The Other Woman

By Cocoa Lush

It’s Friday night and I see his call. I already know what day it is. Heck, I got that Brazilian done after work and I was sure it wouldn’t be in vain. It’s been a whole week waiting for that wandering tongue to match his wandering eye. It’s his usual day to unwind and release all his week’s stresses on my body. A day for him to suck my tits to get rid of the bitter taste of all that he couldn’t stand. Last week it was the unrealistic goals he had to achieve at work. The boss breathing down his neck to get those KPIs turned in by close of business after a rough day was all the foreplay I needed him to get before coming home to me.

Sometimes it would be the girlfriend driving a stick up his ass about one issue or the other. It was always something with her. I could tell these days by the tenacity of his grip around my neck. The bleeding kisses and his bleeding heart for a vengeful fuck so passionate I wonder if I am the actual girlfriend at times. I like it though. Tonight, as usual, I’d need him to fuck my brains out like I am his little, nasty harlot. It’s always a good day to get what his girlfriend never gives him, a hell of a wild sex ride and a peace of mind. It always feels good to negate her negative energy. Knowing at the back of my mind that I can easily wipe the slate clean and send him back to her on his default settings.

He was early today. Two rings and I knew it was his touch. He is impatient even with the doorbell. He walks right in and finds me in my velvet hot pants and one of those Safaricom promo t-shirts. I was still getting ready. I didn’t even have my face on. At the very least some mascara and gloss for my lips. He had a knack for ruining my makeup. Seeing me gag on him so hard an involuntary tear ran down with my mascara or a smudge of my lipstick on his face or shirt.

He has to take what he gets today. He walks in and gives me one tight embrace and in no time, his fingers run up from under the t-shirt to reveal my supple breasts. I lift my hands in cooperation and he gladly helps when the collar is stuck around the hair. Ever so slowly and gently for him to cherish what he doesn’t get from Monday to Friday. It was always the calm before the storm. In my house, we don’t utter ‘her’ name lest there will be a penance to be served.

That is when it all leaves him and I pass on to him my energy. I am like his sin eater. I help him offload and feel better than when he came every time.

The door locks behind me and he takes my lips in one deep breath as he undoes his belt. I help him walk out of his pants faster because we both know what we are here for. The urgency has me pining for his kisses. I am not about that delayed gratification business. Yes, I can hear myself just fine. I waited for a whole week anyway and that was too much to ask of my patience. He tries to reach for me and give me a gentle kiss but then I slap that weak taste out of his mouth. I do this just to remind him that my house has no time for gentle foreplay or sex. With me is where he becomes the animal his main woman never lets him unleash.

With this reminder, he puts the weight of his hand on my shoulder with a commanding gaze and I take my cue. I love how all it takes to dissociate his Hyde from meek Jekyll is one bitch slap across his face. With a gleeful smile, I get on my knees and relish how hard his big black cock is for me. With his drawers down, I put all of him in my mouth after worshipping it and reveling in its glory for a quick minute. I have never gotten used to how big his member is. I love it when he grabs my head and makes me deep throat all of him.

I choke on him. I’m about to gag because his cock is all the way widening the back of my throat. I roll my tongue and play with my lips around his glans sucking the soul out of him like his weekly dementor. In a quick spasm and clench of his butt cheeks, he cums in my mouth and I look up to him so he can watch me swallow. I part his cheeks and relax him before taking a mouthful of him as he squirts the last few drops in deep groans and curled toes.

We lie on the bed for him to relax as I bite into his neck to mark my territory. He hates the pain but takes it like a man anyway. I go for his nipple with my tongue and play with his balls. I can feel his dick grow hard in my palm as I stroke it. This black tigress is hungry and has no time for rest. I get on top of him kissing his neck and grinding on his ever-growing hardness. Splitting my clam with every inch of his girth. He can’t take the teasing any longer. He turns my body around and pulls my ass back to himself. He marvels in the perfect roundness and gets harder imagining how they twins will be bouncing on his laps.

He rubs on them gently and in full control now, he spanks my ass so hard I can feel a hand print. He gets even harder from seeing how wet my lady parts are for him when he parts my apple bottom. I gasp as I feel his hard, black cock enter deep inside me. Moan on top of moan, my body’s rhythms keep aching for him to fuck me harder.


‘Whose pussy is this baby?’

‘It’s yours big daddy. Yours big daddy!’

He brings his hands around my neck. Chokes me as he enters deeper into me. It’s his turn to snatch my soul. He reaches deeper into my black horny pussy that throbs for him.

‘Yes, daddy. Yes, daddy!’

In this enthralling moment, I feel his pace hasten and his warm cum enters me. It fills me with glee to feel his cum as he tightens his grip on my neck. That is the point of transference. That is when it all leaves him and I pass on to him my energy. I am like his sin eater. I help him offload and feel better than when he came every time.

Exhausted, he falls to the side of the bed with his dick still convulsing from the action on his tummy. I watch him smile at the marks he has left on my body and I too lie right beside him to rest because this, is an exhausting job. The job of being the other woman.

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