Over Time

By Jacqueline Muthoni

Working a few extra hours means more money and less free time for most people and I love working overtime but not for the money. Of course, I wouldn’t say no to the few extra bucks but over time for me means playtime. I have a little secret. A secret that has me working odd hours all week. In a different scenario, this is enough to make me lose my job but I don’t have to worry about that considering the boss is in on it.

As I knocked on his door, I couldn’t help but think about what new game we would be playing that evening. See, my boss is not your average employer. He likes playing games. Dangerous games I dare say but I don’t mind taking part in them. I am forever indebted to him because had it not been for him, I’d probably be stuck with my cucumbers and pillows and that one dildo my best friend gave me as a birthday gift. What had started out as an innocent washroom quickie was now a Fifty Shades of Grey sort of thing. Maybe it was the danger that came with playing these games that kept me coming back for more. Epinephrine rush.

He was seated behind his desk glued to his computer screen when I got in.

“Don’t lock it,” he said as I turned the lock.

This was unusual considering we tried hard not to get caught. Getting caught with your pants down, literally, screwing your assistant was every executive’s nightmare. I did not question this sudden change of behaviour, we played by his rules. Besides, everyone in the office ought to have left for home by that time. He looked up as I walked towards him and a soft smile spread across his face. He clamshelled his laptop and shifted his attention to me as I swirled his chair around to face me. I leaned over and pinned his wrists to each side of his swivel chair

“Missed me?”

“More than you can imagine.”

“Did you get my gift?” I asked referring to the thong he had me place in one of his cabinet file drawers earlier.

“Hell, I did! Drove me insane. “

I straddled him in the chair and pulled his mouth to mine pushing my body against his as close as I could. I could feel the tension in his taut body as I thrust my tongue deep into his mouth savouring every inch of it. I could still taste 5 o’clock coffee on him. He always had this male scent that kindled a kind of fire in me that no other man could extinguish. His hands gripped my hips as a moan escaped his lips and he went ahead to nibble at my ear. He ran them down my back and grasped my ass tightly as his right hand slid down my inner thigh. I bit my lower lip playfully. It always drove him wild. His hand slid further to my wet pussy which was barely covered by the short skirt that had been pushed back involuntarily. He stroked my own juices over my clit. Feeling how wet I already was, he slid a finger inside me and I let out a moan. Then a second and with both his fingers and his thumb rubbing my clit, he started working a rhythm.

I took my mouth from his and started kissing his neck whispering lecherous intentions into his ear. He tasted like heaven and his heartbeat pounding against my tongue sent all kinds of thrills throughout my body. I wanted him inside me. I wanted him to possess me. I wanted him to love me. I knew he wanted the same thing. His breathing had increased and so had his fingering tempo. I opened my eyes for a moment to look at him. His face was twisted with passion. His head thrown back against the chair with his eyes closed. All his concentration on the very thing I was making him feel. I slowly undid his tie and with one hand I pulled his fingers from inside me. Guiding his hand to my mouth I sucked and licked my juices off his fingers. I loved the way I tasted on him. He made as if to stand but I pushed him back against the chair.

“My turn,” I said swirling his chair around. Pushing both his hands behind him, I slowly tied them behind the chair with his tie then turned him to face me

You naughty devil!” He said breathing and half-whispering.

His eyes bore into mine. Without breaking eye contact, I slowly unbuttoned his shirt as he watched me kiss my way down his chest. I knelt as I unbuckled his pants and he pushed his hips up allowing me to slide them down to his feet freeing his erection. The tip glistened with pre-cum. Running my hand up and down his hard length I teased the tip of his manhood with my tongue and whispered,

“This I have missed.”

I slowly took him into my mouth savouring each bit of his enormous manhood. Never breaking eye contact I curled my lips around him and worked a rhythm all this time swirling my tongue around his thickness and sucking him off like my life depended on it. I liked the salty taste his pre-cum left in my mouth. I saw how his face contorted with every lick. He was struggling to untie himself. His animal instincts were kicking in. I curled my tongue around his cock and increased my pace. I wanted him to finish off inside my mouth. He started moving his hips in sync with my pace.

His groans at this point were really turning me on. I ran my hands down his thighs kneading his hips gently as I moved my mouth back and forth. He began jerking his hips off the seat in a thrusting motion. I felt him tighten, his face rippled with pleasure and his body shook under my touch. With one last thrust, he shot his cum inside me. He groaned even louder as I felt the last of his load hit my palate. I swallowed every bit of it scooping up some that ran down the side of my mouth with my finger. By now my pussy was dripping wet again and I could hardly hold my desires down.

“Untie me. It’s my turn !” He said drawing his breath

I noticed his cock was still half-hard as I undid his hands. Almost tripping over his pants, he pulled me to him wounding his hands into my hair and looked into my eyes

“You are mine. You belong to me. Understood?!”

He didn’t let me answer as his lips met mine with renewed hunger. We didn’t need words from then on. He struggled out of his pants as I undid my blouse. When we were finally done, I wound my hands around his shoulders and with one slight lift I wrapped my legs around his waist. I wiggled into position till he slid into me. That first thrust felt amazing. We both moaned and shuddered as he thrust his cock in and out of me. I let out a moan as I sank my nails into his back. He groaned when my nails met his skin. We started working a rhythm and lost ourselves in each other as I bounced on his cock. He worked his shaft inside me in slow deep thrusts.

This went on for a minute till he walked me over to his desk. Still inside me, he used one hand to support me and with a single swipe he used the other to shove everything off his desk, and lay me on it. He resumed the initial rhythm as our hips slapped into each other. His tempo alternated from slow and gentle to hard and fast and when he almost hit home, he went deep and gentle on me. He squeezed and teased my breasts while at it stopping to suck on my nipples. The way he flickered his tongue over the tips drove me wild. I worked my hips and rammed my pussy up meeting his thrusts halfway. Soon my legs were up over his shoulders. The thrusts were deeper and my body was on fire. I tried to pull him in deeper with every thrust. He plunged into me after pulling his cock all the way out and I couldn’t hold it in. I wanted to but….

“Dammit! I’m cumming!” I moaned out loud.

He increased his tempo pumping into me rapidly. I felt him tighten as I let go and covered him with my juices. Exploding in an intense orgasm my body shook uncontrollably beneath him. I jerked and moaned as I hit a climax and his cock rushed into me again and again. He grabbed onto my hips tightly and his cock pulsed intensely inside me. With one last thrust, he cums hard leaving me hot and wet. I clutched my pussy around his cock sucking every drop of cum from him. Still, inside me, he collapsed on top of me burying his head into my neck as we both tried to catch our breath. I could feel a trickle of his cum run down my inner thigh. It felt good smelling his sweat on me.

“Up and out you go, mister. I need to clean up and head out,” I said tapping him lightly on his shoulder.

“I don’t want to,” he said lazily into my neck

At that moment, as we lay there panting, I felt alive and I couldn’t wait to ‘work’ a few extra hours the following day. What was not to love about this job?





16 thoughts on “Over Time

  1. Sonnie girl, you have outdone yourself on this one. Delivery technique and grammar check. Can I be the maid of honour at you and randy’s wedding. I won’t be suprised if it will be at a nudists beach. Good job (read: blowjob) 😂😂😂

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