Pillow Talk

The phone call came in a bit too late into the night. Or should I say in the wee hours of the morning. She needed to sleep after a long night with a soaked pillow and she could use a listening ear. Jacob never missed a call. The many times she called he was always there to answer. Always there to talk her through it all whenever it got tough. The pain today however, was more than she could handle. The house had become too small and cold for her and it did nothing but make the pain worse.

Hey! What’s up?

Hey, I just need to ask for directions to your place. Is it okay if I come over?

Yea sure! But why at this time?

I am not feeling really well and I don’t feel like this place is helping with my situation.

Oh, okay then let me send you a map to my place then you can grab an uber. Are you sure you will be okay?

Yea I will be. I have my uber guy close by always on call. I will be there in a few. Don’t go mteja.

Okay hit me up when you are close so I can come down and open the gate for you.

Sure. I will call you in a few!

Okay see you! Be safe!

He was able to pick up the sniffs and sobs in between her speech. He tried to keep his composure steady because one of them had to be strong for the other. It reached into the crevices of his heart, places he didn’t even know about. Places where no sunshine ever kissed. Now he sat in bed. Sleeping on his tummy only made his chest pains worse.

Beatrice and Jacob never really got to discuss what was happening between them but whatever it was, it was going really well. He never failed to make her happy even when she was mad at him. Mad for probably staying silent for too long yet she longed to hear his soothing voice ring in her ears every day before she slept. In her mind, she was sure this guy never knew how much he was treasured but well, she didn’t want him proud either. She had struck oil and she wanted to keep the reserve to herself and milk it for what it was worth.

As for Jacob, what motivated him so much to keep this going was the fact that she was always there to listen and surprisingly enough, she always understood. He was unsure if it was because she was a shrink of sorts or just a big heart with room for all his low moments, his deepest darkest secrets or his sick sense of humour not many understood. Sometimes, even the little things he considered hideous impressed her. He practically didn’t have to try. It just came to him and whatever his muse inspired, his muse liked.

The phone rang again and wiped the smile off his face and blew off the castle he was making in his head. It was 2.30 in the a.m. and sleep was stinging his eyes big time. Long days and early mornings were a routine, hence, by the time Friday arrived, he always wished Mondays never came. Today was going to be another late night. He, however, doubted it would be a long one.

She came in through the gate and he could see her sore and reddened eyes laden with sleep and through them, her soul laden with her cares and the troubles that were pushing her over the edge. It was only when she had a change of pads that he realized she was going through more than just psychological pain. She felt like the world was against her and she was finding refuge in his support and care. Nothing gave him more pleasure than knowing he was to be counted on.

The toilet flushed and she walked into the bedroom to find him on one side of the bed with all his concern written on his face. She quickly dropped the light garb she was in and donned one of his baggy t-shirts and jumped over him to her reserved side by the wall. How they remove bras without taking off their clothes is purely dark magic.

She eased into Jacobs arms with her short legs wrapped around his. She retold of how much her days always had a bad ending. How she felt unappreciated and how coming there was crazy but she had to do it if she was to make it through the night. All he had to do was listen and tell her it could have been worse. There is always a relief in knowing that yours is not the worst case scenario. That all she needed to do was trust that tomorrow the sun will shine again and her happiness would be restored. By sharing this light his candle never dimmed by a lumen. All it did was light up his otherwise dark light. He could feel the dark passenger taking the backseat. It would take much more effort to kick him out of the car but that was work for another day.

After lifting the dark cloud overshadowing her, there was nothing but funny stories to tell and more cuddles as his fingers drew an incoherent art work on her skin ever so lightly. He asked her to lie on her belly and she turned with a considerable amount of pain. These monthly notifications were no joke. With a pillow right below her tummy, she closed her eyes and let her body relax in a slump.

Jacob got on his knees and sat astride her right behind her knees. His semi hard dingle rested well on the back of her knees. She sighed silently as his oily hands touched her temple. His middle fingers made small circles around her temple until she could feel her worries and pain slip away. He ran his fingers along her shoulder blades and put some pressure on the muscles around her hatchet with his elbow tracing her vertebral column as she subtly took her t-shirt off. He could feel it all thawing within her and manifesting in her grunts as he progressed down to her lumbar.

The dimples right above her ass got his juices flowing and he couldn’t help but add some twist into his touches. He had promised not to wander into those unchartered waters and he meant to keep his word. A man is just as good as his word you know. He, however, knew the power of kisses and he took to the sides of her tummy. He nibbled and made his lips touch her skin on purpose. He kissed and rubbed ever so gently while asking where it hurt the whole way. No stone was left unturned.

He couldn’t resist jiggling her ass a bit. Shaking it on its foundations and watching her smile in relaxation as she calmed down in complete taciturn smiling like a gecko. Always worked for him right before he slept. He got off her and kissed her butt cheeks and went for the insides of her thighs. They were as soft as the insides of a rose. Softer than most of the velvet or cashmere he had ever felt against his skin.

The kisses on the back of her knees tickled her a bit and she turned to stop him and pulled him in for a kiss. She was met with a finger on her lips and she relaxed on her back as the little moonlight creeping in was blocked by his modest muscles. That is when she exactly got to see his whole torso and she ran her fingers all over from his face down to his navel and played with the little hair right below.

At this point, his boxers were too small for him. His body was looming right above her and if he were her dark cloud, she’d want him overhung all day every day. A part of her wanted him to shag her brains out but even more secretly she wondered if he’d have the guts to walk through the murk. Somebody needs to explain why the womb would be crumbling and the urge to have some warm meat inside you is at peak. Paradox of life. The pain wouldn’t let her anyway but she reached out for it and stroked it ever so gently and took breaks in between the kissed when his tongue ran along her lips and when she needed that dramatic pause as she played with the head.

Her strokes became more vigorous and he suddenly stopped kissing her and looked right into her eyes and right there, is when she saw the savage in him. His primal instincts had kicked and he needed a release. He reached for the lube on the top drawer of the night stand and gave her and a naughty smile curved across her face and she ran her tongue across her teeth as she applied it in her right palm. The first contact almost had him tense up every muscle. The mint in the lube it had a heavy kick and she was glad she could pay back his kindness with even more kindness.

She rubbed her thumb right below the head every time her palm came back up on a stroke. She could tell that if she were to focus on the head only, she’d get him there in a minute but she played the long game.  There was something so satisfying about delayed gratification. She let him lay on his back and kissed one of his nipples and down his ribs all the way to his lower abdomen. Every time he was about to cum, she restrained it and picked it up from down again. The groans turned her on and she could feel herself getting carried away in the strokes as they got faster and more rhythmic with her body movement. If only she could ride.

A few strokes in and he could feel his muscles contract and the gradual loss of control of most of his faculties. She got off the bed to wipe his seed off. He was nothing but smiles. If only he knew how much more he had touched her insides and out. He’d look at himself way differently than he does every day. The feeling was not less than mutual for him too. She had made his night and in as much as there was some sexual involvement, that was not the highlight of the night. He was just glad she came into his life when she did and so was she.

She got in bed and as he rubbed her well-pedicured toes. She drifted away and slept like a baby. Almost as if she had no worry in the world. He stopped and watched her sleep as he also dozed off. It had been a long day for both of them…

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