Honey Drop

You are smelling great by the way.



Nothing. Keep listening.

No, you said something, say it again.

Make me.

It is at this point that he faced forward and rolled his tongue in his mouth and smacked his lips against it. She was daring him to kiss her right there and then but he knew there was no good that would come of it. He had heard her anyway but only in the passing. One more affirmation is all he needed.

She had come straight up and sat in their favorite spot in the hall. Right where they had met for the first time 2 years back. The seat on his right was always empty, a reservation for her. His folded white cane was put on it to ward off any other latecomers. He did not know whether she liked to make an entrance or she just wanted the boring curtain raisers to get it over with. She was always on time for the Spoken Word main act every Thursday like clockwork.

You’re early for the main act today…

She kissed him on the cheek and put aside his white cane. He smiled and let her lean on him as the show went on. She liked sitting here with him. It was their one day that they spent doing something enjoyable to both of them. Maybe it was the way he focused and listened and paid no attention to distractions. He’d get irritated if people started murmuring in the audience. She could tell from how he clenched his fist around the folded cane every now and again. She’d turn and give any heckler the middle finger for being unnecessarily loud on occasion.

The show ended on a high note with an amazing acoustic band performance. It was pitch dark outside but that only scared her. Living in darkness has its perks. They walked back to the hostels arm in arm and she walked him back to his place. This was mostly the routine and with any luck, she’d end up sleeping at her place which was not too far from his.

She turned around and rear-ended himself onto his mouth so gently then arched her back to rest her lovelorn pussy onto his ready tongue gently.

He reached for the keys and she turned the key and switched on the light. He got her jacket off her back and came in close to kiss her. She took off his shades while he helped her shed most of her loose clothing. He held her by her waist pulled her in and looked right at her. She felt the stare deep into her soul. It was the way his eyes did not flatter much. The way he felt every touch, every kiss. His eyes may not have responded to much but she felt he could see her. Right through her as if she were transparent.

He had this perfect image of her. He’d run his fingers from her nape and into her hair to rub her scalp gently and bring her in for a kiss. His large hands grabbed either side of her face and took her in. His right thumb felt her cheek, played around with her beauty spot, rubbed her nose and ran over her freckles like braille. He felt the little hair right above her lips. He always made fun of her mustache even though the hair was not visible. He stopped right below the tip of her nose and rubbed on the philtrum before she parted her cold moist lips to make way for his thumb. She sucked on it and felt his boner push on her navel. She felt beautiful in his presence. Whole and consumed by his peaceful aura and tender touches.

He felt the side of her arm with the back of his hand. She was sleeveless. She went on stripping one piece of clothing after another and she was finally naked in a pool of her own clothes beneath her feet. He kissed her and cupped her supple tits in both his hands and felt around her bumpy areola for a nipple to take to his tongue. Her body hair was on end and her nipples erect against his thumb tips. He was not sure whether it was the cold or his electrifying touch.

Lexxy undid his belt as he kissed him while standing on the tips of her toes. His palms held her face up and half her weight with it. His pants fell free and she liberated his hard-on onto the warmth of her palm. She tugged and he followed submissively. She turned him around and pushed him onto the bed. It was always like a trust fall for him even though he knew exactly where the bed was.

Her naked thighs rubbed on the sides of his hairier ones and she kissed his body. The bumps on his side that he got from getting knocked around. His rock hard abs as he breathed hard. He slapped his hands off when he was about to stop her. He still obeyed. She went for his nipples and he crumbled like a damp cookie in milk. He was hard in her hands and his dick throbbed as she kissed the sides of his thighs and up his crotch.

She turned around and rear-ended himself onto his mouth so gently then arched her back to rest her lovelorn pussy onto his ready tongue gently. She flipped her braids to the side and took his dick into her mouth and the hunger games began. She gasped as he sucked onto her skin folds. Dipping it around the entrance to her vagina and coming back out to her clitoris. He licked and purred on her kitty and at that very moment, he realized why everyone made a beeline for her hive. He felt lucky as fuck. His tongue twirled and he could feel her moan with the dick gagging and muffling her moans.

She massaged his furry balls and put some pressure on his perineum before dipping her pinky into his chocolate starfish. He was not ready. He gasped and almost grazed her labia with his teeth. She withdrew and let him recover from the intrusion.

Did you like it?

I don’t know. Why would you do that? It’s weird!

I guess it was only fair I took your ass virginity since you gladly took mine.

It was a one-time thing babe and I was super lubed so all holes felt the same around my dick. I am sorry okay.

What are you sorry about, I loved the probe, however brief and slightly painful on initial entry. You were on fire!

Nick chuckled and faced away in part shame and part admiration towards the person she brought out of him every time.

Okay fine, let’s not do that again unless you warn me in advance.

No, you will just overthink it and I will not see you cum like the way you make me when you do that three-finger gun thing.

LOL I do not have a g spot though.

Oh you think? What do you think you play with when you make those little circles in my vagina? It’s the prostate silly.

He was not winning this one.

Okay fine, but no prostate exam for me today. I need time.

He got up and fumbled around to his dispenser to have some water. She loved watching him walk around naked. His quads were well toned and his man bum always clenched. His back had this contours when he stretched with his arms on the back of his head. His arms rested on his sides and his shoulder blades looked like a hatchet had been buried in him.

He had taken the water in so greedily some of it spilled on his stache. He smirked his lips and walked slowly towards the sound of her breath. He was a perfect blend of horned and horny. The devilish look on his face as he walked towards her licking his lips and making his grin wet, as wet as he hoped she’d be. He reached for her leg and she lifted her shin to meet his palm. He pushed back both legs and exposed her mound for the sucking. He imbibed on her essence. It was like raw honey dripping from her body. He took his tongue round and round and in quick flicks around the glans of her bean until she was speechless and heaving like her spirit was making attempts to leave her body.

He was now ready for her. He slapped his dick on her soft thighs and rubbed it on the outside of her cooch. It excited him probably more than it excited her. The anxiety on her part and the patience on his. It drove her crazy. Brought back the aftershocks and he thrust it in without a warning. Pulled it our back slow and ramed it in again. At this point, all she could do were unidentified gang signs with and clung onto his back like she was free falling. The deeper his thrust, the deeper she dug with her nails. He went at it and paced up as she caught up with the rhythm.

He lifted her off the bed and let her kiss him as she lowered her weight onto his dick. Her kiss turned to a bite as she inhaled deeply as he slid into him impaling her real slow and repeatedly without a lull. Lexxy threw her head back and rested it on his left shoulder and went silent for a long second as if she had passed out. Her body came back more alive and in irregular jerks as her vagina became warmer and even wetter. It was the calm before the storm. He lay her on the bed and before she could talk him into it, he slid himself in ever so slowly and in between gasps she mumbled ‘c..cum for me baby’. A few deep thrusts in and he unravelled inside of her. He supported himself on his elbow as he let every last drop get mixed with hers in a stir of raw emotion and spasms.

He reached for her face and ran his fingers slowly from her hairline to her brows, over her eyelids as he felt her eyeballs dart around from underneath to her lips as he reached in to kiss her deeply and in the affirmation that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid his eyes on. Even though all he could see is a bleak figure of her in good lighting. There was nothing bleak about her: inside and out. He had felt it.

You still smell great by the way


She laughed and smacked him on the head as he came in for a snuggle.

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