Potato Crouch

It was getting late and Jasmine had started dozing off on the couch. He watched from a distance as she drifted, and her face shrouded in a childish innocence unaware and indifferent to her surroundings. His little potato couch was home.


“Yeah? Why did you pause my series? I was watching that!”

“You slept, babe. Let me take you to bed, okay?”

“One more episode and we go, okay?”

She got done with the episode and went out for a blunt. She is often a lot of fun when buzzed. Her slurred speech, the half-shut eyes and the chances she never wasted to hit on him. She always felt extra sexy too and always off shouldered the top she was wearing to reveal more neck. Maybe she was just feeling hot but well, nothing wrong in seeing the duplicity of her intent.


“Yes, love”

“Why don’t you ever buy me flowers?”

“I do not want a temporary sign of my affection. I’d want something that would always remind you of how much I love you but things being as they may, I will have to settle with temporary but recurrent.”

“LOL stop! You are doing it again!”

“Doing what babe?” She could see a smile on the corner of his mouth because he knew what he was doing.

“Hitting on me like that to get away from my question.”

“Was it working?”

She took a long puff and just chuckled. She played her cards close to her chest and he respected that.

“Let’s go back in. It’s getting cold.” He had this stern daddy voice when it came to issuing an instruction in a way she never found a voice to object. It didn’t feel imposed but protective, loving and straight up a panty remover.

“Did you brush your teeth today. You are not kissing me with that foul mouth young man?”

“Yikes, you know how I am with brushing teeth at night.”

She lifted herself on her toes to sniff around his mouth and to have a feel of his lips before he brushed. He drew her in and took his tongue on a short tour around her lips for taste and he could feel her body get heavier on his hands. Almost like she was leaving her body to be elevated by his kisses into another realm. A utopian rhapsody, and if you know what it does to you when high, you would run for your blunt now.

He held her and supported her with the wall because he too, was getting woozy. The hallway was lit by the bathroom light and her jawline was sharpened by the contrast and her throat was tubular as it channelled into her mouth as she reached out to get more of him. It begged for his tenacious grip around it to feel the vibrations as she moaned and he went for it. He then paused and held her by the cheeks in between his fingers and watched her beg for more without saying a word. Her unbridled angst made her even sexier and turned him on the more. He pulled her in and she pushed away after a light kiss.

“I want you to fuck me, babe.”

“How bad?”

“I will show you after I take my phone. You just brush your teeth and get fresh for mummy.”

She jaywalked into the Livingroom and fumbled around the seat to fetch her phone and all this while he watched in awe. He spat out the foam and went to her aid with his lower lip between his teeth. He didn’t even realize how lustful he looked until she snuffed the dreamy gleamy lights off his eyes.

“What? I can’t seem to find my phone.”

She had sat on the armrest going through her purse and on looking up, she was eye-level with his monstrosity. The bulge was bigger point blank like that and it evoked something in her hard to place. She reached for it on the surface and traced it to the tip and then released it. It now hung free and begged for her lips every time he clenched his butt and flexed his kegels. She gagged on it and insisted on eye contact the whole time.

There was a fire between her legs and he wasn’t sure if he was stoking it or putting it out but his wood sure felt stiffer, warm and glowed with a fiery flicker every time he withdrew before going in again.

He rolled his head back and on occasion looked down at her, ran his fingers through her short hair as he watched himself disappear in her buccal cavity and come back out drenched and dripping of spit. She went for his butt and pulled him in with one hand and he released the clench and went deep on her palate. She tagged on it and playfully tongued below the tip and that was his turning point. No way he was ending this with a facial.

He stood her up and just as she thought they were going to finish it in bed, he turned her around and went for her exposed neckline, behind the jawline and into her ear and before she knew where he was going with it, he bent her over the armrest. She protested but he gently but authoritatively insisted. It was new, exciting and scary too. They had not done this before and the prospect of anyone coming to the main door fueled their passion.

He dropped his pants and walked out of them and got rid of hers promptly. He kicked her right leg astride and half her weight was left supported by the armrest. He took a quick second to behold the sight before him. Her butt was well elevated to reveal her dimples on the small of her back, her curves, the tightened calf muscles as she tiptoed to raise her vagina to his dick level. He secretly wondered if she was ready for the pounding she was about to get and rubbed his palms like some malevolent villainous scientist in a movie would.

She gasped on initial entry and he was sure to make sure she took all of him nice and slow. He slapped the base of his dick on her bouncy ass after every few strokes. Her box was too hot and he needed his interludes lest this party got cut short too soon. He slid it back in and felt her warm up around his girth and play with her muscles. She held him in and let him marinate in her juices before letting him go on that long, slow stroke back out again. There was a fire between her legs and he wasn’t sure if he was stoking it or putting it out but his wood sure felt stiffer, warm and glowed with a fiery flicker every time he withdrew before going in again.

Her knees tapped out too soon again and he brought her legs together and tightened her up real good and went on with a faster beat to it this time. The room was dimly lit and the only sound other than hers was the neighbour’s kid waking up the parents to soiled pants or something. His mind wandering to listen to the sounds was his way of distracting himself from the good serving he was getting. She sunk further into the seat head first and left her ass in the air for the taking.

He took her from behind and part her bum to get a better view of her taking him in. All this while she was grappling with how it got to be like this. Groping around the armchair for an anchor to hold her down from taking off because his pumps were a sure push in that direction.

“Yeeeesss babe give it to me like that; don’t stop!”

“I am not getting off your juicy ass any time soon,” he said, as he smacked her ass and parted the cheeks for a better view.

He grunted, groaned and slowed his strokes. He pulled out and slapped his dick on her ass and rubbed on her mound, felt her erect clit on his dickhead rubbed away as they both tickled each other into an earth spinning orgasm. She clenched and held his dick between her tender thighs. He was lowkey glad it was not his hand or neck this time. He went back in and this time to bring down her roof. The first domino had fallen and it was not fair to stop mid-stream. He went in hot and came out cold. Dipped slow and rammed fast. She gave up keeping up with his rhythm and just let herself feel things.

Her breath was heavier and throatily sexy. Her guttural groans told him how far in her guts her was and he found this quite encouraging. She clenched on his manhood mid-stroke and let herself enjoy the full wave of the second orgasm this time with him inside. He pulled out in a sense of urgency and he too was cumming hard. The build-up had rendered him shuttered under the pulses of his own orgasm. She turned around to sit down to get her weight off her stomach and lazily watched his member throb and kick it’s last between his fingers with cum dripping in between them.

She watched him walk away to the toilet to clean up and bit her lip at the prospect of seeing his man bum again in bed hopefully doing more to her body than she could ever wrap he mind around.

“Do you know I am a respectable woman?”

He snickered, “What do you mean babe? Didn’t you like it?”

“I did. What is throwing me off is that I don’t do that screamy shit with the possible audience of the neighbours much less bent over an armchair. Now how am I to face them when we bump into each other on the stairway?”

He couldn’t tell for sure if she was mad or flattered but he liked her feisty. A fight was brewing within her on whether to deem it obscene or take his surprising dick-downs as they came, pun intended. She picked her phone from the edge of the cushion and went to the toilet to let her vagina breathe. He grabbed her, turned her around and kissed her long and deep before letting her go with a smack on her ass. Her duck-walk was beautiful to watch.



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