Morning Dew

By Jasmine

Is there anything like too much sex? He says not, but I beg to differ. The number of times he has rearranged my furniture with just one piece of wood, I’m beginning to lose count. I smoked a jay last evening while he was at work, the thing with Mary Jane is, she makes your skin one big sexual organ. His t-shirt on my nipples, his bedsheets on my back and the duvet between my thighs.

I explored my body so much thinking about his teeth slightly grazing my nipples, and if the wet puddle on his bedsheets was anything to go by, my body responded to my touch in spectacular fashion. By the time he got home, my clit was exhausted and my thighs were still shaking. He still dragged me to the shower as my thighs rubbed against each other with the juices dripping from my divine flower. He held me all night probably saving up for the morning.

I pulled myself up and with legs astride him, I teased his nipples with my mouth one more time. I was so wet by now, but I still had enough control to tease his head with my dripping labia.

I woke up from darts of pleasure shooting from my nipples all the way to the folds between my creamy chocolate thighs. My breasts are just a fistful and when I lie on my back, they sit proudly on my chest nipples shooting in the air. How can a man waking up to such a view resist just a little touch?

He circled his thumb around my jet black areola before pinching my nipple with just the right amount of pressure; then ended with his forefinger gliding over the end of my nipple then pressing in.

How does that feel?” He asked.

“Babe you make my body feel so good”, I cooed.

“Then tell me everything you feel.”

I couldn’t give verbal feedback, so I moaned and groaned each time I felt my wet cunt prompt him to enter.

I wanted to share the pleasure I was feeling with him, I turned over while he lay on his back and closed my lips over his left nipple, while my left hand worked on his right nipple. I scratched lightly with my long scarlet nails before I pinched it hard until his hot breath gushed on the back of my neck as he moaned without holding back. His skin against mine turned me on, even just the colour of it makes my clit sing in long pulses.


I brought my mouth to his right nipple, his favourite, it responded with more sensation I think, because the moans got deeper and more guttural. I lifted his hands and pulled my long nails through his armpit, down his ribs as I left a long trail of kisses down his belly, with his groans cheering me on. Every time my lips touched his skin, he shivered, when my nipples slightly made contact we both melted.

I slowly went down to his thighs, I spread them and kissed his inner thighs until I got to where his legs meet the body and I let my lips linger there for a moment. I inhaled his musk as I brought my entire face to meet his balls and I moaned at the base of his hard shaft. Don’t ask why but the thought of taking all of him inside me triggered a moan. It took all my control not to take his prick and swallow the entire length.

His dick was hard on his belly, the underside looked so inviting and I couldn’t help but flick my tongue from the base, slowly inching upwards towards the bulbous angry head. It kept twitching with pain, pleasure and anticipation. Just when I got to where a hard line circles the glans, I went back to the base and started teasing upwards again until he begged me to taste him. The drop of precum leaking from the glans looked and smelled too inviting, I eagerly licked it and it tasted as good as it smelled.

I teased the opening with my tongue before I swallowed the whole head inside my dick-sucking supple lips. I kept sucking as I allowed all his inches to slide inside my warm mouth. I kept bobbing up and down as his head touched the back of my throat and my lips engulfed his base. At that very moment, I was his dirty slut ready to do anything for his pleasure. The only reason I didn’t let him finish in my mouth is how badly my wet pussy needed to be stroked by this glorious prick. I requested for permission to board and he consented with eager nods.

“Sit on me baby”, he begged.

I had no choice but to oblige. I pulled myself up and sat with legs astride him, I teased his nipples with my mouth one more time. I was so wet by now, but I still had enough control to tease his head with my dripping labia. With my hand holding his shaft, I rubbed my lips until his head opened my flower and touched my clit sending strings of shock up my spine.

If I didn’t have him then I’d have gone crazier than I already was. Slowly, I slid his head inside me and my whole body thanked me for the pleasure in inconceivable places. I tightened my kegels and swallowed his inches one by one, his head left a path of pleasure on my walls as my labia trapped him inside my warm wet honey pot.

In this position, my g-spot is ever so available to his hard strong manhood. He knows my body so well and he helped me rock on him back and forth as I approached the cliff from where I was to jump off into an ocean of pleasure, if I drown, I drown. I was so close then, one little insignificant action and I would have tripped and exploded right in front of him.

“Baby cum for me now.”

I tripped. I lost it. Nothing else made sense except the waves carrying me to the top. My clit started trembling, my thighs shook, my walls clenched and my nipples were hard as fuck. I was cumming. I gushed all over his tool. He lifted my ass and started fucking me in earnest, prolonging my orgasm. He was close too and I could feel the pulse in his dick so deep inside my holiness. I rode him so hard and he lifted his ass off the bed to thrust inside me. I wanted to feel him cum inside me, he didn’t disappoint me as he grabbed me close to him and finished in small thrusts as all his energy swirled up inside me.

I wanted every morning to be like this, I thought, as he held me close to his chest.

I love him.

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