Rush Hour

Her yellow thighs glistened in the Nairobi afternoon sun. The traffic moved slowly as she nodded to Chris Brown’s album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon. Pills & Automobiles came on and her eyes lit up. She turned the volume up looked back out to take in the lull street scenery. I could tell her mind was too far when she didn’t complain about my driving. It was just after Kempinski and the traffic towards town had come to a standstill along Waiyaki way and into Uhuru highway. It was no good opening the windows for some cool air so the air conditioner did just fine.

I passed my hand around her back to rub her shoulders gently and snap her out of it but I got other ideas along the way. Her bra clasps came loose betwixt my fingers and she turned to give me that what-the-fuck kind of look feeling all naked in the gaze of the public stuck with us in traffic. I let her fumble for a while before telling her the tint was one way. The bra hang loose on her perky tits and I imagined the soft insides of the bra rubbing on the nipples on their way down for a while there.

She took it off from underneath her shirt by some magic and it was happy hour at nipple town at 33° in standstill traffic. She threw it in my face and blinded me for a while there in her essence. I took a long whiff and tucked the bra away as the corner of my eye noticed that devilish look on her face. Those two perky girls on her bossom are often hard to ignore like two spice girls in the Nairobi tropical heat. My choice of names would be Cheese and Onion because  I was about to go big bang on her milky way. I need help lol.

Corkiness aside, I figured we’d be there a while because of the little fender-bender between a matatu and some sedan. With the way the woman was waving her hands about, this was never going to be a simple case. I shut down my engine and only then realised that the breeze from the air conditioner helped a lot in keeping her nipples hard.

I went in to kiss her and her legs gently parted like I had just whispered ‘open sesame’ into her mouth.

I turned the engine back on just as my body was adjusting to her picturesque body. I stretched my left hand and she didn’t stop me from taking a palm of boob in my hand and rubbing it around like a snow globe. I now had her full attention. The buttons came loose and I had a side view of her ample bossom with the road in the corner of my eye so I don’t miss a thing. She bit her lower lip, arched forward and randomly took her lip gloss out and applied some. Boner intensified now enraged more than before.

I went in to kiss her and her legs gently parted like I had just whispered ‘open sesame’ into her mouth. Her hips broadened on the seat and her face gracefully came to mine and drew me in for a second helping with her warm lips slightly parted. I couldn’t wait for the gloss and glitter to run out on her lips so that I could taste her soft lips. Feel them on mine as my hand wandered around her soft skin around her navel and back up to her underboob as I circled in on her areola zeroing in on her nipple like a kettle of vultures in the savannah.

I drew her closer and the abrupt move made her gasp and bite my lower lip a bit harder than expected. Is it weird that I liked the taste of my blood on her lips? She was bedevilled with lust at this point and I was leading the way on the highway to utopian bliss. (Read suburban bliss) She got off my lips and leaned back to give me a sight of the insides of her thighs. I could tell she was already wet from how her lace panties were hesitant to get off her moist pussy lips.

She slid them off and yes, you guessed right, it landed right on my face. The ruby red lace smelled like a little heaven. Like walking into a bakery as the bread takes in the oven heat. She had a lot more confidence than when we started now that she knew about the one-way tint. She parted her legs and let me take it all in in its glory. There was a ta-da moment there before I took my lips to the insides of her thighs. By now, her skater skirt had ridden up to well around her waist with my hands pushing it even further up.

It was almost like kissing freshly watered flower petals only this time all the nectar is there for your taking. Imagine what it felt like to be this worker bee. Her mound throbbed on the tip of my tongue and the short rhythmic gasps gassed me up to keep going even deeper with my tongue. I turned the music up a bit when Or Nah came on and The Weeknd got her there with my help. About twice by my count because that song played on the loop for a while after we were done with Chris Brown. She pushed my forehead away with her leg with my tongue still taking the last of her from my lips. She sat back up and we were back to silence again. Only this time she couldn’t wipe the smirk out of her face and I wasn’t about to ruin that.

A knock on my window brought me back to reality and I realised I was causing some traffic and a policeman had come to find out what the hold up was about. He and his ilk would have milked this one if they knew what the hold up was. Good thing the hazards were on. The traffic opened up in a short while and we were back to cruising as I adjusted the quite unfortunate boner. Her ass was all up in the air with her skirt around her waist as she worked the fly to get to the man meat. I almost ran a red light when her moist, partly swollen lips let my tip in.

She signalled me to park and I took the fastest exit to Nakumatt Lifestyle basement parking. The traffic was light and I had to tell the guards she is unwell so they’d let me go in with her. There was no fuss and as soon as we went under, she took it back into her mouth. I almost went round in circles to the lowest basement before a guard stopped me to direct me. I was under some heavy tongue lashing.

As soon as the engine purred down in a slot, I reclined the seat and she hopped on it right on cue. Rubbed the tip of the engorged manhood around her labia and put her weight on it nice and easy until it all vanished inside her. She rested her knees on the side of the seat and paused like that for a while as she took it all in. One lift and she was overwhelmed by the pleasure and to be honest she was in quite the precarious position. She leaned forward to kiss me and lifted her ass up, popped it and went back down on the dick in a smooth slow gyration. She broke away from the kiss and took my face in her hands and dipped her face into my shoulder. Her laboured breathing on my nape setting my ticker off with every lungful of cold air she took after as her ass came down on my manhood.

I parted her cheeks and went as deep as I could on that stroke as I braced her for the jackhammer I was about to unleash. Her will to ride never broke even as I tore right through her with every impaling stroke. She shuddered and blew the hair off her face as she pushed me down and put all her weight back on the dick. It was a battle of wits and I was losing. She wanted it to be on her terms and I was here for it. A little arch and her tits were on my tongue and that is when she froze. Didn’t move for a long second as her body registered the throes of pleasure that swept through her.

Her mini tremors are she rode tightened all around me and triggered a chain reaction. She got all warm and dump and a few more strokes and I joined her lead. I had no idea what that was but it could count as amazing in epic proportions. I didn’t know what to do with myself but light a smoke between my trembling index and middle finger for her. We lay there half naked staring at the car roof with only our breathes going up in smoke.

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