Royal Rub

He blankly stared at his computer after a whole hour of looking for a proper massage cream or oil. It was their third anniversary and he wanted it to be more than just that routine they did every year. Ibiza was always full around that time of the year and since they were tight on finances, the cost of travel would have been very high also considering there was a baby on the way, Ellen would not be in her best shape to travel. The current market bear run was just but second on the list of the excuses.

He however missed the argument on how to pronounce Ibiza. It was always a hot topic considering Ellen was a linguistic enthusiast who insisted on pronouncing it in Spanish, ‘Ibitha’ but he always kept calling it Ibiza. It always ended with them asking the other patrons while high as two kites in love over their perfectly chilled Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc half as old as Ellen.

This year he wanted it to be different. He wished to spice it up by giving her a good rub and winding it up with a good night’s sleep. A good rest was a rare commodity seeing that they had to work their fingers to the bones just for sustenance. The online search bore fruit and he bought a Thai Wooden Massager and a lot of lavender scented candles to go with the French Lavender massage oil. Lavender oil has been known since time immemorial to have soothing capabilities. This would have been perfect for Ellen since her legs were getting puffy if she stood for too long and her back was getting weary from all the heavy lifting.

King Charles VI of France always demanded that his pillows be filled with lavender so that they may sooth him to sleep. Her body was just about to get a royal rub from South of France. She was 4 months along and the bump was pretty visible. She even walked subconsciously with her left hand resting on her belly at times. She had gone for a little walk as she let him prepare the dinner.

As she unlocked the door, Mike ushered him in and took her groceries as he signaled her into the bathroom to freshen up. She obliged with no questions because it was dusty out there and she needed to sleep right after. She could smell the broth from the hallway but she did not care to look. Mike was not exactly a gourmet chef but he knew his way around the kitchen. She just needed him to take charge tonight.

The dinner was ready in no time and she reeked of the blue berry shower gel as she sat down to eat. After a mouthful of the well garnished pasta, Ellen had a minor dizzy spell but she warded it off easy. She didn’t eat much. Mike quickly asked her to lay down where he had prepared the oils and the candles. The excitement was clearly written all over her face as she walked out of her gown to expose all her curves and bumps. Must have been a warning sign for him to navigate with caution. Too many curves and probably no breaks whatsoever on his part.

She lay on her side and bent her lower leg for some stability and relaxation. The candles made her a little nauseous but she managed it. She set her mind free as she felt the warm oil trickle down along her side and down her back. As soon as his hands touched her, she felt some sense leaving her. She could feel all her troubles melting away between his fingers as he rubbed up her back. He was careful not to touch her spine and rubbed all around it in small circles.

The dimples on the small of her back were more defined, glistening under the hot lavender oil. He couldn’t help but fall in love with her all over again as he beheld her in her simplest form. There is no wonder the feminine form was considered divine. He put some more massage oil on her thigh and rubbed while applying some pressure on the muscles gently yet with a firm assurance that there will be no more muscle ache tonight.

Mike could hear her groan every time he hit a good spot and he was careful enough not to get close to the pressure points just in case it triggered something. Nobody wants a visit to the E.R. smelling like you were swimming in lavender oil. He reached up too close to her inner thigh and they both instantly knew that that rub was no massage technique. It had all the markings of foreplay and she could have sworn she had felt a boner coming through on his light linen pants as he maneuvered but she ignored it. She didn’t want that coming in the way of all the progress made.

Both legs were feeling lighter now and she turned to enjoy it on her back. He got rid of his shirt and decided to make her exercise a little before they wrapped it up. She placed her legs on his chest and lifted his weight slowly off of her. A couple of pushes in and his phallus was in full size and tapping on her thighs with every lift. It was little bit hard to resist when he slowly reached for her panties. All she could do was lift her ass and let him pull them up her legs. On the last lift, he reached for a kiss and her legs slowly relaxed and grabbed him by the waist as he transferred his weight to his toned arms.

The kisses lingered too long and when he gasped for air, he broke it off and he stood up to drop his pants. Their collection of oils included one of those durex water based lubricants. Without getting off her back, Ellen reached for it and applied some on her hands. Mike did not see this coming. When he reached out for another kiss she reached for her throbbing manhood and his gasp bruised her lower lip between his incisors.

The cold lubricant on his iliac skin evoked a lot of untapped emotions. It was her turn to give the massage and by no means was she downplaying it. His kisses grew more intense and his pelvic thrust into the round of her palm hastened. After a few strokes, his hands grew weary of the support and he knelt down and lifted her legs and let them rest on his shoulder. Her calves were wet in kisses and of course the lavender oil. She resumed stroking and she didn’t last too long. Without even realizing it, she was rubbing his thick head against her hood and she wasn’t sure if she was the moist one or it was the lube and oils.

Ellen hardly noticed him make headway but she could feel her insides caressed by every thrust. He steered clear of her supple breasts lest the session took an awkward turn. Mike got carried away and shoved it in so hard she rolled her eyes to the back of her head. She could feel the spasms in her building up and she could tell that he was about to nut from his tense muscles. He paused transitorily and let the pleasure build up. He resumed with slow thrusts that picked up speed gradually. He lay on his side and let the head play with the upper part of her honey pot.

He took short breaks after every stroke to rub his dickhead around her opening and seeing her writhe and struggle with the pleasure turned him on even the more and he could feel his body giving in to the sweetness. He was no quitter. He pulled out and took his tongue to her hood and took his dessert heartily. She clenched her teeth and gnashed them one would easily think she was in pain. The line can be easily crossed but not at this point. His body could not take it anymore. He lay down back on his side and they spooned their way into climax. She felt her insides warm up in one big gush, her fluids drenched the living room and she could feel him ease his weight on her in a lump.

He laid by her side and talked in length about nothing in particular as they recovered their strength with occasional aftershocks and spasms from the orgasm. Ellen got up in a clumsy start and headed to the bath to freshen up. Mike was left cleaning up the scene and while he was cleaning up the last of her, a sharp scream tore through the ambience. On reaching there, Ellen was seated in a little pool of blood that flowed along the gradient into the drain with her head between her knees in absolute shock.

The trip to the hospital was one filled with panic and fear. Fear that they may lose the child or even worse, the mother. All so that he’d give her a good time. He really hated seeing her cranky with no outlet from the pressures that built up every day and the one time he could do something about it, he did it wrong. She lay there on the table looking at the doctor with nothing but hope in her eyes.

Even after a lot of medical intervention, the doctors could not give her a clean bill of health. She had to stay under observation so as not to trigger another bleeding. This was not occurring for the first time and she started wondering if the universe was trying to tell her something. That she was not ready to bring forth life. That she was not worth the joy of motherhood. The big question was if whether it would ever happen. She lay there dejected but with renewed hope that the child was still healthy despite the hiccup and that she was not alone in this. Mike was there to hold her hand through it all.

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