Was I deceived, or did a sable cloud

Turn forth her silver lining on the night?

I did not err; there does a sable cloud

Turn forth her silver lining on the night,

And casts a gleam over this tufted grove.

 – John Milton

Camille walked towards me all smiles with a spring in her step from the ice cream vendor like a 10-year-old who had just been taken shopping for candy. She straightened her ruffle skirt beneath her to sit so that she didn’t land her bare ass on the cold metal. Her hips spread when she sat down and suddenly she seemed taller. She leaned back and turned to get into my already open arm. She loved her ice cream but today the vendor had some new flavours she wanted to try. Watching Camille decide between Rocky Road and the Sundae Chocolat was too tiring but I got through it and went to find a seat right after she had made her choice. The park that day was not as full but in the distance, various couples were intertwined like a dove’s tail and I could almost hear them cooing in their throes of passion.

“So you finally went with the Sundae, huh?”

“Yea I figured you’d enjoy watching me eat it all up”

Camille was right and she knew it. I looked away to hide my eerie smile and realized what distracted me from the young couples was how she swirled her tongue around the cream that was now dripping down her thumb and between her fingers. If she had picked a Rocky Road, she’d still have licked it six ways to Sundae. She always finished a swirl with a smooch at the top. Her lips well rounded and her tongue flirting with the top part of the ice cream swirl. There was this familiar passionate look in her eyes as she did all this and the way she got engrossed in her excitement. I had seen her eat her way through a litre of cream and cookies and made a dumb joke about eating her cookies with cream the same messy way she did. Her smirk had cookies stuck on her enamel and cream at the sides of her mouth but I kissed her anyway. Cutest shit I had seen in a while and her cold lips sure tasted like cream and cookies almost like every time she’d ride, suck and come back to kiss me so I’d have a taste.

Back at the park, I was not feeling the ice cream vibe but I went for an apple pie after she had gone through half her cup knowing very well that she would still want some of mine once she was done. Normally, she’d just taste her apple pie on my mouth after I came back from under her dress but today I let her have the cone too. I laugh to myself every time I think about how many times her maxi dress would hide me right under her. Perfect for when I got an appetite in public, but I digress. That is a story for another day.

I reached for a kiss with some of my ice cream and she swapped me some of hers too on her tongue. The struggle that ensued was to balance the melting cream in my hand when the kissing got too intense I almost tasted the cherry that came on top of her little creamy mound. She licked the molten cream all the way up from the base of my thumb and broke it off before we got all frisky in public and broad daylight. She pulled my shirt down to hide my excitement and straightened herself up as well before she sat down in silence. We looked at the Uhuru Highway traffic pass by in silence with the usual distant honking and revving of engines as we lapped on whatever was left.

It was getting dark really fast and she had cosied up in a tight embrace. I insisted we get on our way home but she wanted to see the Supermoon and the stars it wore adorning its galactic crown. Venus had rolled by too early for the party and tagged along Mercury for this coronation. We could see them both glitter as the sun went down in a golden yellow haze that lasted for about 20 minutes after it had sunk in the horizon. The cold had started to bite and there were the occasional cold and dusty gusts of wind rushing past. In a while, there was a silver lining and the moon slowly emerged. Tonight was perfect. The last two nights had the waxing gibbous moon and as much as it was an interesting sight to behold, nothing could beat the full super moon.

We was undercover ‘til it overflowed, overexposed. Oh! Chained our love together, never took it slow. And now we know life on overload, don’t we always make a show of love? Life on overload, must we make a spectacle of love?

The clouds cleared and we could make out constellations from the Big Dipper to Orion and his fancy belt. She told me of the names of the different stars that make up his belt and all the way down to the tip of his hem. I slowly started feeling cold in my pants and that is when I figured out that she had studied more than just Orion’s belt. I don’t know how we got to this but her geek talk turned me on somehow even though most of that talk can lull you off faster than you can say star. I looked up to the moon and felt the back of her mouth and the tip of her tongue at the base of my balls. It was a secluded spot by now and she got between my knees tagging and bagging. I never knew how manscaping unravelled a lot of tender spots until when she ran her tongue right under the balls all the way around past where they rest on the thighs to where the dick is adjoined to the body.

I could not tell if it was the breeze or it was her skills with her tongue but I felt a tingling with every passing breeze and lashing of her tongue. She got off and ran her tongue along the shaft and around the head. She lingered under the glans a while as if to remind me how to do it when it was my turn to eat. I reached for her warm crotch and made a small dipper with my two middle fingers and ploughed her as she sucked me off and continually got distracted when I hit her spots. She used my pull to come up and kissed me hard as she lifted her dress and slipped her panties to the side and eased her weight on my stiff meat. Her skirt covered it all up and I opened up my legs so she wouldn’t crush my balls under her well-rounded bum. The full moon illuminated the whole of Uhuru Park and reduced most nooks like ours to dark corners under the shadows. I did not know whether to attribute this wild nature to lunacy or just her insatiable taste for man meat.

All this while John Legend’s Overload kept ringing in my mind on the loop. I’d have done things so many things differently – but oh! We was undercover ‘til it overflowed, overexposed. Oh! Chained our love together, never took it slow. And now we know life on overload, don’t we always make a show of love? Life on overload, must we make a spectacle of love?

She went slow and whined on it with gyrations that made sure she hit all the nice spots that it made both of us weak from the knees. We soldiered on and didn’t make any rapid movements lest her moans stifled under her breath went a notch higher. I am sure any audience would be entertained but I’d rather not know from their applause. She had me too deep at some point her knees buckled I had to support her weight back up as she paused for a breather. I held her by the waist and went back to her rhythm as she took in every last inch I had to give and still begged for more as if there was enough room. Girls, right? She looked around and just as I thought she was done, she started throwing her ass back and twerking on me and for a minute I thought we had made a cameo in one of Konshens’ videos.

She did some 5 slow, healthy and deep strokes and took all of me in a whine that milked me dry. She got off slowly and exposed my still moist dick and I gnashed my teeth as the chills coursed through me. She grabbed a wet wipe and freshened up as I wiped myself down too. We went back to the cuddle silently as if nothing monumental had happened. I was just there with a perpetual silly smirk reminiscing the last few minutes and wondering when we’d be larking like this ever again. We had come to star gaze but we got moonstruck instead. The moon hid behind the clouds for a while as if trying not to witness any more of our nocturnal indulgences. We locked lips in the darkness of the cloudy night and later left hand in hand as the moon showed itself again behind us to bid us adieu through a curtain of clouds.

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