By Jacqueline Sonnie

I hated him but I loved his cock…

I threw the next vase straight at his face hoping it would find a really good spot. I wanted to kill him. I wanted to hurt him. How dare he flirt with that woman?! Was he sleeping with her?! I did not understand how one could love and hate a person with the same intensity. See, love can drive you crazy…

“You’re crazy! Put the fucking bat down!” He yelled as I went for yet another one of his antiques.

“Hell, I’m crazy! You slept with her, didn’t you?! Talking about working late! Is she your new project?! I will kill that bitch and get high on her ashes!”

“What are you talking about? I am not cheating on you!” He yelled back shielding his face from the fragments of glass that flew his way.

“I hate you!”

I did not. I loved him with every bit of my being. But the demons in me were clearly stronger than that. This was something I could not control and if I couldn’t have him, no other woman would. Hell, I was even jealous of his mom. Sounds pathetic I know but love has its way.

“Not my Morrocan…” I didn’t let him finish. The antique glass vase lay at his feet…That ought to have acted as some trigger

“You’ve done it this time!” He said walking up to me.

I wanted to break his neck. The thought of making his skull my baseball was overwhelming. He grabbed me by my wrists and squeezed and I had no option but to let go of the bat. Anger seethed through my veins. I could feel his rage as he breathed onto my face.

“Let go of me!” I yelled trying to fight him off.

“This is what you want right?” I could feel my body responding to the heat emanating from his. I was calming down and I hated it but he had a way of knowing and giving me exactly what I wanted. Without knowing it I had given him power over me…over my whole being.

“I’m going to make you pay for every Goddamn cent you just wasted.”

I knew I would. He wasn’t playing. I had done it this time. Usually, I’d break a few plates and glasses. Nothing as important as the collectables he had from all his world tours. I was still mad at him though.

I am not paying for anything! Let me go!” I yelled but he was too strong for me. Before I knew it, his lips were on mine. I should have expected it. The sex was always amazing after the fights.

“Who is she?” I whispered breathlessly after the kiss.

He lowered his head to kiss my neck at the same time pushing me towards the wall never letting go of my wrists. With my back to the wall, he pinned my hands above my head with one of his. His right hand went to my chin and made me face him.

“How many times do I have to tell you that I got eyes for you only. You all the crazy I want”

“Show me,” I breathed with my voice now seductively soft.

I could feel his traitorous body jerk into action unable to control himself. Next thing I knew he was kissing me hard with the prior firmness turning to bruising. He kissed me with a lack of thought for everything else in the world other than that one moment we were in. He let go of my hands and without shame, my hands reached out to his shirt unbuttoning every button like my life depended on the very same action. I pulled roughly on the buttons sliding my hands inside.

His nipples hardened under my touch. The desire overtook us taking with it all rational thought. I was no longer mad at him. I didn’t care if he was seeing another woman. I would have cared less if he would have driven a blade through my chest. All I wanted was him making love to me until my feet shook with desire. I was physically trembling from just the thought of it. The fact that my body could still writhe and twitch for him in my current emotional state made it even worse.

Without notice, he let go of me and pointed towards the stairs barely looking at me. I stood there looking all confused. Then I got it. There’s no way we would have done anything in that room without shredding our feet from all the glass and porcelain I had broken. I started up the stairs with him at my heels. I was barely halfway there when he caught up with me and flung me over his shoulder. I knew not to say anything. He kicked open the door to his bedroom and slammed it shut with his other hand.

“I am going to beat the hell out of you!” He said in a low but firm voice tossing me on the bed.

I watched him as he pulled off his shirt never breaking his gaze from mine. He reached out to me and grabbed me around my waist and pulled me over his lap. My ass was barely covered by the short dress I had on. His hand came down hard on my ass. I gasped.

“What was that?” He asked as he smacked me a few more times with every spank a little more painful than the last. To be honest, the pain turned me on so bad. I cursed as he brought his hand down again.

“Does that hurt? Can’t be as painful as the 20,000 dollar vase now can it?”

“I’m sorry!” I screamed in pleasure. It felt so good. Maybe just as good as it felt to break his valuables to smithereens as he had done with my heart. At least that is how it felt. I gasped as his hand found yet another spot on my already sore bottom.

“That doesn’t bring back my antiques, lady! What do you have to say for yourself?”

After a few more spanks he flung me off him onto my back on the bed. He stood up and quickly pulled off his clothes as I lay there watching him. His cock looked gloriously angry against the sunset rays that made their way through his window. Maybe just as angry as he was horny. I would have had to wait for the pounding to tell for sure. He came up to me and went wild at my dress as I lay there passively letting him do unto me whatever he so wished. He chastised and immediately chided as if to apologise for his feral behaviour. What kind of punitive pleasure was this? His fiery breath had me melting in his presence. I know, hard to believe that a bat crazy antique breaking woman would go all soft in a matter of minutes. He had that effect on me.

What happened next was violent, fast and brief. I positioned myself for him ready to be taken. His cockhead gleamed with the leaking precum as he came down on top of me.  I reached out and spread the glistening trickle down his extremely stiff shaft with my thumb. He let out a moan as I started pumping it in my cupped hand. I teased him for a few more seconds then licked it off my hands playfully. I relished the taste. Leaning forward, he kissed me with a refined barbarity that took my breath away. He was my dementor. Sucking away at my soul in every of his deep breaths.

His mouth came down on mine with his tongue diving into its depths. Then he slowly kissed his way down my neck to my breasts which shrivelled even before his lips got to them. Taking each one into his mouth at a time. sucking each harder as I squirmed erotically beneath him. I could feel his hand stroking my body as his tongue trail-blazed over my stomach and lower to where it ached the most, but he didn’t go there making me want him more than I ever had.

His other hand had found my lady bud running his fingers along the already moist territory. He parted the folds as he slid a finger inside me. I felt my muscles clench around it. With soft but assured pressure he rubbed my clitoris leading me to moan out loud. Not wanting any of the energy lost he absorbed it with a kiss. I arched my body against his finger as he increased his tempo. I wanted his rock hard length inside me so bad. I dug my nails into his shoulder blades. Clutching him to me like I never wanted to let go. He stopped when he felt the first shudders of an impending orgasm course through my body.

“Not yet love,” he breathed.

“Now. Please” I begged.

He brought his finger to my mouth and I savoured it. I loved how I tasted on him. He shifted his hips and with a gasp of pleasure, gently sunk his length into me. Halfway at first then gradually until his entire cock was deep inside me. He pulled away his hand and slipped them beneath my hips lifting them towards him. My muscles gripped his manhood and I could feel every inch of him inside me. He started moving faster and increasing the rhythm. My pussy muscles urged him on as they clenched and held him in place tightly. His jaw tightened with every thrust. I matched his bucking thrusts as he increased the pace. I was lost in the ecstasy and I could barely hear his hoarsely whispered words.

As my body shuddered, I felt him explode inside me and our moans mingled making it even more pleasurable. The climax that surged through our bodies was so strong that the world could have ended at that very moment and none of us would have noticed. He silenced his low visceral growls by kissing me hard as our bodies convulsed against each other.

“Dammit,” he cussed breathlessly. “You can’t keep…you can’t keep breaking everything in this house! Maybe if you owned it all you’d be more careful and less crazy.”

“Get off me before I break your neck,” I said giggling pushing him off me.

“Marry me!” He whispered lowering his head for yet another kiss… I had to rethink my first thought. Maybe I love the man and his magic wand alike. Maybe his kisses even the more.








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