Love on Top

By Lola Tush

The night is still so young
But my thoughts are impure
Brimming over with desire
And only you hold the cure

Please let me seduce you
Using all my feminine ways
I want to tease your body
Setting your senses ablaze

The act of slowly undressing
Is an ancient dance of lust
Like we are unwrapping a gift
That will inevitably combust

Together we stand naked
Your body I want to memorize
We start to kiss and caress
Passion within begins to rise

Hands now groping each other
We create a world all our own
Goosebumps covering my skin
Such need I have never known

My body reacts to every touch
Giving in to lust I don’t hesitate
Reaching down to stroke you
I say to hell with trying to wait

Soft hand stroking your shaft
It throbs in growing hardness
Kissing the nape of your neck
Breaking the grip of darkness

My hunger for you is a first
I have never felt such need
You fill my world with beauty
By seducing you I am freed

Forget about proper foreplay
I want to fuck you desperately
You lay me back on the bed
And part my legs effortlessly

You lean in to kiss me deep
Feels so right with you on top

Our bodies pulse with need
We have gone too far to stop

Your smooth head now aligned
With one thrust you impale me
My legs wrapping around you
As hands grip the sheets tightly

Moans escape me as you thrust
Your thick cock stretching me
My hips now raising to meet you
Every nerve alive in my pussy

Our naked bodies move as one
Performing a ritual mating dance
Fueled by lust and adrenaline
A mixture of kink and romance

As your thrusts become primal
My velvet folds enveloping you
Finding a natural give and take
Looking up as I admire the view

Your hard cock is buried so deep
Muscles clench tightly in ecstasy
We are both soaked in my nectar
Coming as I whisper breathlessly

Begging you to reach new depths
to relentlessly penetrate soft skin
One last thrust makes you moan
As you fill me with your heated sin

Now both exhausted and spent
I lose myself within your embrace
Laying my head on your chest
Listening to your heartbeat race

Drifting to sleep we are sated
Coated in the smells of our sex
Dreaming of tonight’s actions
As you plan to seduce me next

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