa butter and cherries. He was tantalizing her with the slow movement of his tongue on her skin. Ochanda’s tongue lingered above Gathoni’s mound, inching closer and away in a malicious tease. He held her short hairs with his pursed lips and pulled them. Gathoni wanted to reach down with her hand and spread her folds, she wanted him to stick his finger inside her and feel how wet she was, how warm, how soft.

With one swift motion, Ochanda pulled Gathoni’s thongs off and pushed her thighs back. Her contractions were palpable, wetness seeping out every time her vagina muscles contracted and dripped down her perineum to her butt crack. Her thighs were shaking as she tried to hold them back. Ochanda held both her labia majora with his thumb and index finger and peeled them off her vulva. Gathoni arched forward and cried out, her vagina still pulsating for his manhood. He pressed her labia majora back on her vulva and peeled them off repeatedly. She groaned every time her folds of skin kissed and unkissed.

He pulled a little harder and her vulva parted to reveal a swollen clitoris; a bulging vein running across its side. Ochanda wanted to lick her pink. To pull back her hood and make contact with her clit. He slowly pushed his middle finger inside her, twisting his wrist from side to side as he inched deeper. Gathoni fastened her grip on her thighs, swallowing and wiggling. He reached up to her palate and made slow circular motions occasionally dragging his finger forward as if he’s summoning her to come to him. To come for him.

Ochanda lifted Gathoni off the couch and sat on it with her astride him. Gathoni slid down to the floor and pulled his sweatpants with her. She looked up at him with his dick in her hand. With her eyes still on him, she ran her tongue from the base of his penis all the way up to the tip and left a trail of saliva on his shaft. She opened her mouth wide, lowered it down on his member until his tip hits the roof of her mouth. She then blanketed him with the walls of her mouth and worked her tongue on his shaft as she pulled her head back up. Ochanda held Gathoni by her hair, pushed her down and pulled her back up as she let his length and breadth fill her mouth. She teased his glans and then licked the tip that elicited deep guttural groans from him.

Ochanda pulled Gathoni up and she sat on his lap. She rubbed her moist cooch against his shaft and kept stopping in between high-pitched squeals. He lifted one of her thighs off him and pushed his member inside her. Gathoni slowly brought herself down on his dick, her nails digging into his shoulder. She sat flat; making sure she swallowed all of his hardness. She moved her butt in a circular motion as if to let her vagina get the feel of his size.

Gathoni then leaned forward and placed the back of her feet on his thighs and twerked her ass on his dick, teasing his glans and the entrance to her vagina. Ochanda placed his hands on her waist and pinched hard at a chunk of her flesh. He placed the back of her feet on the chair and held her still and fucked her hard from below; letting out rhythmic grunts with each thrust until she couldn’t keep up with the jackhammering. She tried to muffle her moans and screams by burying her head in his shoulder and took a bite of his collarbone.

‘Oh my God I’m cumming, shit, I’m cumming.’ Gathoni cried out.

He rammed into her vigorously with uncalculated thrusts, but rhythmic and triumphant nonetheless.  She got incoherent and started speaking in tongues, shaking like she’d suffered an electric shock. The first wave of her orgasm hit her. She bit off the skin on Ochanda’s shoulder while holding on to dear life. The quick succession of Ochanda’s thrusts slowed down he was now thudding and pressing his groin hard against her. He wanted to go deeper than he already was, to the depths of the honeypot. He thrust one last time and held Gathoni in an embrace and she could feel him relaxing while trying to catch his breath.

Gathoni with her head on his chest, he closed his eyes with his dick still inside. He ran fingers over her butt, spasms still coursing through her body in waves. For a long moment, she let herself feel at home in his hands.

‘Not your love, not your heart, I just want you to start and do what you do to my body. I love what you do to my body, I just wanna fuck’

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