The Maelstrom

By Jasmine,

Have you ever made love to the soundtrack of a movie?

Today I came home from the bar midmorning, tired and a little tipsy, after a long night of dancing to reggae and showing off my legs. I found him in bed and I drunkenly undressed and crawled under the duvet next to him.

“Hold me,” I purred, he pulled me in with my face against his chest smelling the traces of Davidoff on his soft velvety skin. Before I could count ten breaths, I was fast asleep. I woke up to kisses on my forehead and a bottle of water by the bedside.

Eyes closed, all other senses heightened, we consumed and inhaled each other softly yet hungrily with the movie soundtrack creating an air of indescribable romance…

I swung my feet off the bed and followed him to the bathroom; it’s where we have the most heartfelt conversations about anything and everything. A couple of kisses later and scrubbing each other’s backs, we were out hunting for leftovers in the fridge. I whipped up a quick meal and ate hastily because I wanted to go back to bed to finish Han Solo from last night, which we left halfway.

Back in bed, sprawled over each other me in the nude with only a pair of knickers, him fully clothed, we watched the movie lazily until the credits rolled up, then I turned over to stare into his eyes coz it makes me feel some typa way. I don’t recall who kissed whom first, but I remember tasting his soft lips with my nose rubbing his, his long fingers leaving long sensational trails all over my skin.

Eyes closed, all other senses heightened, we consumed and inhaled each other softly yet hungrily with the movie soundtrack creating an air of indescribable romance. Every time our lips parted or we came up for air, we went back in with uncontrollable yearning which was so satisfying yet left us hungry for more.

We kept moving and changing positions but our faces never parted as our lips danced to the haunting movie soundtrack. Before long my small cloth was soaking and I could smell the holy scent of arousal wafting in the air drowning me in sweet surrender. I gripped his knee between my legs and rubbed myself where they meet as my hands went on a tour inside his t-shirt finding his nipples and flicking them between my thumb and index like an instrument only I know how to play.

If I waited any longer I was going to blow my own mind instead of blowing the hard limb against my belly. I started to undress him pulling the t-shirt over his head and I barely got it off before his fingers rushed to the band around his waist as he nimbly removed his shorts followed by his boxers springing his free standing manhood into the air in rhythm with the ongoing movie soundtrack. I mirrored his actions and swiftly kicked my knickers off my feet without caring where they landed.

We lay there facing each other staring into the passionate embers burning deep in our eyes and our lips met again to continue the dance we so longed for. A minute didn’t pass by before he grabbed me and propped me up on his chest without breaking the kiss we shared as if our very lives depended on it. Without effort or guidance, his throbbing member found my dripping haven and slid in slowly inch by inch and for a moment there it felt as if the rhythm of the movie soundtrack was synchronized with the action joining our bodies and I couldn’t tell where his body ended and mine began.

His moans echoed in my mouth and I broke the kiss to brush my lips across his cheekbones, his majestic jawline and that little cave his shoulder blade forms from the tension created when he grips my ass. Having him moan in my ear drove me crazy and my moans escaped my mouth without any control. I could feel his dick deep in me throbbing with my muscles accepting all of him while squeezing him gently. Slowly I started moving my hips round and round guided by the electrical responses from my g-spot like an itch that demands to be scratched in the way it must be scratched.

I knew that I wouldn’t last long because his dick always hits the exact spots required of it. As I approached the elusive horizon, I imagined Han Solo escaping from the maelstrom in the flying saucer and just as he made that miraculous escape before the asteroids closed in, I lost my entire self to one moment in time as waves of unbelievable satisfaction crashed over me again and again to the point of tears. I had us sucked into our little maelstrom and I was the first one to crumble.

My orgasm always sends him over the edge and as my muscles teased him with squeezes and releases, he grabbed my ass and started thrusting upwards with unexpected strength announcing his release in my ear with an oh baby and an I love you. He emptied himself inside me as I affirmed him about his beauty, what an amazing being he is and what a lucky woman I am to have him.

“Maybe you should write about this”

“Maybe you should too”

At this point, I didn’t realize the movie soundtrack had already stopped a while back and as I rolled of him, I realized I had captured a perfect moment in time and I will never look at Star Wars the same.

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