Feedback and Mangarsms

By Eros

This (in cool kid terms) is LIT! Like daddy better push through!! What in the world is that language, though? So hard to keep up with these pretty young things nowadays. 

Moans…. oh good heavens!

Where to start from. Hmmm… (This is going to be harder than I thought)


Fucking, having sex, making love is all about expressing yourself in the moment. Your breath, your body language, your voice….EVERYTHING!! Just like a workout. Except that, one needs you to be less vocal. Not a gym rat but I know how loud guys can get in there and let me just say it kinda ‘ewwwws’ me out. Lol! Pretty sure that is one of the things that cultivates that trainer-trainee fuck.

Now, delving into details of how all the above work will be too much work. So imma just talk about my “It” thing…the moans. From my previous post (yup, won’t say which one. Y’all gotta work for that…hihi!), I mentioned how I get entitled to my partner’s orgasms. That applies to his moans, his talk, his cussing as well. Basically, I own everything of his at that moment. *Diva hair flip*


(This is my version of being my man’s thirstiest fan.Y’all can thirst all you want out there.)

LOVE me a man who expresses himself. Who isn’t afraid to show he is having the time of his life. A man “uses his words/and voice” (Oh look, another feather in my hat- the kindergarten teacher feather. Lol!) Moan for me,daddy! The deeper and more guttural the better.APPLAUD THE MAGIC WE ARE MAKING!! *Hums Lady Gaga’s Applause chorus in my head*

Now before you jump to conclusions, I do not like a “pastor in a crusade” or “screaming like a banshee” loud cummer. Fuck heavens NO!! No honey, neighbors don’t really need to know my name (But thanks anyway…hehe!) Basically leave the screaming your lungs out to that plastic, Barbie-doll looking blonde pornstars. (ugh! I hate those!!) I only watch porn with the sound on if the guy is the one moaning.I do not have a problem with them talking dirty, I mean there is a way someone sounds when their voice is between a whisper and a murmur  *bites lip* ,but sometimes their words just kill my vibe instead  of getting me “hot and wet”.

Do you know what’s even sexier? That gasp that escapes their lips when they first put it in AND that one right before they cum. How much time do I have on my hands to notice such, you might ask. I have no idea either. My antenna just picks that up somehow. I guess my hearing senses are usually at their best when I am fucking. Hehe! (It is no wonder music is one of my happy things. After food and sex of course). I know of friends who prefer a silent guy and would rather he uses his hands and dick, and there are days when maybe we’ve had a tiff and their voice is the last thing I want to hear.(Yes, I may be mad but the pussy isn’t. So she will not suffer because of the rest of me that is mad…hehehe!)

I am all for that “hands-and-dick on” approach too,only that sound is THE icing on that cake for me. Again, I am not into extreme SUB-DOM role play kinda shit complete with commands and demands, followed with those punishments but I find it really kinky if my partner throws in a couple of ‘commands’ in there. You know, tell me how you want to see me touch myself,tell me how much you want to taste me off of my fingers,or how and where you want to feel my tongue. I am quite the obedient daddy’s girl. I really am, so that won’t be an issue. Just cheer me on, will ya?

Wait,this post doesn’t look like one full of demands,does it? (Not that I care really…lol!). I get bratty like that sometimes. Don’t hold it against me. Or do. Hehe!



Side note:


Pretty damn sure they do. We never get it because we do not speak “lollipopese”. Get it? Lollipopese? Funny,no? Okay. I am not known for my puns anyways.


10 thoughts on “Feedback and Mangarsms

  1. She Nderitu

    can we talk about this when I’m little bit ‘low’? I don’t want to ‘mourn’ right now. Anyway,what an interesting read!
    grammar√ check
    Coherence √ check
    Humour √ check

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kemunto kemunto

    been reading through this and all that while been in the world of fantasy damn!there is something this read does to me wuweh! This dry spell should end already…good read,.excellent grammar, I like
    ..keep posting pontiff..

    Liked by 1 person

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