Wrecking Ball

By Power Bottom

I have always had a thing for grey sweatpants, and I have a rather loud opinion on who should wear them.

‘If IT can’t show, don’t fucking wear them!’

Of course, the concept of showers and growers is not lost on me – but that did not stop me from telling him at the party – after like my 10th double. I fumbled through the crowd and made my way to him after shoulder-checking about three guys on the way. I may have interrupted something he was saying in a drunken stutter with a poke on his chest almost squarely on his nipple.

‘Why did you wear sweatpants and you have nothing to show?’

I had his attention now. His posse scattered sipping on their drinks. I was sure they’d ask the details later but I had no care in the world at this point. He turned around and without batting an eyelid, he looked me in the eye from above his frame. Made me feel shorter than I really was. I almost wanted to swallow my words even when what I had was an appetite for his meat. The thought of it growing either in my mouth or in my palm as I played with it just made my nethers tingle.

‘Oh? You think I have nothing to show – do you want me to prove you wrong?’

‘Fucking do it!’ I almost said that without thinking. At this point, my mouth was running fast. Only second to how fast my blood was heading down south. Probably against my best judgement but fuck it! I wanted him buried so far back in my throat as he stroked reaching down further ad nauseam. He got his glasses off and I sleepwalked through the rest of the conversation. I blame his dreamy eyes; and the booze. Yes, the booze too. I couldn’t have just me to blame if this went south – pun intended.

Fast-forward, we were in my car heading to my house. It wasn’t going to be the first time I drove someone home after I made them prove a point but with this one, I was shooting beads because I might have bitten a lot more than I could chew. As we hit cruising speed on Thika road, I reached for his pants to get my blood up to speed with my imagination and his cock felt like an arm. Felt like my car had two gear sticks. Things just got switched up to high gear from here on out.

Holy fucking shit, what had I done? Boy, wasn’t he ready! He could not feel my hard-on through my Levis, but he started to recite the things he was going to do to me as he felt himself up and I was starting to shiver! But hey, who ever died from receiving dick?

I always brag about how good my blow-job skills are and how I can deep throat for the gods. As soon as we got home, I was on my knees pulling the grey sweatpants to his knees and damn it did this son swing it like a wrecking ball. I knew just what he’d make a mush out of with his mandingo schlong. I slowly licked his glans, I looked up and he was biting his tongue and licking his lips every time he threw his head back.

‘What, do you like this?’

I quickly deep throat him to get more saliva on his shaft and slowly stroke his shaft. He bent forward and staggers to the sofa. I go ham on his dick, slow flicks at his glans followed by slow sucks and a deep throat that made me gag so hard my right eye teared up. I was punching waaay above my weight.


I was talking shit as I was getting a proper colonoscopy and fuck! I was NOT ready for his dick.

I stopped. I didn’t want him to cum yet. He took his junk in his hands and slowly stroked himself and barked at me.

‘Turn around” There was a finality in his statement. Like I had no choice but to take all of him inside me.

I was on my knees and I got on all fours and he started taking off my pants. I lay flat on my stomach as he gets them off my legs with some sense of urgency. He spread my ass and kisses a cheek before he started playing with my asshole. Rimmed it a bit and eased in his thumb.

‘Fuck, you’re tight – how will I get in there?’

‘I could only think of one way to find out; three fingers? aaaAAAAAARRGHHH! Daddy, get lube!’

He squeezes it onto my crack and I help him get it all up in there. He pours a little more on his fingers and plays with my oiled up cheeks and gets in there. A minute later, we are two fingers away from a fisting.

‘Fuck, you’re so tight! Let me open you up and tear you up bitch!’

‘Yeah daddy, are you gonna cream me, daddy? Are you giving me a creampie?’

I was talking shit as I was getting a proper colonoscopy and fuck! I was NOT ready for his dick. He pushed my back to the floor and I started mentally preparing for penetration. Closed my eyes and pictured my rectal walls closing in on his meat. His pecker getting all up in my sphincter and out in muscle crumbling thrusts.

‘FUUUUCK!’, I grunted as I collapsed on to the floor. He was now inside me, balls deep. I was slightly reeling from the sensation of him ramming it back in after every slow withdrawal. What the hell did I sign up for? I was throwing it all back with my own hardon rubbing on the carpet. A thought crossed me to rub one off as I got stuffed from the back and I decided I was not that good at multitasking as I was at taking pleasure. Besides, a little vertigo was coming on and I could see my brains from how far back my eyes had rolled.

‘FUCK it’, I told myself as I arched properly and got ready for more pounding.

FUCK, FUCK! I cursed like a drunk sailor and he sure fucked like one. At the heat of the moment, he slapped my ass and went like, ‘damn, you’re THICK!’ as he watched them clap and bounce back on his laps.

‘Yes daddy, slap that ass, wreck that ass daddy’ I went on and on running my mouth and hoping he would not make me duck-walk around with his ghost dick still haunting the halls of my rectum. He turned me around and grabbed my mouth between his thumb and index with the same kind of authority African mums use when they want you to take all the porridge down your throat. Yea I just ruined porridge for you… or made it better if you like it warm and salty. Round one ended up in my mouth, into my nostrils and hair. My glasses had been knocked off my face across the floor by his thrusts and I regretted not having held onto them. I cannot say the same about my sanity though.

The clean-up was quick and we hit Westy and came back for a morning wrecking session. I was ready.

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