Pillow Billows

The July cold remained undefeated even after wearing all the warm clothes from head to toe. Fingers were still numb, and the bed always beckoned. Before retiring, Jasmine went for a smoking session in which he joined begrudgingly. He never really like to smoke. He came in after her first puff of some of the finest neighbourhood reefer and blew it in the air and let her mind wander with the smoke. She signalled him to take a hit and he obliged. Two puffs in and they were both laughing at not laughing at each other. Don’t even try making sense of it when sober.

It wasn’t much so they closed the kitchen balcony door and went back to sleep. He walked ahead, and she grabbed his ass and pulled him in mocking how he does it when horny. The thing about being that smoked out is that you get the munchies and it’s either for your human snack or some edibles while your snack snacks on you.

“That is how people get fucked.”

“I dare you.” She said as she squeezed on his man bum and part the cheeks as she spanked and grabbed his ass one more time.

She knew it always left him confused. She could see from his face he was wondering whether to be flattered, feel violated or both. He turned mid smack and her right hand landed on his left thigh. His pants were tighter and feeling it up higher, was his indifferent semi-boner. Cottonmouth kissing is fun when it is light. They both licked their lips and went in for the kiss. Their lips touched lightly and ever so gently as if they were both teasing to see who will break first and go wild. Both their lips were so sensitive, so they chose to stay tender.

She went in for the lower lip suck and tagged with her teeth. Jasmine got on her toes and went for his neck and he had to support himself on the counter. There is high, then there is high, euphoric and horny. There are levels to this. She lifted his sweatshirt to reveal his skin tightened all around his body and she could see the rise and fall of his diaphragm with every kiss she planted on him and it was instant gratification for her. Her fingers were cold, and he almost lost a whole lungful when she wrapped her fingers around his stomach. Her nails were a tad colder than her fingertips and she knew just what to do with them.

He could see her mound unravel and her lips glisten with her juices. She wet his dick on her tongue and he slid it right in and seeing the veins dilate on its length as it went in and out made her even hornier.

She loosened the trouser he was wearing and felt about inside it for what she was craving so much. A few gentle strokes inside the trouser were enough to make him drop the act and go straight for the kill. He turned her around and pinned her to the wall with kisses landing on her exposed face, neck and earlobe. She was helpless, and her knees often gave in. They turned to jello in the presence of warm kisses from cold lips behind the ear and down the neck.

He dropped his pants to his knees and did the same for her too. They were both at half mast and their skins glowed in the kitchen fluorescent light. She rubbed her butt cheeks on his member and gave him the green light to ram it right in. Needless to say, she was a bit parched at first so he spat on his meat and lowered himself a bit to take it from below and let some of her weight rest on his laps as he pounded her well into the throes of pleasure.

He was gentle at first, letting just the head play around her lips and watch as they enveloped his glans. When her outsides were as wet as her insides, she let her weight go and the intensity of the first full stroke froze her on his laps. She could barely take it. Her knees buckled, and he saw a window. Still supporting himself on the counter, he held both of her hands against the wall by her wrists and propped her to be upright but with her ass exposed, well-rounded and spread on his left palm.

Slow strokes with kisses at the back of her neck almost had them both trembling in pleasure and the floor was the imminent destination. He pinned her hands to the wall again by her wrists and gave it to her with so much gusto. She moved with his rhythm because hers was lost between the thigh tremors and the echo of her screams on the kitchen walls. His strokes weakened, and she picked the cue. She let him rest his ass on the cold tiles on the counter and put some work on her twerk.

There was a wave on her ass every time her ass met his laps and she parted them farther to take all of him in. She didn’t last long on that ride. Her body gave in and he had to pin her back and take her slower but steadier this time. She gave up trying and pushed him off with the little strength left. Jasmine took his glistening dick into her half-cold hands and tagged him to the bedroom to finish what she had started. They both duck-walked to the bedroom with their pants knee-high and with the taste of colour on their tongues.

She sat on the bed and her hips broadened just before she lifted them beckoning him to come right in with her index. He could see her mound unravel and her lips glisten with her juices. She wet his dick on her tongue and he slid it right in and seeing the veins dilate on its length as it went in and out made her even hornier. She remembered why she liked fucking with the lights on. The pair looked so beautiful dovetailed into each other in advanced missionary. He probed deeper into her with every stroke and felt like he could consume her like she would him.

They were both at the precipice and needed a good push. He pulled in a pillow to elevate her moist, trimmed, grassy knoll and show more of her thighs to him as he kissed the calves within reach and even behind her knees. She was helpless. If they were two stick figures, they’d both be on fire and billowing smoke on the pillow by now. Jasmine was raging hot for him just as he was for her and he could feel her vagina get wetter as she gushed around his meat. He paused to enjoy the contractions and it almost set him off too soon.

“Babe, take it off”

“Take what off?”

“Take the shirt off babe. I want to see all of you as you make love to me.”

She prompted him with a tummy rub and damn her luminous green acrylics looked so good on his abs. She spread all of the ten feeling all of him and lingering around the nipples as he took his shirt off. There he was. She wondered why she couldn’t devour him whole instead of six inches at a time. Stroking her deep and slow almost as if to make every inch count.

“Babe you know I love you right?”

“Yes babe, show me how much.”

“What is our target today, five orgasms?”

“If you will still be pumping by then, I am here for it.”

“Challenge accepted.”

“Oh, fuck! You are so beautiful.”

“And so are you, babe. Kiss me!”

He went lower and put his lips right next to her eat and let her wind her legs around his back. Her calves pushed him deeper in every chance they got, and she was almost there. He could hear it in her breath and how fast she wanted it. He lifted himself off and delivered the finish she had been building up to. Her clit was engorged and crying for attention. He took it between his index and thumb and rubbed gently above the hood as if he was stroking a boner, just a lady boner this time.

The second wave came in a tidal power like they both hadn’t seen before. Her body retired in a lump as she begged him to stop and let it run its course.

“I think I will die if you go for one more.”

“How did we do this time?”

“A paltry 3 you moron.” She could still manage some sarcasm even on tenterhooks. It was delightful to watch.

“I guess I owe you two more then.” The smirk on his face was telling that he was up to no good. She pulled him back up and took his soft lips against hers. Her eyes were half open and he couldn’t tell if it was from the orgasms or from the weed. Either way, she was right where she wanted to be.

“No, not now please, I will die. I don’t want to die, babe.” She said as she struggled to make eye contact on her Asian persuasion.

“Okay. I guess we can carry it forward.”

“What about your nut babe?”

“I guess we will have to carry that forward too.” He planted a kiss on her forehead as she regained her breath and she assumed the fetal position. He held her until her shivers died down and when her thighs were less tense and as tender as he loved them. Ready for a round two.

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