Mornings were never easy for her. Waking up every morning was a chore by itself. She was a sworn night owl and she actually thought of taking nights but the boyfriend would have never agreed. Working nights can nip a young relationship in the bud before it even tastes the sunshine. She somehow had to wake up because well, the only people that earn their bread in bed stayed in brothels.

A day job was her way of chipping into the relationship. Her days were mostly productive in the mornings but these days she wasn’t really sure when her mornings were exactly. It was his turn to do the laundry. Meanwhile she scribbled a few notes for her next post before going to work. The phone rang and shook her back into reality. It was the boss again.


Hey I was wondering if you’d check in early today so we’d finish what we started yesterday.

Wasn’t last night enough though?

Naah we still need to put more effort and thought into it.

Okay am on my way then.

The call ended and an annoying tone followed right after. Her conversations were always simple and plain and immediately dawned on her why her boyfriend thought they needed to add some sprinkle on their frosting relationship. She quickly went to their laundry room and kissed him goodbye as she hurried for the door. He followed her to the door in silent protest with the but-I-made-breakfast-look in his eyes. On reaching the office, she could not help but think about the look she caught in his eyes as she bolted the door behind her. It was brushed off quick but deep down she wondered if he’d ever get over what he was about to find out.


The key card was lodged safely between the hotel receipts in her coat pocket. The world screeched on its tracks. He had always wondered why the relationship felt like it was dying a slow death. He had called the laundry lady they were used to but first he wanted to make sure nothing important got destroyed in the process by checking the pockets. He was too lazy to bend over for an hour anyway. He held the key in his palms and rubbed the embedded hotel logo between his thumb and middle finger trying to figure out if it was just him or this was actually happening.

A conspicuous card to the laundry lady on the table read…

I will be back ASAP if not, leave the keys next door with the nice old lady. Thanks

The truth had to be brought to light. He had to know for sure if she preferred another man to him. Nervousness got the best of him and his hands shook and he clenched his fist around his sweaty palms to regain his composure. The sweet memories flashed past his eyes real fast and he saw it all go down the drain and all for what? So that she’d spice it up a little. So that she’d get to try something else other than the usual girl on top or missionary.

Nothing was ever full of excitement. One of his boys told him that when you live with your girlfriend the dream of having sex every night remains just that. A dream. It never happens as often as hoped for and if it does it is mostly very shitty. No pun intended. He was scared shitless that they were both being complacent with this. Neither of them cared enough to add a variant. Add some life into the sex. No excitement whatsoever was derived from the occasional ejaculation after five minutes of sweaty groaning and not much reaction from her end. All she did was open her legs and close her heart to him. He could not reach her. No engagement tone. Just a ring.

Despite what he had coming to him, he didn’t want to imagine life without her. The fun times they had together. The odd places they left memories they’d treasure for a lifetime. That part of the nature trail where she grabbed his ass, that baby leopard they adopted at the animal orphanage, the songs they had written together and sang it only on his phone recorder, the naked walks in the house free of all worries and pain. It was them against the world.

It was barely 2 hours after she had left and all he could see was her sharing what they had with another man. The thought drove him crazier by the minute. The door remained locked as usual and before he swiped the card, he took a deep lungful and went in for it. The clothes were strewn all over and he had no idea what to think at this point.

The trail led up to the bathroom and he was welcomed by a strong strawberry essence from the tab. He always forgot to get her that shower gel she had always wanted. For a moment he resigned to it and figured that maybe he deserved it. No woman deserves to get less that what she deserves in a relationship and he lost it all when he stopped trying.

He got to the bathroom and on entry she welcomed him with some wine in hand and nothing more than a smile and his favorite set of lingerie. He was dumbfounded. This totally caught him by surprise and the fact that she actually knew he’d show up was just overwhelming.

How did you know I’d come?

Because I knew you’d definitely follow your heart.

What if I wasn’t the one who had stepped in?

Honey, they only gave me a pair of key cards.

I was so scared you were…

He choked on the next words…

That what? I’d be with someone else? I hate what we are going through but I’d never leave you for anything. I can’t possibly trade what we have been through for a minute with another man. Meaningless sex is just draining.

He even choked more because he didn’t even think he deserved such loyalty. He felt like an ass for even thinking it. He went in for a kiss and made it count. Their lips interlocked and a fire inside him was ignited. Her cold tender lips stirred something in his loins. At this point only embers remained and they were barely warm and almost burnt out. Before he could process it, his buckle hit the floor and he lifted her and walked out of his pants as he kicked off his shoes. The passion was too much both their lips bled from the kissing.

There was a lot of reserved aching in their souls for the old times. For the moments they’d have countless rounds and go on all night long without a care in the world. He slowly went on a knee and with her legs wrapped around his waist, she slowly relaxed on her back on the Persian bathroom rug. He kissed her forehead and took his time to look into her eyes to remind himself of what he had dropped the ball on. It all came rushing back in and he hated himself even the more.

The pecks started from her temple to her left ear as the tongue found its way into the lobe. He paused every once in a while to whisper something inaudible to her over her own groaning. He always knew her ears were her weakness. He spoke in the tongue she understood best and as much as the whispers were imperceptible, she knew what exactly he was saying without a shadow of a doubt. He wanted her. Now more than ever and every time she gently pushed him away and asked him to stop, he dug in deeper and drove her crazy almost running out of rag to squirm on.

Her left boob stared right at him and he devoured it in nibbles and bites that only drove her over the edge. He could hear her heart beat at this point and it was beating like a drum. He reached down under with one of his fingers and went deep. He followed the trail at the top of the vagina as he followed the clit and found himself a distinct line. A direct line to her g-spot and his wrist almost got dismembered by the vice like grip of her thighs.

She took a couple seconds to breathe and shoved his ready appendage into her eager orifice. He took her from behind and on her knee all this while holding back the whole shaft and only putting the head in. For the next few minutes all he did was pull his manhood up as he went in and out slow and easy and he hardly got a chance for two strokes before she forced a pause to gain her breathe.

She begged for a minute to breathe but all he did was increase the pace and pounded her by the beats of their hearts. Her heart was racing and as the pace picked up, so was her heart. Her heart never trailed too far from his. She was always going to follow him anywhere even unto the ends of the earth. He could feel her heart through the nipple between his lips. The incessant kisses made her body tremble and his body weak. He could not hold it in any longer and all it took for him to release his load was her unpredicted rigor mortis. His last stroke drained him whole and she took him all in and milked him for all he was worth with her rapidly wild contractions.

I will always love you babe…

I know. Trust me I know. Don’t you ever think I would ever love any other man much less look at them the way I do you. I am yours and you are mine.

Now I know. I’d never want to lose you ever. I would never recover from it.

Okay. I promise.

More kisses ensued as he pulled out gently and let her feel the full extent of his manhood rub her insides. That was the best sex since she could remember and she intended to fight every day to keep it that way. What she did not know is that he was willing to fight twice as hard to never see the day he’d have to live without her. They jumped into the tab and soaked in some strawberry essence. It would have been a shame to waste that bath. The nice lady next door would have to hold on to the key for a while.

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  1. victor

    its about time i get my dosage. i love creating the picture or the motions in my head(sticks more). nothing can ever substitute the power of the written word. good one!!

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