New year’s eve fireworks


She was all he could ever think of since they met. After their first date, he could tell she cared about him more than he actually expected. She could read him like one of those ladybird series books. He was clearly still in the woods about his previous relationship but what better way to get over someone than by getting under someone new?
Her disarming smile always got him to spill his guts. Heck, he had her number on speed dial. She was the go-to girl whenever he needed to talk. She made him feel like a king however small his kingdom was. Maybe it was because he didn’t treat her any less than he should have. There was no way the frequent calls and messaging were by coincidence.

She knew she needed her priorities set right but didn’t know just how to. She was in a relationship alright but he made her happier. She always felt comfortable in her skin and could spill all her secrets on a whim without much of a struggle from his end. There is something, however, that always stopped her dead in her tracks every time she wanted to take it to the next level. Is he better off as just a friend? Will he be a jerk right after he gets a taste of the cookies? Will he betray me? Too many questions but very few answers. What about my guy? This was a very grey area that she needed real advice on. Damn it! Life is much easier when advising other people on what they want. It makes more sense when she told someone “people get dumped every day, he will deal with it like a man”

Deep down she always dreamt of that moment she’d place her lips on his and suck his very essence. She wondered to herself whether he’d kiss her back. Would he even look her way again if she kissed him first? There was only one way to find this out. If only she knew he couldn’t stop imagining holding her tight by the waist, stare deep down into her eyes and show her how much he loved how she tasted.

Tasha is at least 5 feet tall. He didn’t know for sure but he knew he’d give his right arm for a moment alone with her. Her eyes told him everything about her soul that he needed to know. He made a fool of himself every time he was around her. This one time he drunk himself silly and made silly drunk confessions. At least it was better than calling her in the middle of the night. Am not sure…

Tonight was different though. She had worn this gait that outdid her dress du jour. She was in a peplum dress that had lace all over except in her nether land. Just enough to get his mind going on trips. He was not sure if she had done this on purpose. She can be sneaky at times and the surprises always got him pants down. He wished it was literal. Her golden toe ring and rhinestone anklet made him wonder whether there was more jewelry in places he couldn’t see, yet.

“Awesome party huh?” He couldn’t believe those dorky words just rolled out of his mouth. Argh! Fuck crushes and everything pure that comes with them! This is where a plot twist comes in. Any person who likes you back will easily think you shoot rainbows out of your ass with pots of gold at the foot of each of them. She carried the conversation and it escalated pretty fast. The two love-struck youngsters quickly found a quieter place to continue their conversation. They were speaking in tongues in no time…

The party back inside was a complete drag. They got back and on seeing this, they proceeded to the rooftop. The rooftop had a view of the city and the horizon looked so colorful in the orange sunset and the silhouette the buildings formed hence. Tasha couldn’t think of a more romantic scene to exchange fluids with the one guy that actually touched her without raising her finger, saw right through her with his eyes closed and made love to her mind any day.

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