Buru Buru Scrum Down

By Leila Wild

Aki Felo mi sijifeel kukam,” I texted back after a lengthy phone call with him.

We come tu… ukajua vile nimemiss kukuona. Do ivi, ukifika tao unishow. Niko gym napiga tizi, acha nikusort fare, “ he knew how to coax me into going over to his place.

It was a Friday evening, each of my roommates had a plan. I was all alone. Jemo my movie boyfriend had gone home, Mike had stopped taking me out for late night dates because I refused to let him see beneath my beautiful, Pato my good neighbour next door, informed me in advance that his girlfriend will be spending a couple of nights there. I was only left with Felo’s, option.I wasn’t going to brush it aside, was I? 

I fully made up my mind and in fifteen minutes, I was in a Lopha, the buses that ply our route, well dressed and headed for town.

I hope you are coming, “ He texted.

I chose to ignore that message and focus on how I was going to behave, meeting him up in his house. I’m always jittery on first encounters with people in a new place. We hooked up later and boarded a matatu to Buruburu.

Are the tournaments over yet,” I tried to sound casual.

Zi, tukona game mbili next sato, si utakam kunicheer,” he requested.

Noo, I don’t want to see you again after this Felix,” I feigned resistance.

Ok girl, as you wish…I think tumefika,” he said.

We got off the bus as we walked upstairs to his one bedroom apartment, I could feel his eyes already ripping off my clothes and dressing me down to nudity. I could decipher what was going through his mind as he took huge steps to catch up.

Karibu kwangu,” he said courteously as he jerked the door open. I kicked off my flats and got in.

“I thought you are just an amateur in rugby, but I was so wrong. You mean you are a decorated player for Kenya Harlequins?”

I was taken aback to see the cups and medals bearing his name decorating his living room.

He latched the door then grabbed my ass from behind.

I ain’t a small time fish babe….I’m that guy, ” he whispered into my left ear, nibbling its lobe gently, descending down the neck region with warm kisses.

I could feel his heart beat faster, his crotch pressing hard against my ass. I shut my eyes feeling his abs, his muscular hands, his goatee closer to my bare skin.

Stop it Felo,” I tried to break free, but his biceps bulged out trying to lock me in.

Make me stop it babe…” he whispered, his breath unstable and heavy, his hands peeling up my snug bandage skirt.

I responded with a round turn, pressed my boobs against his chest, wrapped my hands around his neck. Our eyes spoke for our hearts, he stepped closer, our faces were touching, and his lips were on mine.With one hand on my back, he pulled me in closer and deeper to the kiss. I felt his tongue stroke into my mouth incessantly. His lips trapping mine, his hands slithering into the tightness of my skirt, he caressed the future behind me. Every bit of this mischief made me even more libidinous. My hormones rebelled in unison, my body giving in to this romp, I wanted him so badly.

Nakutaka Felix, ” I found myself gasping as I slipped my hands past his lower abdomen. I betrayed all my feelings and restraints amidst the heavy and laboured breathing.

He unclasped my bra, pulled off my top and skirt. I cooperated faithfully as I ripped off his shirt, pulled off his pants. Body to body, his lips kissing down to my boobs, his hand caressing every skin cell of my back. I dug my hand in his back, clinging tightly on to him. With both arms, he hoisted me up, then carried me to his bedroom. He came up, as I laid on my back, with his two hands he cupped my glorious nyonyos, I could feel him squeeze those fats gently and arouse all the nerves within, his mouth was devouring my navel, with kisses before he buried his head into sucking my left nipple, and squeezing the other. His index and thumb rubbed around the areola and gently pulled the nipple. I felt hypnotised as he made his way down.

With his middle finger, he pushed aside the strip of my thong. His finger terrorised my unshaven genitalia, exploring the labia fold and right into my honey pot. He swirled his finger around my clit, I felt the blood rush to my cunt making it hot and wet, my walls were already preparing the way for what was about to happen: the juices were lubricating my punani. I was super turned on with all my lady parts itching for some action. Mourns escaped from my lips as he pushed his finger in. The implosive ripples kicked in when he made more room for both his middle fingers to go in. There was definitely a better kick to it though I hadn’t realised there was two until I looked down as he drew me in while pulling them out and into his mouth.

