Romp under the stars (Julianne part 3)


As her car wound up the narrow road that led to the top, she kept wondering why she has to do this alone. She was a catch, that at least she was sure but she’d need a keeper. Her phone lay unlocked on the co-driver’s seat as she weighed whether she should call him or not. It is always a little awkward to try calling after two weeks of silence especially after how much they had defiled the car. She could still see a stain right under where her phone was. On arriving there, she took a lungful and let it out in one big sigh. She didn’t want to be that rag he’d just step on and move on to the next one but then again she hoped he’d want her to be more than someone to get his freak on with. She made the call.

She undid her bra and threw it in the back seat. It was so liberating she felt like a yoke had just fallen off her shoulders. She got out and slowly pushed the door back and as it got sucked in to lock, she took in the evening air and was simply glad for the breeze. It had been a tough week for Julianne and she needed to take one long break for her body’s sake. Her week was filled with reports to submit and follow up stories to do. There was this one interviewee that was a real pain in the ass the whole time she was questioning her. She needed someone to dump all of this on and she needed to hear another voice other than the one in her head. It was a fortnight since they had that throw down with her boss and she was feeling fidgety again. She was hoping maybe that cold breeze at the highest point in town would help.

It started drizzling and she held out her hands to embrace the refreshing cold. She closed her eyes and let her hair down. Wiggled her head a bit and whipped it and went back to hugging the rain. The cold was so welcome and invigorating. She felt like all her problems were being gently washed down. Julianne took a step back and sat on the hood. The evening shower was not that heavy. It was warm and therapeutic. In no time, the cotton sun dress she had worn had hugged the whole front part of her body in a cold embrace. Her thighs were full of goose bumps from the cold but she did not mind. All she wanted was that one moment in the rain when everything felt perfect. Like the pieces had fallen right where she wanted them.

She didn’t hear the purr of the Jeep Cherokee pulling up behind her golf GT. She was so consumed by her random thoughts that she barely paid attention to her surroundings. “Are you trying to get yourself sick or something?” He asked as she shivered into the warmth of his kikoi. There was a hint of dust behind his body scent on the kikoi. It must have stayed too long in the crevices of the car. “This man really could use a woman in his life”, she thought to herself as she got used to the dusty warmth.

Julianne moved over and let him share the warm hood. They watched the sun go down and it dawned on them that such beautiful sunsets were a constant reminder that one cannot have too many. She eased onto his chest as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and let the view sink in. He kissed her forehead and as much as he would have wanted it to stop there, his body betrayed him after the warm look she gave him. She looked up at him with so much passion and all her eyes wished for was for that moment to last a tad longer. He couldn’t hold it back. He lifted her chin up and gave her a warm kiss as it slowly started drizzling again.

The road they used was hardly used at this time of the day. The moon had just started to show its silver and a little star crossed across its dark side. The symbolism was so much to ignore. She looked up to the moon and got her crazy on. You can call it some kind of raunchy lunacy. She had a thing for getting on top every time she felt a rush. He was totally subdued and caught by surprise at this point.
Julianne pinned him on the hood and shoved her tongue so deep down his mouth she could taste yesterday’s cheese on the pepperoni pizza he had had. Her legs were parted just right above his crotch and he could feel her twat breathing fire onto him through his jeans. The rain gently dripped from her hair down onto his face. The hair made him ticklish and he choked on a few giggles while they were kissing. Julianne probably didn’t notice it amidst all the hotness.

The water on the hood made it slippery and just before they were about to slip over the edge, he landed on his feet and she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. Her waist was defined as his hands went up her goose bumped ass up her back and let her down easy back to where they had slid from. At this point, they were all drenched and their clothes had clung on to every curve and muscle. The dusty kikoi was getting a free wash in the rain out of all this too.

For a better part of the first 10 minutes, she got her body covered in nothing but rain and kisses. He trailed them on her neck and she held his neck and winced about like one possessed. Possession by him didn’t sound like a bad idea either. Her hair hang back and she gasped for air and leaned her head back to savour the moment. She held his neck as the kisses found their way in between her perky tits.

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