Lost Boy

It was easy to get lost. He was previewing her final edit of her vlog episode and she was looking stunning. Her eyes glistened as they darted around in front of the mild fluorescent lights that lit up her face. He could tell that is not all that lit up her face though. Behind her nervous twitching and pauses in between takes, she threw a glance at him behind the scenes and he could sense it calmed her down a bit. Even but for a moment.

“So what do you think?” She asked as she stared right into his eyes. She had mastered this thing where she could draw you into her face. Her big, brown eyes like a whirlpool sucking him in. It is indeed easy to get lost.

I think,…” he paused dramatically, bit his lower lip without breaking contact and got up so that he slightly towered over her. Reached for both her hands and said “you are perfect.”

Her soft fingers disappeared between his own and she held on tight as he leaned in for a light kiss. She broke it off and asked, “I meant about the video you horny goat.” She chuckled and went back to her piercing gaze.

He looked back at the iPad, licked his lips and moved even closer to her. “I think it was amazing. You were direct and straight to the point. I was kinda worried you’d forget to cut out the part you almost picked your nose though hahaha…”

She jumped on him playfully and cut short his laughter with a kiss as he landed on his back. She loved kissing his smile. It was almost like she could taste his happiness. It left a good taste in her mouth. She had now made his happiness her own. The kiss lingered for a little too long and just as he wanted to pull her in, she reached for his hands and pinned them above his head.

Their fingers married again and her grasp got tighter with every fervent kiss. She started to grind and her skirt was halfway along her thighs. He could feel their warmth intensify as she straddled him. He lay there helpless and at this point feeling the radiation from her hot box. With this quarantine business, she had totally lost interest in wearing any underwear. You could have broken ice with her visibly hard nipples.

She gasped in between the kisses and she ground on his semi hard dick over his pants and feeling it grow turned her on even more. She wanted to see it for herself. Feel it in her palm and run her tongue along the shaft. She wanted to feel him at the back of her throat like a bad tonsillitis. She wanted his dick wet and dripping of her spit all the way down to his balls.

She broke off the kiss and looked at him deep in the eyes again. Damn that voodoo of hers! It was almost as if she was looking for something. Little did she know what she was looking for in him was already lost inside her. He was completely taken by her and he felt like consuming her whole. All this while, she ran her nails down his shirt and went under. She could feel him squirm when she ran her fingers on his chest and feel it lift with every of his labored breaths. She leaned in to kiss him and lifted herself off him and ran her fingers slowly on his stomach, lingered about the abdomen and he almost jumped off the seat.

She pinned him down and a slow menacing smile cracked across her pretty face. She was up to no good. She played with his soft pubes and could feel his warm meat pulsate right next to her fingers. She went further down and fondled his furry balls. She looked down and she loved what she saw. She licked her upper lip and kissed him as she went for his inner thighs and parted his legs. He gasped and his eyes popped. She reached all the way down shoulder deep into his pants and stripped him while at it. His knees lifted slowly and came back down like he was mark timing.

He cursed like an angry sailor as all kinds of senses came alive and his boner was now matching lengths with her humerus. It was not even funny anymore. She was face to face with his dick now and her face followed it as it bounced off him in excitement like it was a staring contest. Maybe they were right about staring down cobras to tame them. She however wanted it wild, agitated and cornered with no other desire but to be inside her.

She took him in her palm and she could feel the fight in it get stronger. She took her tongue out and spread it to wrap his dick head in its breadth. The dick fought on but it was sure a losing battle. Like a little deer fighting the tightening tenacious grip of a boa constrictor. Slipping in and out of the snake’s grip like Richard here, was slipping between her fingers and into her mouth. From one level of consciousness to the next.

He reached down to hold her head and take her a bit slower to savor it but she slapped it off. She turned around, lifted her skirt to get comfortable and gave him a view while she sucked his soul out. Both her hands rubbing in a twist and her lips parting in a tight small circle to let him in. He was mumbling incoherently and was helplessly horny. She had fastened his hands next to him using her legs as she sat astride him and gave him the view of the ass as consolation.

