Washroom showdown

As I drank down my last swallow, I could feel my pride and dignity go down with it. I officially got disgusted every time a woman passed by me. I had this perpetual sneer that even scared off the waitresses. I imagined the hangover from the tequila shots and the beer I washed it down with wouldn’t be any worse than what I felt at that point.

The irony in this is that with every shot of tequila, the women around the bar kept getting prettier. The waitresses’ skirts kept getting shorter and I kept ordering more just to get a proper close up. My life was officially a wreck. I was so close to throwing stones at happy couples every time I saw one. I however, held it back. It was the least I could do.

The rugby game on the TV was not all that but at least it kept me from drunk calling my ex. So many thoughts crossed my mind and all I could do was sigh in regret. In the middle of all this, a happy couple sauntered in and the host for that night was quick enough to recognize them. The girl had worn a little black dress that rode up her brown thighs with every step she made. Her cheeks were all rosy from the make-up and her face glistened with the lights all around her. Her man was well built for his size. Tall and a few shades darker than her girl.

She walked around with a confident gait knowing she had a good man beside her. The man was too secure it was disgusting already. The bouncers ensured they had good seats at the front where the host for the night was. After a couple of drinks, they were dry humping on the dance floor and for a second there, all the alcohol redirected to one organ with all the blood it could carry. The girl was wearing a leopard under wear and a matching bra. Trust me I didn’t have to look too hard to know. Okay don’t trust me.

The song ended and the girl whisked her man down to the washrooms. They seemed genuinely pressed until they both entered the gents. That is the moment I knew I should have carried my camera but what the hell. I followed the pair momentarily and cautiously entered the next stall. There was a quick shuffling of clothes so they never heard me come in. There was silence and after the buckle hit the floor, rubber hit the road.

The girl was on her knees sucking down everything the man had to offer. All her clothes were around her midsection. Her panties were around her left ankle and her left hand stroke his shaft while the other rubbed her nipples and kneaded her breasts like she was milking herself and him at the same time. All this while I was watching from the top of their booth while standing on the toilet seat. This night was about to get interestingly randy.

The guy started to grope around frantically like he was just about to have a seizure. His hands got to her hair which was held back conveniently. He lifted her by her hair from the sucking and kissed her so hard she felt her lips swell. The girl’s hands slowly grabbed his rock hard cock and rested it inside her thigh gap. She was dripping wet. I could see from the top of his shaft as he rubbed it gently on her mound.

Out of the blues, he bent down and lifted her with her thighs resting in his muscular arms. His veins were now more pronounced as they networked on his masculinity. He nose-dived into her eager crotch and cleaned her up real nice and slow with her back against the door. She bit down her tongue hard to avoid screaming from all that pleasure. His tongue kept going in and out like and armadillo hunting for ants. He sucked on her pussy lips and clit like it was his favorite candy. The girl kept banging the wall with her left fist begging for mercy but she was helpless. The other hand supported her weight as her body convulsed suddenly.

The rush and rapture made him weak and he slowly let go. The girl kept kissing him all the way down. He was still hard and she could not help but bend towards the door and give him all her cookies. The guy clearly had a sweet tooth. The foreplay was too intense and he burst his nut inside her after a few slow then heavy thrusts. He wound it all up in slow strokes and made sure nothing spilled on the floor.

He pulled out and both of them were still dripping wet. She cleaned him up real quick with one whip of her tongue. I quickly made my way down so I could relieve my own rogue boner before leaving the toilet as if I had just got in. We met at the sink as she was making up and the eye contact was awkward. She looked at me as if she knew why there was a wet spot on the left of my trouser: like she knew she was the reason.

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