Willy Wanker

It was near impossible to think about her without pitching a tent in his pants. It has been a while since he last felt her skin on his. Her lips lock around his dick. The feel of her cold digits on his jerky stiffness. A feeling he didn’t enjoy too much now that she was away. The nostalgia almost had him sad but he remembered he could always self-induce on the dopamine by rubbing a quick one off. The palm, however soft, is in no way as soft as her vaginal walls would have been. Not as tactile as her tongue right below his glans and to top it all, the view as she rode him reverse cowgirl.

Choosing a good video is usually a part of the process. The home made one they had always had him finish in record time just by hearing her soft coo and his distant deep groan. The problem with that one is it got too sweet the director of photography lost it when he bust a nut. It was him. He was the director of photography. He didn’t have much of a choice here. The video was glaring right back at him. The play button was right on her cheek as incentive. He hit it and her turquoise lingerie lifted to reveal what she was sitting on.

Jasmine’s ass clenched as she lifted and sat back down to collect herself and repeat. The strokes took a toll on her and she paused for long as she internalized the sweetness coursing through her sacral plexus. His boxers were now well around his thighs as he held the phone on one hand and lay supine simulating the video and going at the same tempo. He needed to sleep real good tonight and he wanted to go out with his dick in his hand.

First there was a cold squirt into his hand and then a gentle rub as his member met his open palm halfway above his groin. Then there was a heartfelt throb along his veiny dick and one big one along its length popped as he squeezed firmly yet gently to spread the lube. He hissed as he reached the glans and wound his wrist to get it all in there and groaned as he took his closed fist down to his furry pair. Everything was all good and shiny just like his dick in the video and her ass as she popped it to take him in.

This had been the routine for days with different videos so this nut was a hard find and he was glad this was the case. This way, he’d enjoy the nut even if it meant getting sore after. On the video, he smacked one of her cheeks and parted it to reveal a rich pink around his dick and see her drip down to his balls. The hand moved to the small of her back and he couldn’t help but thrust into his hand and feel his own girth with a gentle squeeze. A draught came in and flirted with his dick head before leaving through the other open window.

He let it go fast and paused everything for a minute. This was not the time to bust it yet. There was a twirl she was yet to do that would give the same pleasure as watching a prima ballerina do a mean pirouette. Maybe more. Her cheeks clapping as she bounced on it were more like a standing ovation to her performance, only this time mostly seated with frequent lifts. Could be for him too because holding it in and keeping her seat warm, hard and throbbing was an extreme sport given the soft, wet comfort hugging it.

She got off her ride and lay on her side to taste herself off of him and gave him some time to buffer for the ride to come. The phone was still in his hand but in the video, his hands were getting tired and he switched to the left hand. There was no such option for his ongoing situation as much as he took pride in how ambidextrous he can be knowing deep down his dominant hand was the right and it came with that firm grip that simulated the tenacity of her kegels when she clenched on her upwards thrust.

Her lips wrapped so well around his dick head and he followed her lead and focused his short strokes closer to the tip. A gasp escaped and he closed his eyes only to hear her gurgle and spit with a muffled moan. The pressure was too much but his dick hadn’t had all the fun it needed yet and of course the daily quota of his seminal load had already been attained circa 4 days ago. His balls were colder than his general body temperature and it felt refreshing to fondle them for a change as the second spasm passed.

It was a good time to watch her commit all her buccal cavity to the suction. Her tongue swirled and he filled her up all the way to the back of her throat. She gagged, spat a little and rubbed the tip with her thumb right before getting on top again. His toes were in her palms now and she did a grind, a whine and elevated her butt cheeks on her way up only to come down fast and maintain the tempo. The change of rhythm felt like listening to the Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time and not knowing when the big climax would come.

She went fast then slow and he could not keep up anymore but he knew this is where they cum together so all caution to the wind now and complete freedom as she took him in and inspired him into palming his member into the throes of orgasm. Pure unadulterated pleasure only it was all in the head. Pun intended. He squeezed a little more on his tip and let the hand take it all the way down the shaft and back up for the final set. She was having her fun. An odyssey in which she inched closer to the destination with every bit of him inside her.

He was close too and he could feel it. The good thing about not having any more juice to give is that your body holds out long enough for you to feel the shocks in mini orgasms and small spasms as the big one builds up. If not careful, the dick would slip off the fingers from when it jerked in overwhelming sweet tremor.

He remembered how hot her box had turned mid stroke and the clench thereafter that induced his own euphoric mess. He was now stiff, his head levitating a little above the pillow and his legs in the air too with the toes curled. His whole body was in a crunch and once he had his release, the lethargic fall back onto the bed made it all feel like an astral projection.

He was just done watching himself get off almost twice over and for some reason it never grew old. He missed her even more now. He sure wouldn’t have minded a hand: a soft feminine one at that. He slept with dreams of better days and a hope that the next one comes down harder than the last. It was too good he let his hard on die in his hand, felt his blood redistribute as the pulse got weaker. That night, the sleep was dreamless for Willy.

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