Pain, Pleasure and Everything in Between (Part 2)

I undid her zipper gently and there was little objection. The dress dropped to her ankles revealing the girls and her magnificently chiseled body. I often wondered silently to myself if they made them like that anymore. While I was adoring her frame, she subtly undid my belt and zipper and I subconsciously walked out of my trouser and boxers. I lifted my arms and she lifted the shirt of off me. I kissed her everywhere I could and she whispered in my ears, “Let’s take this to your bedroom honey”. I agreed in silent consent.
I whipped her up off of her feet after resetting the initial playlist. I walked off into the dark hallway with her smiling to myself the whole way for having gotten this far. In the meantime, Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran faded into the background. To be honest I was anticipating another disagreement. This was more than I could believe. I wrapped my head around it all and dropped her on the bed. At this point I was harder than my life before today. Harder than what I had to go through alone when I was used to with doing it with her.

As she lay there helpless, I eased my lips onto hers and lay next to her. She always complained about my weight so I avoided laying atop of her. I kneaded her handful of breasts and bit her lower lip as I let the kisses linger longer than she could hold her breathe. I turned her body to face me and bit her ear lobes as I whispered, “All of this is yours. Always has been since I laid my eyes on you. I know am fucked up but if you’d give us a chance…” She pulled my face back and dropped her jaw and wore a wild look as she panted heavily. She pulled my face into hers and sucked my lower lip so hard it hurt. I took it like a man and hoped that was my punishment for being a pain in the ass.
I lowered my hand across her body as she sucked onto my nipples and had me curl my toes rendering me weak and helpless. I loosened my grip and started making small circles under her pussy lips and right where her bean was. I flicked it and she bit down on my nipple I almost thought she wanted to have it for dessert. The physical pain was the manifestation of her inner pain. Pains I had caused over time as she looked away and made excuses for me. Despite all of this, I always found a way to sneak into her core and strum her heartstrings.

She turned slowly and just as I thought she was done with me, she backed up slowly and guided my pecker into her warm and wet dick pocket. I thrust gently and kneaded her tits while kissing her nape and giving her soft kisses down her spine and holding her tight as her skin twitched on my skin. We spooned our way well into the night and made sweet love to Stay With You by John Legend in the background.

I parted her legs and kissed them all the way up to her butt as she lay there prostrate. I lay gently on her while supporting my weight with my arms and let myself in. She bit her lips and buried her face into the pillow. I paused to bite the sides of her tummy and the knee jerk reflex almost threw me off of her. I could hear the muffled screams and soft moans as I licked her earlobe again. I didn’t last too long on top, the weight support was draining and that happens to be the go to style for maximum stimulation for us. I leaned in and kissed her cheek as I told her how much I wanted this to last forever in her ears. At that instant my thrusts were getting deeper and I could feel spasms in my groin and judging from her tightened legs and clenched teeth, she was almost there too. One last thrust and I felt weak all over my body. My body gave in. She turned around and kissed me so hard my lip hurt. She trembled and sucked my lower lip so hard against her teeth it bled in two different places.

Her warm tears beaded down her face and dropped right onto my lips. I kissed her all over her face and dried up her tears. Even so, she refused to look me in the eye and she slowly rolled off the bed and went into the shower. I stood by the door and listened to her helplessly weep as I sat against the door. After a short silence she got out of the, bathroom all dressed up and left me standing there without saying a word. As I watched her leave, Stay With Me by Sam Smith came on. Maybe it was time to listen to the universe. Maybe answer was at the bottom of the bottle…Maybe. Just maybe.

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