Romp under the stars (Julianne part4)


Her cold, hard nipples tasted like vanilla. He held both her tits together and blew some air onto them as he brushed them by the tip of his tongue. No amount of air was enough for that nasty tease. She begged him not to stop by all means. The hood dented in as she pushed her pretty well rounded ass down as she tried to master the emotions doing a helter-skelter chicken run in her body. She sweltered in his arms in pleasure despite the cold. It was hard to tell the rain from the sweat though. She was all moist and slippery and she glistened under the moonlight. He paused for a moment to take it all in.

Her body was a work of art. Her wicked smile at the moment was a distraction but he gazed on none the less. The moonlight gave her curves a perfect contrast. He tongued his way around her tummy. Time for that face tickle payback. She giggled and slapped him gently. She didn’t like that he was getting derailed. He kissed her right up to where her left leg met her abdomen and she quivered. Right then he knew he had knocked on the right door and he’d be compelled to go in.

The doctors had cut up her navel neatly and he licked it right where it was tucked in as he followed the Brazilian strip right below which led right to the eatery. It was neatly shaved and he could smell her sticky moistness right through her thong patch. In a snap, the breeze hit her hard where her thong used to be. He had bitten them off along her long legs and paused every once in a while to kiss her inner thighs while at it.

By now she was so turned on she could easily hump the life out of his face. She drew his shirtless body in with her legs and shoved his face right where she wanted it. He did not disappoint. He sucked on to her hood and she roared in pleasure above the crickets in the nearby bushes. He dug his tongue in so deep and ran his fingers on her nipples and made sure her body was full of his finger prints. Her thighs held his head in place so tight every time he hit a good spot that he almost broke his neck.

You know that point you go up so high you are scared you may plummet all the way back down if your lover lets go? She did not feel any different. She felt like her inner being was slowly leaving her body with every stroke of his tongue. The Bible was right on the power of the tongue. Whoa! He aroused her inner demons and almost exorcised them but always had them reeling back in when he took a pause to catch a breathe. He fed like her juices were life itself. The river of life literally flowed within her and right out onto his tongue.

Nothing at this point would have stopped her from ripping his pants right off his body but just as she was pushing him off with her leg, as she felt his toned body with his toes, they saw a light right around the corner that led up to where they were. She got off in a panic as she giggled and her ass wobbled as she ran for the door. He was left picking up their clothes strewn all over in the mud.
She couldn’t believe she was floating with the stars just a moment ago. She was falling so hard. Falling for him? Maybe. Plummeting head first but she didn’t give pulling the rip cord a thought. It was not an option. The door slowly locked as he placed the damp clothes down and took off the bra and her phone off the seat. Tonight she was sleeping under the stars.

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