Hun Solo

HHe sat in bed with his shorts and a t-shirt as she pranced around in just her red lacy underwear. The bra lay strewn next to the bed and it appeared the pants we soon to follow. It had been a few days without an orgasm from them both and it was getting on their nerves. It was almost like the opportunities were there but never really exploited for one reason or another. They almost knew what it felt like to be married.

She came in bed with a wry smile on her face and sniffed around moments later in disgust wondering what the funky smell was. Her nose landed her on his beard and for some reason it needed grooming. A moisturizing spray and a little deodorant later and he was whole and ready for the face time. They had not finished The Solo Story and she was eager to find out what happened to L3, the champion of the oppressed droids, an activist against subjugation and the embodiment of female empowerment.

He was just as taken too, and it was interesting to watch L3 reflect most of her best qualities as a strong black woman. The movie took all of 50 minutes and they snuggled in a warm embrace as the credits rolled up right after Chewie and Han flew into the nothingness in light speed on The Millennium Falcon. The kisses started slow and tender and escalated into a fervent exchange of fluids in no time. There is a way she moaned when his hands moved onto different parts of her body.

He traced his fingers on her back, sensually touched her arm pits and he’d feel the soft and folded skin react to his touch as she tightened the skin under her pits with a stretch of her arm. He ran his fingers along her ribs as if he were counting them one by one and dwelt on her last to and put some considerable pressure with his thumb between them just to hear her gasp. He plucked at every one like you would with a double bass and she responded in a perfect melody.

His fingers tenderly glided over her belly and onto her pubic mound via the bikini line. She’d fold her leg every time he’d move from side to side playing along her bikini line where her CS incision was. The place is an erogenous hot spot that sent her quivering in his arms as her kisses became wetter and deeper. He picked up on her rhythm as she ground her pubic mound on his knee ever so slow and moaning down his neck from the pleasure. His hands were wrapped around her and he grabbed her ass cheeks and slapped her pants against her cheeks using the elastic band.

Her cumming was an event by itself. It was often sequential from the angle she rode, how he lifted his hips up to meet her pelvis and sink it all in…

His fingers dug deeper into her butt crack and parted her cheeks as he kissed her switching from lower to upper lip on both sides. The more his kisses lingered, the more she squirmed and bent to his will. Or maybe he was the one bending to hers. If she eventually ended up on top, he’d know who was in charge.

She hinted she needed him to be naked and he complied. Taking off his shirt to reveal the nipples she loved so much to suck on. She rubbed her finger on the right nipple and went back to kissing after he had gotten rid of his shorts. Now that the clothes were out of the way, she relished and looked at his hardness greedily and anticipating to play with his balls between her fingers.

All was forgotten as soon as she got on top. She preferred taking it super slow as she is on top to feel the length and girth move up about inside of her. The tip made initial entry and the warmth engulfed his dick prompting him to remind himself not to cum too soon or else ruin the moment. A conscious decision was made to postpone the nut until after she came.

Her cumming was an event by itself. It was often sequential from the angle she rode, how he lifted his hips up to meet her pelvis and sink it all in, how he lay back to let her sit on it all the way with no stroking just to feel it throb within her and back to the riding. Most often if this was a long awaited nut this would be the time to release but he held back and thought of dead puppies and what not in a concerted effort to keep his boner had and throbbing at the same time.

It is then that her temperature rose with her tempo. Riding back and forth as deep as it could go. Her mound rubbing on his with her clit open to stimulation by his tender pubes. If you had never known that they serve a good purpose, now you do. Manscape with her in mind. She pressed onto his chest and leaned in to kiss him.

Her lips were as soft as the inside of a rose petal. Her lips as wet as they could be like young leaves with morning dew. Her breath down his neck and into his ears almost tripped the wire but he held back. He could feel it was close from her mini spasms that were building up. Her thighs trembled against his and she adjusted herself with every stroke so that she could feel it all against her walls.

Her moans were soft yet loud. Tender yet passionate. Warm yet came like a breath of fresh air. Her grip as tenacious as it was enthusiastic, and he could feel her climax come from her high pitch and the wetness all over his dick as she kept riding hard. She was out to pay back and she wanted her pay in nut. He could feel it coming and at this point there was no holding back since she already got the big one but it didn’t hurt to feel her twitch as he kept pounding from below.

Her walls clenched on his dick and demanded their dues. He felt it course through his body and straight into her in a long infrequent pulse. She did not let him pull out for one moment until it went limp inside her. All this while staring deep into his eyes that could barely open as she whispered words of affirmation. He blushed and kissed her as she went on and on about how amazing he was and would love to keep doing it.

What really caught his attention was that she loved how nice, slow and tender it always was with him. Soft touches, lingering kisses, penetrating looks, skin on skin, pure nakedness and not in just the one way. She loved him more than she knew how to express and let him know how best she knew. One more kiss and she rolled over as the dick slipped out of her. She moaned softly one last time as she lay on her side.

“I want to give it to you in no way you will ever receive it out there. I want you to cringe every time you look at any woman that way.”

He laughed and said, “I see now why the exes are crazy after you.”

She giggled and sat up to look at him half in exasperation and half in glee.

“I want to be your only one”

“Okay. I will save you on my phone as Hun Solo. How is that for a start?”

They both laughed and he ran off to pee as he stared at his ample man bum. He looked back and smiled as he closed the door behind him.

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