Achille’s Heel

The music was getting louder and fading in the background at the same time. He had been eyeing her for a whole minute from the bar stool and could not hold it in much longer. One shove and the guy she was dancing with was sprawling on the ground. He had this smirk on his face while dancing with her as if he was only doing it to make Kim go green about it. She immediately tagged at him by his hand before it turned into a brawl only the bouncers could split. He tried to act sober but his legs were too heavy to lift off the ground and his speech was all slurry and incoherent.

She had worn that leather jacket she likes that ended too soon just below her titties. On a good no-bra day, you’d get to see a bit of underboob. Her pencil skirt was all leathery with elastic lace on either side and a slit that reached for high heavens behind. They pushed through the crowd with his eyes stuck on her dark brown legs as they slipped in and out of the slit. Her navy blue suede pumps helped her sway her hips as she paved the way to the washrooms. She dragged him into the gents and sat him on the sink. He slumped and tried to make sense of it all as she paced in an angry fit. The men came in and out and paid her no mind at all. They were all blasé and too faded to care; if anything, they enjoyed the female company. It encouraged them to shake a tad longer after their leaks.

Kim always got drunk but not to a stupor like this. His love for her had made him impetuous and so erratic when he got even a little bit tipsy. Sometimes a good thing until a bouncer had to come in between or someone threatened a life. She helped him rinse his face in the sink and throw up the whiskey cocktails he had been downing at the bar in the toilet stalls. After about 30 minutes of retching, he was back all smiles and ready for a party. It was about 5 in the morning now and the washroom was empty with just one person coming in every few minutes.

He pulled back her hood and she trembled under the weight of his tongue. He was a dementor seeking to suck her very soul out and anything else she harboured.

She started walking out but he reached for her hand and reeled her back in. He reached for a kiss but he reeked of alcohol, cigarettes, and puke. She stopped him midway and walked him back out and into a cab heading for home. Lesley hated uncalled for drama. She was tempted to let him ride home alone but went along with him against her better judgement. Fine, she was flattered a bit that he still got jealous but she feared it may be turning toxic now. It was so confusing and it had her by the throat every time she wanted to justify his rage. An inexplicable rage that might eventually ruin what they were building together. Maybe it was time to quit clubbing with him altogether. In her mind, the symptoms only needed to be suppressed and not addressed.

He locked the door into the house as the cab drove off. He walked right into her space and she got a little bit scared and took a step back. He had the aura of vengeance about him that she couldn’t shake off. At least she could stand the mints he had been sucking on the whole way. He reached for her throat without saying a word and pinned her to the wall behind her with this menacing look he had. He started lifting her off the ground as he kissed her and she intuitively felt safe as she wrapped her legs around him. The skirt was well around the waist now and the kisses were more passionate. At this point, she had run all the red lights and turned a blind eye to the red flags that kept popping up. Heck, she wouldn’t mind some angry sex. She was angry as fuck too and she could use an orgasmic reward or anything close because whiskey dick was an imminent occurrence.

The air was smoky with all the sage she had burnt earlier. It got stronger as she got carried into the bedroom. He let her down hard on the bed and had no apologies for it. The edge of the bed got the bone at the small of her back but she was too horny to notice. The fact that she may have liked it rough totally threw her off the ominous hints. She kicked off her pumps and he pulled up her skirt above her head. Her hips had broadened on the bed and she parted her legs in a cordial invitation to her box. Kim smiled at the side of his mouth and scoffed. She wore this smile that anticipated the bulge on his pants to pop out soon. He walked out of his pants and knelt between her legs and kissed the legs he adored so much. Her long legs were his Achilles’ heel. Especially if there was something see-through in either crimson or black where they met.

He started out slow on her well-pedicured toes, gentle kisses on the bridge of her foot and up her calf and behind her knees as he lifted both the legs up. The thighs were soft against his lips almost as if they were kissing back. He circled around her mound and dove in after a long tease. He pulled back her hood and she trembled under the weight of his tongue. He was a dementor seeking to suck her very soul out and anything else she harboured. The anger, the guilt, the insecurity all melted on his lips as he made out with her labia. His French kiss reached into her and came back up to her clit. Three of those plunges and she was biting down on the pillow to muffle her screams.

He resurfaced for air and kissed her strip of hair, went for her navel and nipples and finished on her moist lips. She felt him throb on her as he rubbed the base of his dick on her folds of skin that now glistened like butterfly pea petals on a dewy morning. His manhood pulsated on her and he damn near felt his strength leave him as the lower part of his glans made contact with her clit. This went on amid long fervent kisses and she felt his anger and distaste subside into the recesses of his mind. He let his head in and pulled it back out to rub it over her labia. He went in for short dips teasing her with the tip and she eventually couldn’t help it. Lesley wrapped her legs around him and pushed him so far in and held him there so that she could process all the pleasure coursing through her. She loosened the grip and let him dick her down like she deserved it.

He went for her wobbling tits and licked them in the same rhythm. The tongue strokes were in tandem with those of the dick and she could not even remember why she was mad. Her nails dug into his scalp and down his nape as his rhythm became faster. Kim stopped to kiss her and went to the side of her mouth, under her chin and left her face soft and longing for more kisses. He paused to look at her. That dramatic pause that let’s all the feelings marinate as you get lost in each other’s eyes. Yes, that very one. Today was different. He had this look in his eye. He was probably never going to be content with her having male friends. It was a hard thing to make peace with especially since he saw her as this goddess who nobody else deserved. She admitted to herself often in post nut clarity that this may be scary but yet what low key attracted her to him.

It was his unpredictable flare. Not that he knew how to fight. Nigga couldn’t throw a punch with a good footing but his fighting spirit was hopefully for her. Had never been against her until tonight when she felt his tenacious grip around her neck getting tighter and she felt her face go numb and turn purple. She rolled off from under him choking with reddened eyes and pushed him off her. He didn’t budge and that is when she saw it. His unapologetic grin widened as if he thought she deserved it. His menacing look even got more threatening and she crawled into a corner of the bed clenching the sheets around her as he crawled towards her to pull them away.

He wrapped his palm around her face just before she could scream and the doorbell rang. Repeatedly and in quick succession like it was an emergency. He hesitated and signalled her to shush until he came back. It was the landlady at the door. The rent was due and she had come to cash in. He tried to dismiss her with some talk of paying later during the day and before he could close the door, Lesley snuck right under him with her pumps in hand and clothing thrown over her body loosely. The landlady just stood there in profound shock at the sight of it. He retreated into his house and locked the door in a bang.

He has reportedly stopped drinking according to his friends. He texted one night in deep contrition. His guilt demanded recourse and no kind of apology would make her feel safe around him anymore however much she loved him. The world is too scary for a black woman to start worrying about the only man she decides to let in. She decided never to answer him back. She turned her life around and gave him no chance of ever bumping into her. There is an allure to dangerous love that drew Lesley in like a moth to a light. The dick that she longed for is the one she should have never ever considered having anything to do with.

Him working on himself didn’t mean that he couldn’t slip right back into his old self once she got in the picture again. It was possible that they were good people, just not good for each other. What was even more frustrating for Lesley is that no one knew him like she did. No one knew how far his dick’s reach was or how far his toxicity had chipped away at her peace of mind and well-being.

Her girlfriends told her she had dodged a bullet. The boys told her that he is in despair without her and wouldn’t hurt a fly. He just didn’t know how to express his love, they said. One thing she knew was that she did not want to feel unsafe around the man she had stripped down everything for. She had laid her soul bare for him and however good some of the times were, it was time to call it a wrap. She did not want to be the last one to see what everyone was not ready to call out.

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