Perfect Imperfection

The day was generally dark even with the curtains on. The bracket lights on the wall didn’t do much to improve the situation anyway. His glass of whisky rested on the armchair from which he wrote all his work. From that vantage point, he could not only easily see the comings and goings in the house but also a clear portal through the window that ran all the way down from the ceiling. A clear view of the neighbouring houses and their dirty linen on the hanging lines you’d see every night when they argued, made up or passed out.

The sunlight was blocked and he snapped back into reality. Her fine curves showed in a bouncy silhouette against the light. The gap between her thighs showed every once in a while when she adjusted the tee shirt she was wearing. It was one of his old ones so it was baggy. It hanged just below her butt cheeks and had old stains from lactating and curdled milk from today when little Soila regurgitated her milk. Before his eyes could adjust to the light, his lunch had been served with some water and freshly squeezed juice on the side. He could all but figure out what he had ever done to deserve all of this. It’s not like he was the perfect man all the girls wish for but somehow he managed to win her heart.

There was static on the child monitor again and she rushed into the bedroom to check up on their little bundle of joy. It’s been 8 months since she showed up in their lives and it’s been rough especially on the nights when she fell sick and cried her throat sour. They took turns to sleep and powered through it all sometimes wondering what they were thinking when they decided to become parents. Children have a way of warming up into the lives of their parents except for the cases when they get abandoned or orphaned. They still manage to touch those around them with their innocent and blank stares with the trusting eyes.

He followed her in and as they stood beside the cot. She said her first word. Ma. Soila giggled and wriggled in bed reaching her arms up to her parents and her mother beamed with a smile he’d never seen before. Something about this recognition from the child made her all soft inside. He pulled her in and kissed her all over her face as he wiped her tears off while fighting his own. The joy was too much. He went around the cot and hugged Soila in between them and they kissed her cheeks and kissed each other for a long second there with the child sucking her fingers noisily beneath their chins.

It had been a long 8 months and ever since the child there was hardly time to get all that touchy-feely and intimate. It was either they were up late doing one thing or the other. Eventually, when they got to bed, they were too tired to say goodnight. Sometimes even sleeping in their day clothes on the duvet. Making babies is fun unlike the initial stages of parenthood and they may not have been emotionally ready for it. Most couples are advised to take a while before they bring a third party into their lives but this one just happened in one of those many passionate nights they may have shared. Hopefully not the one they had in the toilet, or in the confession room. Don’t judge. It happens.

The hug lulled Soila into sleep and they let her down gently and wrapped her in her swaddling clothes in one sweet innocent bundle. They were sure not to turn the music up too loud just in case she woke up and ruined the lunch. The vegetable rice and wet fried chicken with chicken broth on the side had already reached room temperature by now. They ate through it over the E-News she just made him watch because he had been watching tv all day. It was only noon and it was murmuring in the background as he worked all morning.

He took the plates to the kitchen she followed to check on the thawing green peas she was preparing for supper. The backdoor through the kitchen to the balcony let a little light in that shone on her as she bent over to get one of the basins she’d pour the melted ice into. She did all this oblivious of the eye-fucking she was receiving. The stretch marks on her bum and arms looked like natural tattoos every time she bent and moved around. She always found her cellulite insufferable but he always thought of them as small cute dimples all over her butt that on which he wanted to put his lips every time.

He had decided to make her little insecurities his reasons to love her more. Not because he found solace from his own frailties but because he wanted to love her until she could love herself. Until she could see herself through his eyes and know how much she meant to him just like how he sees himself through her eyes every time she opens them after a deep kiss. He walked up to her and hugged her from behind and she took a deep breath as she felt him probing into her ass through his boxers.

She turned to him and his abs came alive when he gasped as she ran her ice cold fingers over his body from the waist up. She went on around his waist feeling the hem of the tight boxer waistline.  It was like she almost knew where to touch and he knew when to squeeze and part her butt cheeks. The impulses and electric surges in his body augmented his hardening and she dove right in for the head. She liberated his member and his pants dropped voluntarily. She went down tongue out and licked the rim of his head and went right below and traced her tongue from his jewels along the whole length and finished back again underneath the head.

She rubbed herself with her left hand as she took him whole down to the back of her throat with all the passion she could muster. She had missed it for sure. All this while his hands rubbed her scalp, hair between his fingers, with the tenderness varied by the intensity of his spasms. She didn’t want him nutting yet so she stopped and stood up to give him a taste of himself. Tasting himself on her just invoked his primal instincts and he couldn’t hold it in anymore.

He grabbed her by the ass and kissed her so hard her swollen lips turned all pink and succulent. He cushioned his face in her bubbly bossom and took in her body scent. Not the best from all the nursing but still made him want to taste every part of her. He had always avoided licking the nipples lest all that romance turned into one awkward moment if the kid was watching. They were not as bouncy or firm like when they had met but no but he cupped them and went for a nipple. He could feel her panties rip between his fingers as he slipped them around the lace for grip and took all she had to offer orally and on bended knee. His hands felt the contouring of her well-rounded ass and when he got to her thighs, he lifted her onto his shoulders.

His warm breath from the nose met the cold air from the open balcony door and she felt surges running helter-skelter down her spine probably in confusion from all the tongue she was getting. A few flicks and a nose dive into her vagina almost had him choked between her thighs but he held on. He was a fighter that one. He tried to come out for air but her hands at the back of her head kept him in like she was holding on for dear life.

He let her down easy back around his waist and kissed her right before letting her down and spun her around. She wanted him inside her so bad. She barely remembered when she had felt the emptiness that he promptly filled up every time their souls touched. It was more than just the steady strokes and the flick of the bean. It was something she felt burning up inside her chest. The yearning for love made her grab his dick, stroked it a little firmly but not too tight so that the skin gently glided on top of his meat. Her fingers barely went around it. The wide girth is what she longed to feel against her insides.

She stuck it up nice and gentle and took him in his wholeness. She hopped on it to the speed of their heartbeats and gasps. Almost felt like thrusting to the sound of their beating hearts. He held her waist as he watched her ass bounce against his thighs and the jiggle her thunder thighs did on impact. He got carried away and lifted her and sat her naked ass on the kitchen counter and teased her mound with half strokes and attempted thrusts. She begged him to just put it all in and not stop until she said so. Even then, he shouldn’t pull out either until her body stopped reeling from it all.

A couple of deep and slow strokes in, he started feeling her body develop minor seizures and her contractions milked him dry inside of her. She wound her legs around his waist and kissed him as he dripped dry. He could barely stand a kiss at this point. His whole body was a big nervous ending and any touch even by her breath made him cringe. She kept whining her waist on it nonetheless and had him begging this time. When she felt his arms give in, she stopped and got off cleaning him up with her tongue fixing every broken part of him along her way. Just seeing his toes curl that hard made her even want more.

He pulled his boxer and shorts up and headed straight to the bath without a word. He needed a cold one. The lentils had already thawed completely by now so she just set them somewhere for later when she’d make dinner. Soila had woken up and she was chuckling in the monitor. She checked on her real quick and joined him in the shower. They needed the cleanse anyway.

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