Revenge (Part 3)

Her dress by now was around her waist. She kicked off her knickers and turned around to give him a better view and angle of her base. The things her husband had put her through oozed away in the arms of Jack. She even wished that he’d walk in right now and watch what he left at home while he chased his groupies all over.
As Jack undressed, his chiselled body and toned muscles gave her a shudder. She could feel her beaver throbbing and all it wanted was that rock hard phallus right infront of her. She reached out to grab it and Jack held her hand instead and without expecting it, he launched her off the ground and sat her on one of the shelves. He kissed her on every part conceivable and didn’t miss a spot.
She had missed this feeling so much she hardly remembered what it felt like but it was all coming back to her now. She mostly liked it everytime Jack kissed her stomach and lower abdomen. The feeling was out of this world.
At this point, there was no turning back. If anybody walked in on them right now they’d have quite a lot to explain. She got off the shelf and went on her knees. This time not to beg for love but to give it. Her tongue rolled around his cock like she was born doing this. Jack was now breathing in slow huge gasps and the air in the room was starting to run out.
She didn’t wait for his dick to dry up. She turned around and shoved it right up her awaiting pussy. Jack was confused now. How did the humble girl from across the hall be this tigress right now? He played along anyway. He could feel her A spot from the deep slow strokes. He could not hold it in anymore. He could feel his crotch getting all tingly now. With one strong surge,
He became weak at the knees and he knew he had definitely cum. She turned around and rubbed his cock gently as all the cum collected itself in her palm.
It was clear to her now that her former husband’s pain or joy was none of her concern. The perfect revenge was getting more of this. Whether he came to find out or not, she had found her distraction elsewhere. There can’t be a better place than at the office anyway where nothing is ever that interesting mostly.
She found her wipes in her jacket and cleaned herself up before walking into the already dark office. She could here the echo of her steps as she made a bee line for the door. She could hear herself think finally her head was clear and she was glad she was late for her 5 o’clock with her psychiatrist.

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