Julianne (Part 1)

Today was a tiring day for Julianne. She had to contend with her boss who always had a stick up his ass. He always picked fights over nothing in particular even on already resolved issues. It was like he enjoyed seeing her cower and fold her tail every time she lost the argument. Not like his arguments made any sense anyway: he was only louder.

Surprisingly enough, today every other journalist had gone to the field except her and it was time to punch out. She had already submitted all her stories to her editor anyway. She turned off her laptop and packed a few of her essentials into her handbag. She waited for a while at the staircase for the lift to get to her floor. It took too long she almost considered using the stairs. Just then, it opened up in front of her. Just before the doors closed, a well-toned hand slashed its way between the doors and they opened up again.

The boss was looking weirdly sharp today. He had worn a short sleeved shirt that tightened around his muscular arm. The veins had popped like he was suffering from varicose veins. She didn’t see them that way though. She wanted to run her fingers down the veins and see if they led to some sort of utopia. She started thinking their mutual resentment was due to some sort of sexual tension. He didn’t flinch one bit. He didn’t even look her way the whole time they were in the elevator. He had probably experienced one hell of a day too. A busy newsroom is no joke. Whatever the reason for his sudden sexiness, Julianne didn’t care. As long as his veins kept pumping and his muscles flexing. They were probably not that much. “Maybe the shirt was too tight.” She thought to herself as she tried to ward off any impure thoughts.

The trip to the basement didn’t last 30 seconds but Julianne had already defiled her boss 10 times over in filthy kink. The dry spell was taking a toll on her and probably the reason why she was cranky. It’s surprising how the one man she detested made her realize she needed a dick in her life in the most subtle yet racy way. She had worked for 5 years in the biggest media house in the region yet she had never had an office fling, much less any fling at all. She briskly walked to her car so that he doesn’t notice the cold had hardened her nipples. She eased her steps when she realized he was nowhere in sight anymore. She sighed both in relief and regret.

She got to her door and before she could turn her keys, she felt a presence behind her and before she could process whether she was imagining things or not, her hard nipples were pressed against the car window. She instantly recognized the scent. The strong musk that she had dedicated her life to resent. Right now it was weirdly turning her on. Her nipples were now becoming painful. More like that time when a guy has wild wood.

Her boss was just as controlling now as he was in the office. He turned her around and took a minute to feast his eyes on her. The suspense was too long and at this point she could hardly breathe. Not from the constricted chest but from her pulsating mound. She reached out for a kiss and he pulled his head back. She got confused. He moved her aside and opened the door and threw her right in. At this point, she had no clue what was running through his mind.

He went around the car and let himself in. The two gazed upon each other with a fire that burned so hot in their eyes. Without a word, they both stripped down clumsily. The car didn’t have much room but they improvised. Julianne reached for her purse and took out her glycerin. His pants were around the ankle and his boxers were still on. She reached into his pants to quench her insufferable desire to stroke his member. The hand brake came in her way and she gently stroked it before letting it down. It was in parking gear anyway. It wasn’t going anywhere….

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