Fuck me please,” I begged, grabbing his fleshy and engorged manhood, stroking it back and forth in pleasure. His balls big enough to sire several generations, were full and hard, dangling, beckoning for some soft touch.

Oh babe, grab it,” he pleaded, directing my hand to his balls as he pressed my hands to add pressure on the touch. He groaned in pleasure, opening up his legs wide apart as I yanked and jerked his shaft back and forth. His hands were busy thrusting in and out of my punani. He picked up a packet of Durex Featherlite, tore it up, his finger still fucking me, before stopping to put it on.

I wanna fuck you,” He whispered as he rubbed the thick head of his cock on my pussy. All this while the longing built up and subconsciously wondered if all of him would fit in me on the first try. He pinned my hands above my head, as he put his cock into my cunt in shallow thrusts as he teased. I half hated him and loved him for that. I shut my eyes and drew in lots of air. He gently dipped into the cherry pie, I could feel him push in his dick making its way through with very little effort. I felt proud that I was still tight and he had to sweat to fully dip into my cookie jar. My legs apart, I raised them up then wrapped them around his waist as his shaft sunk in. He felt big inside me, filling every tiny space in there like we were having it raw. He tasted sweet, intense and raw. With his muscular thighs, he started pushing in and out rhythmically with long deep strokes, his chest above my breast, rubbing against it gently, his lips locked in mine, his eyes shut. I could tell that he was feeling it, every inch he moved, made him want more and more. He lifted up one of my thighs and pinned it back with his arm.

He shagged me faster and deeper, I could feel the friction of the rubber thing, the beat of his veiny cock, and the displacement of my fluids that were perhaps dripping on his white sheets. With one hand, I held his back and with the other, I gripped his waist, I wanted that contact, the noise of his balls slamming against my pussy made me horny and needy. My hormones were raging and making my pussy so wet, hot and swollen.

He was giving it to me right, and just when I was about to scream his name, he would slow down, just to see me beg him to get it and shag me rougher and harder. The contact of his shaft against my walls was so sweet, I mourned in pleasure, called his name like it was the last thing to say in my mind in case I died that very moment. He killed me softly yet will all the brute force made my walls shudder from within. He got me, screaming over and over in raw and natural mourns. He loved it so much and kept teasing me with how tight and sweet my pussy was. I squeezed my vagina muscles to trap him in, as he shagged me with short powerful strokes, I heard him moan in pleasure, hitting it with bangs and the energy of some bull on heat. I was almost there.

Harder Felix!!” I pleaded once more.

There he was, thrusting back and forth in unison with long deep strokes. My legs my hands felt numb. I could feel my punani tents expand in length, while my butter filled passage retract back, to give more room for his tasty toy. I was hyperventilating and at this point, I pressed my body against his to feel his warmth. His skin on mine made me feel alive as his body hair made mine stand on end at every point of contact. He wasn’t letting go either, pushing in and out in incessantly. Dominating and marking his mark his territory with lots of agility.

Like a tractor ploughing a wild farm, he banged in energetically, the friction of his crotch against my punani walls as his manhood filled in stimulated me to a rapid orgasm. I liked it this rough and this fast. He was giving it to me right, much more than I had hoped for. Not so long, I started calling out his name again, mourning and screaming in pleasure. My mind drifted into another world, where the only thing that mattered was the pleasure between my legs, noblemen call it an orgasm.

I squirted, cum flowing freely from my cookie jar, my punani clenching spasmodically and throbbing violently. The instant relief that had been missed for months came back in aftershocks. He was the epicentre of my quaking at this point and I wanted him to stay in and keep stroking.

Aaaah fuck babe nacum,” he cried out, his hardness thrusting in and out pretty fast, in no time he was granting his teeth, shutting his eyes, pinning my hands with much force, and jackhammering my pussy like a possessed man. I ensured the pussy walls were closing in on his dick as he rolled back his eyes and fell in a lump. His manhood shrunk bit by bit, his body dripping sweat. We lay there lifelessly, too exhausted to care about what the time was….The ride was rough and sweet I must admit…

“I loved every bit of it,” I whispered in his ear. He grinned sheepishly then drew me closer for a peck. I couldn’t help but wonder if there’d be a round two after dinner.


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