Pound of Flesh

By Jasmine

He came home from work last night and found me watching Bojack Horseman from the couch. I was still mad at him for suggesting that I should cook dinner even though I’ve cooked breakfast and dinner all week. I don’t like his level of comfort and he knows. He kissed me smack on the lips and I tasted the Mary Jane immediately. Shocking because he usually doesn’t smoke. I also had a scent of my own that I wanted him to experience, my fingers smelled like spices and orgasms but before I could tell him about it he bid me good night because he expected a fight instead. I contemplated sleeping on the couch to punish his ass but the damn mosquitoes wouldn’t leave me alone. I reluctantly went to bed, undressed and crawled in facing the other way.

I was waiting for you to join me…

So why the hell didn’t you ask me to come to bed with you?

I am frustrated because I’m falling harder than I bargained for and it scares the daylights out of me. He knows but he wants me to say the words. I turned around and told him exactly how I felt in the dark. He kissed my forehead and pulled me in by my waist to kiss my neck. He smelled so good like always, like his Old Spice shower gel and deodorant.

I feel the same way babe, there’s nothing wrong or weak in feeling like this…

The whisper in my ear drove me wild with some sort of comfort tinged with desire. I felt his hand tracing over my skin from my neck to my chest, his nimble fingers finally resting on my nipple. At the same time he kissed my neck again, he pinched my nipple and a soft moan escaped from deep in my gut where I felt pleasurable pain. Whenever we have sex it comes as a surprise to me and as always, I wasn’t expecting this to go anywhere.

You like that don’t you, mama nasty?

I had no voice to respond. I lay on my back as his sweet veined hands explored over my ribcage, lingering on my belly button, coming to rest on my mound, leaving a wake of sinful disaster in their wake. How can one person have such knowledge over another’s body? He kneaded my mound with his fingertips and sweet warmth spread to my thighs. without thinking, my legs opened to give him access to that place that makes both our lives spin in never-ending pleasure.

I could feel his head rubbing my lips spreading the wetness up and down my slit.

His fingertips slowly but with precision from experience opened my outer labia to have his thumb and forefinger slightly pinching my fat clit with just the right amount of pressure. His other hand found its way under my back going all the way to my left nipple. Every time he would rub my pleasure button like a tiny dick he would also pinch my left nipple and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I started crumbling. Just as I started feeling the waves of pleasure building up at the base of my clit, he fixed his warm, parched lips on my other nipple and I lost myself in a space where only wanton pleasure exists. My clit had a pulse and every time it would thump he would pinch and I thought I’d never come back to reality.


I came back to reality to my shaking legs and him holding me telling me how beautiful I am and how in love with me he is. This mellow tone didn’t last for long before he requested to give it to me and I eagerly obliged. He turned me over facing away from him in the foetal position he loves, his favourite I surmised even though he hardly admitted it. He must have thought it to be the laziest pose and he liked his sexercise alright.

I brought my knees to my chest exposing my entire ass to do with whatever he chose. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and knelt behind my ass and lifted the top cheek before doing a finger check. His digit came back dripping and he substituted it with some meat bigger and sweeter. I could feel his head rubbing my lips spreading the wetness up and down my slit. He kept this going and just as I was about to protest, he plunged his whole length inside me impaling me with so much pleasure that I felt my throat catch. It slid in with so much ease from all the pregaming I had done while he was away.



We both laughed but before I could wind up my laughter, he grabbed both my legs from the knees and started fucking me in earnest. If I wasn’t feeling so much satisfaction, I would think he was trying to punish me. With every thrust, I could feel his balls slapping my thighs and this drove me wild for some reason, combined with the clapping sound when he spanked me out of nowhere. He knows I don’t like to be spanked but he did again and again and I lost whatever little control I had left in me. I let him have his way with me without barriers, I couldn’t recall what day it was or where we were, the only thing I was sure of is how much I wanted this man to fuck me, and fuck me he did.

Hivi ndio huwa unaipenda?


Na mbona husemi? 

I had let him sleep hungry and I lowkey felt guilty about it. He mustn’t be entitled to a warm body and meal every day. He’d be spoilt! I was a bad girl for this and I needed the punishment. He went slow, deep, fast and loose with his right hand all over me while his left lifted my butt cheek as if to literally take his pound of flesh while he pounded away. I was a little girl all over again whimpering as he flipped me to lie on my stomach and took me from behind. I arched my back and my ass was raised to high heavens to meet his dick in the rhythm he had set.

His climax was close, I could tell from the speed and strength of his thrust, his deep groans, his fingers digging into the skin on my ass. When his dick started pulsating, I started clenching the muscles inside my pussy in tandem with him. He pumped all his nut inside me with smaller and smaller thrust before he collapsed in a heap on top of me. We stayed this way for a while before he slid out to get us wet wipes.

Is this your black king?

As he covered me with the duvet and held me in his hands, I wondered how sex could get better and better every time with the same person.

Babe, my post nut clarity is telling me that we should go again…

I knew we were going to do it again that night and we did, twice more, but that’s a story for another day…    

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