Pan-Dorah’s Box

The seat reclined further under her added weight and forced his eyes open as she made herself comfortable astride him. He was so stoned off his rocker all he did was smile wryly and move a little on the side to let her rest most of her weight on him and off her legs since she was about to be there a while. She leaned in for a kiss and gave him a scenic tour along her cleavage before kissing him lightly. Her Givenchy Play did the trick and his eyes got wider as he got interested.

The two had been flirting for a while as they passed the blunt as well as the smoke into each other as their lips touched lightly. She had this sticky but sweet lip gloss that kept making him wait for the next time he’d blow some smoke into her mouth. She was complying, with a tilt of her head and slow bats of the eyelids to simulate a passionate kiss. He sat up and looked at her lips then into her eyes.

Hi, I am Martin.

He had seen this coming but hadn’t thought she’d make the first move. Martin was as shaken as he was stirred. The warmth from her vagina hit his dick and he could feel the stir in his loins and a bulge to his left and into the pocket recess. She could feel it too on her right thigh and she adjusted her leg so that she’d feel most of its length to see if this venture would have been worth her while.

He immediately knew that if he were to open this hot box, it should be with his eyes wide open because it packed heat and he knew it would be trouble from the get go. This is how men become one-minute men. This is exactly how most men fall in love. This was pandora’s box and there’d be havoc.

Hi back at you. You can call me Dorah.

Martin slowly drew her in with a smile for a kiss and she went in lips parted and legs even wider apart. He licked her cupid’s bow with the tip of his tongue and did the same with her lower lip. She took a long suck on his lower lip and he kissed right back. Every now and again, he’d pause to bite, lick and tease her into kissing her even deeper.

Her mound contacted his bump and she pulled him closer as she ground on his boner. The dry hump took her on a trip, and she could feel her clit throb for some action. He loosened his belt and she slid her damp panties to the side and let his dick part her pussy lips before letting him in nice and slow. She adjusted her weight to her knees and slowly bounced on his laps as his belt buckle jingled to her rhythm.

A few strokes in and Martin got creative after she got overwhelmed and stopped riding to savor the dick. Her kegels were about to cut this party short and he had to do something. He kicked the footrest on the recliner back in and gently lay her on her back on the rag. All this while no one was the wiser at the balcony as they passed on a fresh blunt and did shots to the new year with the cliché better sex and better cheques toast.

He pulled out and she held it in as long as she could before letting it go in a guttural moan. He slid his dick between her lips and slapped her clit with his glans and she could not take the tease. Every now and again, she’d arch her back and he’d slip back in. Santa definitely had this one on his naughty list and she was not having it. She gifted herself alright. Martin leaned in and kissed her legs and held them up to access the back of her knees, her seat and went on to dramatically split them open and dive in nose first into her wet, demanding pussy.

She was not ready for the tongue lashing she received and damn near screamed on initial contact. He was gentle and grazed her lady bits against his teeth and she could have sworn she saw the while light. Her ass was tight and melanated so well he could hear the honey-glazed buns beg for a toss. He turned her on her stomach and pulled her to his face into a sweet arch and gave her sweet crack a steady lick from the base of her hood all the way to the perineum and had her tapping into the carpet in muffled thuds.

The view, albeit obstructed by her free-flowing dress, was one to die for. In retrospect, gave it all a little room for imagination…

Dorah could not remember when this last happened and at this point she was glad he tossed the salad because by Jove she could feel them go rancid, so to speak. He did a clean up on the whole aisle and then some. One more tongue flick and suction around his lips sent her collapsing back on her tummy and before she could breathe, he had gathered her dress and thrown it over her back and slowly tested his girth against her tightness.

They worked like a well-greased machine. She threw her ass back and he slid a pillow from the seat for her comfort. She parted her cheeks and he went an inch deeper. He slightly squeezed her around her neck from the back and he could feel her insides convulse as she pulled him further in by his ass cheeks. He put most of his weight on her back and she let go and let him mount her and let him drum his own beat as she gave him some melody to go with the accompanying claps.

He must have unlocked a new level because she quickly stretched her hands forward and switched up on him while he was still inside. He now lay supine with his hands still around her waist and she was back to bouncing on his dick in reverse. The view, albeit obstructed by her free-flowing dress, was one to die for. In retrospect, gave it all a little room for imagination.

He finally found the zipper and the dress collapsed around her. She pulled it over her head and kept riding and grinding. Ever so slow then the claps are what would bring him back to earth every time she picked up a faster pace. Her tits were ever so free, and he could see them bouncing from the sides in glee. He felt it across his spine and so did she. The boner always has that last powerful kick that touched her in all the right spots as it pulsed inside her.

Martin turned Dorah to the side and chose to finish in style. He touched her everywhere and kissed all he could reach from the side of her neck, right boob, twirled around the areola and counted the ribs with his tongue as he kissed them in between the bumps up to the side of her belly. His fingers found her eager clit and he rubbed it between his fingers as he inched further in with every stroke.

She could not hold it in anymore. This was it. She squealed and the louder it got, the more he rubbed on her clit in an ever-increasing pace. He gave one last push and she pushed back her bum cheeks spreading on his belly and laps as they both hit a crescendo. They both rolled to the side on their backs giggling and completely winded.

Ladies and gents, that is how the cookie crumbled.

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