Cold Turkey

Christmas eve was here and he hadn’t called yet. It was not normal for him to be this late and silent. This was not panning out the way she had imagined. Something had to be wrong. She was always used to the company of the one man that has gone AWOL. It was more of an addiction that one. She drank him, breathed him, felt him, within and without, heard him in the whispers of the wind and saw him every time she closed her eyes.
She ran her right index finger down her rosy cheek and slowly got to her lips and she savoured the moment the lips parted in obedience to her desires and her soft delicately manicured finger. She had ensured that she had waxed everything off, so much for her prince charming.
Outside the temperatures were becoming more intolerable. An open window let in a chilling breeze that almost tore off the mistletoe at the door. She had everything played out in her head and now she was going cold turkey. The roasted turkey on the dining table was not getting warmer either. She opened another bottle of her cheap wine and as she poured it in, there was a creak on the wooden floor. Before she could get up to see who was there, her hair was pulled back and before she could scream a firm hand held her mouth.
She immediately recognised the firm hand on her mouth as it eased. His distinct cologne sold him out too. He  smelled like a sea breeze come to life. His warm breathe had her hair at the back of her neck stand on end as he gently kissed her under the mistletoe he was holding in his left hand.
She had never felt more alive. It was like tasting cocaine after her forced abstinence. Her hair still pulled back, he turned her chair and kissed her from her chin, down her neck and in between her bossom as the buttons melted away in his hands.
He played with his tongue on her skin as if to mark his territory. He held her by her lower abdomen and softly kissed her below the belly button. He lifted her by the waist and totally caught her off guard. She gasped as she was lifted with ease from the ground like a bag of feathers. Her tits danced like jelly as he kissed her all the way to the bedroom. He knew his way around her body just as well as the house.
He threw her on the bed and left her wondering what had come over him. He quickly undid his clothes and before she knew it she was pinned to the bed and her body resigned to her fate as every part of her came alive. Not sure whether it was fear of the unknown Or pure ecstasy. He got rid of the rest of her clothes and beheld her in all her glory. He worshipped at her throne and kissed every part of her. By the time he got between her thighs, she was begging him to tear her throbbing mound apart. She could literally feel her heartbeat on her wet hood. He could feel her heartbeat with her tongue as he ate it up like he was starving. Cleaning her up down there was a fool’s errand by now. She was dripping wet and there was a wild look in her eyes behind her undone hair.
She took charged and pinned him down on the bed. She knew what she wanted and she went right ahead and took it. With no time for more pleasantries, she slid his cock up her vagina and they both gasped as it slowly went in for the first time.
She felt like he was touching every part of her body inside and outside alike as she hopped gracefully on it and rode him like a horse. His hands cupped her breasts and kneaded them ever so gently with his fingers gently playing with the nipples and losing focus every once in a while she hit a good spot. She turned and rode him in reverse, she knew just how to juice her man. The view was magnificent from where he lay.
Her ass going up and down on his dick was enough to make him nut there and then but he wasn’t going to let up that easy.
He got up and quickly had her pinned to the bed on her face. Her knees parted like they just had an argument. He pulled her hair back and gave her pussy a good beating until he could feel her body shudder and his weight and the gravity of the pleasure. Her vaginal walls contracted and he instantly felt his insides tingle and as he pulled out, a shot jerked out and went down her spine following the trail of kisses she had received. She dropped like a huge lump of meat still shuddering from her pleasure and wondering if she’d ever go back to being normal.
He carried her off the shower and sat her in the tub. He joined her a minute later with some wine he had brought and joined her. After a long bath, they warmed the turkey in the oven though for some reason, they now both knew they preferred their turkey cold.

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