He left a trail kisses on her back like breadcrumbs because from his experience, it was easy to get lost with her. This was for when he was inside for when he wanted to find his way back up to her ears.

Near yet too far. Her ass parted to reveal her beautiful tasty lips every time she leaned over to take him to the back of her throat. He wanted her cheeks to meet part and embrace his as he snacked on her lady bits. She was soaked in her own juices and left a trail of it on his chest and down his stomach every time she landed on her ass.

She got off it and stroked him slowly and gently while moving back until she felt her lips meet his. His tongue lashed out and she froze. His dick was getting choked between her soft, tiny fingers every time he ran his tongue up her crack. She shook like an engine off its mounting. He whipped his whole tongue out and she rode it like she had finally tamed a mustang and it obeyed her every whim. He sucked, twirled his tong and felt her crumble on her.

Her shakes must have registered on the richter scale. She gathered her strength and moved forward to the other seat she had prepared just to impale herself with his meat. She brought his legs together and eased her weight onto his big head. He was now allowed to touch and she felt his warm hands on her ass parting them slowly. She took him in inch by inch and felt the shock course through her body.

She lifted a whole 3 times and sat on it as her walls shook around his dick while inside. Jasmine was always too weak for his dick. She wanted to keep it going but her knees tapped out. He got up and sat while she crawled forward on the couch to lie down on her stomach. She lifted her ass and buried her face into the pillow and braced for impact. She had tortured every part of him. He felt her every touch long before she lay her hands on him and he wanted the payback to be so sweet she would jump him every chance she got.

He took her hands above her head and pushed her hair off her neck to reveal her beautiful nape. Their hands locked again and he teased her lips with the tip and rubbed up and down pulling back every time she threw her ass at him in a ploy to get him to slip it in.

“Not yet.” He whispered into her ear as she squirmed under his weight. Her moans were well muffled and it turned him on to be in charge of her pleasure like this. He ran his left-hand fingers down her ribs and filled in the furrows between the bones with his digits and squeezed gently. He kissed the back of her neck, down her nape and onto her spine. She had no more strength to fight. He could feel her give in to his punishment. Her resignation to her master saw her legs part gently and her ass take a slight incline.

He left a trail kisses on her back like breadcrumbs because from his experience, it was easy to get lost with her. This was for when he would be inside; for when he would want to find his way back up to her ears.

He parted her cheeks and with an intention to wet her with his tongue. It was pretty much the opposite when he got there. He ended up wetting his tongue with her cooch little to his surprise. He got on his knees and she felt his cold thighs on the back of hers and she knew it was about to go down. He slid in and felt her squeeze and thrust it again just to feel it once more.

She threw it back and he received it. His hands ran all over her and she could feel him within and without and so did he. He reached out for her hands again and it took the intimacy to a whole new level. It was a united front literally high tailing towards their orgasms. She was the first one to tap out. She climaxed and squeezed his hand as he pounded even faster. Her orgasm making his even sweeter with the contractions. He felt her get even wetter almost as if the mission was to drown him in the sweetness.

On his last leg, he was balls deep inside and felt her cervix kiss his tip twice and that is all it took to break out his swimmers. He had a fit and emptied his balls inside her while stroking slowly to get all of him into her. She flexed her kegels and milked it out of him as he trembled on top of her and fell in a lethargic lump. She moved aside and let him spoon her from the edge of the seat. Maybe in another sick attempt to give him another taste of being at the edge.

“Damn you are good”

“Yea… I know. But I still have a few edits to make before I upload”

“You know what I meant, smartass.”

“Oh? Is that what you think of my ass?” She said as she pushed it at him and she fit right in his arms. All of her. Their bodies intertwined as one even long after they had orgasmed.  

Photo Courtesy of Roseography

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