The Kicker

His hairy feet tickled their way up her calf and roused her from her sleep. She was in his arms facing up and he was whispering incoherent ticklish nothings to the back of her neck. The warm breath would make its way into her ear and the hair on her nape would stand on end as if excited to listen to the whispers. His right hand cupped her right butt cheek and spread it to release the lips from their clasp at each other.

His middle finger ran along her pussy lip and felt her moist and warmth a little above her body temperature. He kissed her shoulder as his hand moved gently along her thigh. He lifted and she complied. Her foot kicked up and reached for the ceiling as she curled and wriggled her toes in the air above her. She was not fully awake yet so he took his hand back down to rub on her mound. She let out a gasp and opened herself up even more as she writhed and winced as if in pain. It was interesting to watch how pleasure and pain could almost never be told apart. Same as love and hate. Both cases just known to be felt deeply and to bitterly coexist like the two sides of a coin. Yea, I’d be mad too if my head was that close to my tail.

He was doing amazing for an incel. That is what kids these days call the guys who don’t get so lucky on matters sex. Short for involuntary celibates. How he got lucky this time is still a wonder to him but he winged it like a pro. He had just unclogged his pipes a day before and the first fast nut was not a worry for him although that pussy warmth has a way of killing careers in bed. She was melting in his arms and he moulded her through her brief contortions into a manifestation of pleasure.

His hand was under her and her ass was off the bed to meet him all the way to his hilt and unsheathed his dick to reveal her lips clinging onto his girth as he slid out just to ram it back in again and she was not ready for it.

It became an exorcism as soon as his lips made contact with her right nipple. His small beard rubbing on it too when he got off. He rubbed with his goatee, teased with his lower lip and parted his mouth and gently wet her nipple and sucked it in to an involuntary erection. The areola touched his lips and he swung his head sideways to feel it brush the edge of his lips.

He pinched her clit betwixt his fingers and gently pulled the skin back and forth and felt her small but sensitive erection. Every brief reveal of the glans got a rub from his middle finger and this is how her cookie crumbled. It is like the plumbing broke and she couldn’t stop dripping. Before she could get a hold of her faculties, he started kissing on her body leaving a trail of lip prints on her torso and the tips of his fingers ran right after the prints dried up with a cooling sweet sensation. Is the frisking he did with the fingers what they call a digital foot print? I tried.

The problem with not having felt that cosy warmth and moist around your dick for a while is that it will make you shudder and think you will nut after a pump. He got on top and he froze. Pussy slaps different when it is dripping before any form of entry. The suction. The contractions. The heat. The fleshy lips around the length of it. There wasn’t any manscaping done so her clit ground on it with every slow gentle thrust without moving an inch. Just gyrations that made his dick grope around her walls as if to find its way to her cervix.

She allowed herself to feel it all. She gave him that leg embrace and they both lay there and let themselves feel it all before the next pump. He got off her ear and made his first pump as he went for a choke hold. She picked up on the tempo and matched his thrusts with her slow whine. His hand was under her and her ass was off the bed to meet him all the way to his hilt and unsheathed his dick to reveal her lips clinging onto his girth as he slid out just to ram it back in again and she was not ready for it.

She collapsed under her weight and her legs reached for the ceiling and let him consume her. Have his way with her and make her feel all the body parts she had forgotten she had. It had been a while for her too and it was probably a good thing she kept the bush neat in case she were to slip and fall onto a dick. Case in point, today. They had made some small talk at the soirée at which they had been hosted. It quickly turned into a party and she felt his hard-on making its way between her butt cheeks and she knew she wanted it going further south and around into her eager minge.

She then slowly turned around and felt it’s warmth as it brushed around her hip and onto her lower abdomen. It was covered in thin satin it was almost like feeling it on her skin. He could not hide it anymore and they tightened the embrace and let it cool down before going for a night cap that led to her legs on full split and his dick so far up her guts she could have sworn he was reaching for her heart. He could feel his body at breaking point and he was sure this was no way to make a first impression. The walls were crumbling so fast around him and he panicked. He busted a load so big he only had the strength to roll over and apologise in bated breathe.

She could not even be mad. One round and she felt like the man had run a train on her. At least she had got her nut first even though she wanted the spasms to be with his dick filling her up. Jasmine turned around and rubbed his chest and promised him a second chance to show her all that he was on about while talking dirty or it was just the cocktail making him cocky and over-ambitious.

“I told you!” She chuckled in excitement as she attempted to pull the covers up.

“Told me what?”

“That this was too much woman for you.”

“Don’t judge a concert by its curtain raisers honey.”

“Will I be too greedy if I asked for an encore?”

“As long as you join the band and pick up the clarinet. Didn’t you say you were in the brass band?”

“I only said I did vocals once!”

“Well, if you ask me this was quite brazen of you.”

“Hahaha fuck you! You just wanted a chance to say that!”

“Aaaaaand that was the kicker!”

“And here I was thinking people got smarter after nutting.”

They both covered up and kept staring at the ceiling as she fiddled with his furry balls building him up for the next stiff one that she would swallow up real quick as soon as she got on top.

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