Revenge (Part 2)

The perfect kind of love begins from within anyway. She finally decided to start living for herself and let the pieces fall where they may. At this point it was hard to look at any man the way she looked at her husband. It needed some getting used to but was bound to start at some point.
She was always oblivious of the glances all the men around her threw everytime they had a chance.Her husband was no stranger at her workplace. He was afterall their biggest client since she signed him. It all started with negotiations. He somehow managed to negotiate his way into her heart while somehow she negotiated her way into his deep pockets.
Right now everything had gone south and it made things super weird at the office everytime he came in to follow up on his delayed cheques. It still buffled her why he never sent the assistant. Little did she know that he always came around to rub it in that she was nothing without him.
It was a lazy friday afternoon at the office and she let her mind wander a bit. Somebody should make friday a weekend too! Heck they should make the whole week a weekend.As she was loosening her buttons for some air, Jack from the next cubicle was coming in hot with two plastic cups of unknown content. Jack was always the guy bringing the party all over he went. She was actually surprised he came to her the most ‘boring’ one in the office. Probably for the obvious reason: to liven her up.
After a few sips of the scotch he had brought, she was feeling a little light headed and for some strange reason full of glee and life.
They talked with Jack for long and she realised it was past the office hours. Most of the staff were not in and while she was trying to prove to Jack she was not drunk, she tipped her drink and spilled it on her dress. She giggled her away to the closet where they keep their jackets.Jack followed her like a second after and found her busy digging through the closet.
As she browsed through the clothes to find her jacket that had her wipes, a coat fell and as she reached down to pick it, she felt something hard pressing through her linen dress. For a second she thought she had backed into a broom stick but she didn’t understand why it kept getting warmer.
“Looking for something?” Jack asked as he held her by the waist and helped her stand straight. She was lost for words as she closely leaned in involuntarily while he held her waist. In her mind there were a thousand questions rushing back and forth. She had never done such a thing in her life. She was never the random girl. She was the old fashioned in-the-bedroom-man-on-top type of girl. This was strange but she was slowly easing into it.
Jack lived in the moment. He leaned in for that kiss and she could feel her warm breath in his mouth. He sucked onto hee lower lip and could immediately tell from the gasp and the rosy scent of her crotch from his wandering fingers. She hadn’t had sex for long. All she could remember was where to put the male phallus that was pressing hard against his pants waiting to be released like some savage beast…

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