Cold Feet

Her pillow had soaked up most of her tears, and she sat up and hugged the other pillow and hoped the pain would flow down and out of her through the tears but no. Every time she pictured what she has been through for him just to up and leave the chest pains came calling. A sharp pain on the left side of her chest that made her feel like her heart stopped beating for a second. Her pain led her to call him subconsciously and for a moment there he had to listen to her sob bitterly on the other side. Leaving him speechless and surprised at these turn of events.

He thought they were happy. He thought he had done everything to avoid hurting yet another girl only this time, he had no idea what had just transpired. So he just sat there clueless and waited for her to calm down and start talking.

“What haven’t I done for you?”

That one caught him a little off-guard, but he responded anyway.

“Errm Annie, honey, can you just come over so we can talk.”

“So you can lie to me again like you always do? So you can butter me up with the sweet words that make me lose my senses? No. Not this time, I won’t.”

“That is not why I am telling you to come over. Don’t you want to hear what I have to say about all this?”

“I do but am just scared I will keep falling harder for you yet you have never spared a moment to tell me what you feel about me. I have always been patient because you said you are scarred but picking up your pieces and fixing them one at a time has nothing but hurt me. This is why I have decided to call to know if what I am bleeding for is worth my pain, blood, and tears.”

The statement rendered him speechless for a while as he thought through all the things she had done and been through for him. The thought hurt him but deep down inside he knew he was broken. All he knew now was the occasional empty sex and the fun moments in between. He was not open to the pain. He had closed that part out and hoped no more pain would have to change who he is. What he didn’t realize was that the pain had already changed him and caused him to hurt someone. What she didn’t know was that the sex seemed perfect because there was no emotional connection. The long pounding was because most of the time he had not triggered the ejaculation.

“Can you please come over? We need to talk about all these. I also have a lot to say, and I think I know what is wrong.”

She took a long deep breath and thought about it for a long second and finally agreed.

“Okay give me 30 minutes.”

She didn’t live too far, but a girl has to look good, so she made her face up and left.

On arrival there, she was received at the door warmly. She could smell the lunch all the way from the door, and all his musk threw her off the scent instantly as she came in for a hug. The hug lingered a bit too long the food started burning. He quickly disengaged the embrace and went to tend to the food. He was wearing his apron with nothing inside. His excuse was that the kitchen gets hot. Fair point but why did it seem like he was fresh from a workout. Had she been away for this long?

Every time his defined jaw line and chiseled cheekbones moved as he asked her how she wanted her drink, something moved inside of her. The apron barely covered much. He had boxer shorts on, and the apron only bumped twice; after his chest and just below his waist. He rushed in to change into his sweat pants, and she cursed under her breathe.

He came back with the oxtail soup he had made her, and something that looked like the stub of an ox’s tail imprinted on his sweatpants. She swallowed hard and tried to maintain eye contact which was not helping either. His brown eyes cut through her like a hot butter knife. She played with her soup spoon and stirred away her confusion and hoped the soup would help with her thirst.

They ate the meal silently with an awkward sexual tension built up. That was the longest they had ever stayed with their hands to themselves. The talk had mostly been concluded on the call. He, however, mastered his courage and told her the truth and let the pieces fall where they would. His truth was that he was unable to love. At least not then and it would hurt him to keep leading her on.

“I hate doing this, but a man has got needs and am sorry if I in any way made you think that we would have more than what we have right now. Deep down inside I know am broken, and I may need some time to fix. Just let me be the one doing the fixing so that you never get to be hurt again. My house needs to be put in order and am the only one able to do it without casualties.”

She sat there and looked him deep in his eyes from where he knelt between her knees and saw a lot of honesty. She saw more than honesty, and it stung her to be let in like this, but she remembered she had asked for it. She eased herself on his leather recliners with no response and left him kneeling there with lost puppy look on his face. The more she looked at him, the more she wanted to suck the life out of it. Annie refrained. She wanted his lips on every part of her, but she had second thoughts. This was not going to work.

Before she could think about much, she felt a tickling sensation on the side of her knees. He had refused just to stay there and wait for his verdict. His goatee touched everywhere his lips and tongue had been. The inside of her thighs were softer than the inside of a rose. He pressed his lips softly against them and bit them every once in a while just to assert his control. The leather seat and her emotions betrayed her. She could not stop him even if she tried. Leather seats have a tendency of holding the person seated captive, and she was stuck. Stuck between the couch and his already hard manhood that she felt probing her calf as he was devouring her thighs.

Her legs parted slowly yet involuntarily. She hadn’t planned for this in any way, and she could already see the ending. His kisses were so tender she forgot what she had come to do for a moment and just wanted to eat him up whole and consume him so they’d become one. His arms slowly hugged her exposed thighs as he pushed her loosely hanging dress up and in one heave, he pulled her sticky knickers down to her knees.

The smell of her womanhood on her panties made him even harder he feared he’d tear through his sweatpants. He pulled his pants down and his pecker popped out in anxiety. He put his fingers inside her and made small circles gently building her pleasure up on her g spot. He slipped them in one by one and made them count. His thumb rubbed on her hoodie, and he could feel her heart throb faster from a distance as more blood flowed into it. Her senses were heightened now, and all the nerve endings in her body seemed to have converged on her clit.

When he decided he had built it all up nicely, he lifted her, and she landed squarely on his dick. His hands were now even more defined from the strain of carrying her. Her thighs rested on his arms as his palms parted her cheeks and tore her beaver up in gentle and even strokes. Her cold legs gave him the chills, but he didn’t stop. She threw back her head so far her hair touched the small of her back. The clitoral stimulation she was getting, and the deep thrusts had her begging for mercy. Her thighs grabbed him tight by the waist, and he had to pause and let her catch her breath.

She couldn’t tell if it was just her or she had started to feel his sentiments in his strokes. She looked down on him and kissed him so hard in one deep breathe, and as soon as her thighs let loose, he kept going only this time with her help as she leveraged on his waist using her leg muscles. He paused in the kitchen and sat her on the sink to rest his hands. The cold sink raised her goosebumps but what made her even more turned on was seeing him come in and out of her every time she looked down. The pair later headed to the bed, lips and legs still locked. He threw her on the bed and turned her around and mounted himself on her. He knelt between his knees and gave it all up to him. She got carried away and came up so she could feel his intense warm breathe against her neck. The thrusts were shallow, but they touched all the right places.

The cold sink raised her goosebumps but what made her even more turned on was seeing him come in and out of her every time she looked down. The pair later headed to the bed, lips and legs still locked. He threw her on the bed and turned her around and mounted himself on her. He knelt between his knees and gave it all up to him. She got carried away and came up so she could feel his intense warm breathe against her neck. The thrusts were shallow, but they touched all the right places.

He cupped her breasts all this while and kneaded them as he pulled her to himself. He suddenly felt his crotch catch fire and his thrusts became faster, and they fell in a lump in a mutual climax. She got up to leave because she knew the longer she stayed, the more she’d be fucked up, and it would not be good for her heart. Her hair was a perfect representation of how she felt at this point. Her feelings were all over the place, and she wished there was a fine tooth comb to help her with that.

She left him puzzled. Not knowing if she’d ever come back but that was some good lay. Even though they both knew it was goodbye, they all secretly hoped that someday they’d be able to be together. For now, her cold feet took the best of her and all they could help her do was walk out of his life and hope things would change. He was left lying there staring at the ceiling wondering what the fuck had just happened. He swallowed hard and dragged himself to the toilet feeling even more confused than ever.

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